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This story focuses on Ryu, but is very OC (original character) centric and features some of the shorts chapters I have ever written, so I apologize for that in advance. For those of you wondering why I haven't updated my A Tiny Tale Of Time fiction this is basically why, I was too busy working on this one! Though I posted this story on my website the links to the chapters were hidden, only visible to people like Photosoph who went looking for them, so a big thanks to her for being the first one to read my story.

Strange Journey

by Phoenix Hoshika

Part I

Taiko sat on her bed looking out at the night sky as she leaned on the edge of her windowsill. "It's beautiful out there, isn't?" She asked the stuffed toy in her arms that resembled V-mon, a character from a popular anime series. "I wish I could fly." Taiko thought as she closed the wind and laid down. "It would be awesome," she said closing her eyes.

The next morning she awoke to find what looked like a man with long sky blue hair leaning over her. "Aaaagh!" Taiko yelped as she rolled over onto her knees. "Who are you and what are you doing in my room?" She demanded despite being frightened half to death.

"You made a wish didn't you?" The man asked slightly smiling.

"I don't recall wishing for some pervert to try and molest me in my sleep."

The man fell over in shock. "Although, the thought had crossed my mind, that's not what I'm here for." He said to Taiko's disbelief.

"What did you just say?"

"I said I was only thinking about it."

"I have a black belt in karate you know!"

"I said I didn't do anything!"

"You were thinking about it!"

"Geez, admit to having one little fantasy and you're branded as a pervert."

"You said you were here for a specific purpose, spill it!" Taiko said as the man suddenly found himself with a knife to his throat.

"You are a violent one, aren't you?"

"Talk!" Taiko demanded her eyes ablaze.

"You made a wish, I'm here to grant it."

"Yeah, right." Taiko said taking the knife away. "You aren't a pervert after all, you're just plain crazy.

"Listen!" The man said waving his hand and as he did the knife disappeared. Taiko's eyes widened as she looked at her now empty hand.

"How did y-."

"Well, that's more like it." The man interrupted seeing that he now had the girl's full attention.

"I have a little power of my own so I'm not really the one granting your wish. I'm more like a vessel; however, before I grant you your wish I must ask you if you truly want it to come true. Once the wish is granted it can not be changed or reversed in any way and reality as you know it now will cease to exist. Are you certain you want this wish to come true?" He asked her his expression stark serious.

Taiko looked at him her expression turned furious. "I'm 16 years old living on my own, and I have no family my life is a virtual hell and you ask me if I truly want it to come true? Yes, I want it, every single little bit of it! I want my wish to come true!" Taiko yelled her voice somehow managing to echo off the walls of her tiny studio apartment.

The man sighed heavily. "So be it then." He said and Taiko felt herself grow faint.

"I can't keep my eyes open," was the last thought that went through her mind before she collapsed.

to be continued