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I do not own Sailor Moon. That, friends, is called 'wishful thinking'. Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha, and Toei Animation Ltd. own these wonderful characters (insert gripe here).

What I have for you here is a somewhat dark fic, possibly (ok, definitely) involving at least a few vampires and lots of odd supernatural happenings. What can I say? I like vampire fics! So, lovely reader, I present to you the beginning:


Ocean blue eyes slit shut as his head tilted back, his tongue tasting the air around him like some dark serpent.

She was close. So near, and yet so far away. This city was enormous: she could be anywhere, in fact.

It made no difference, however, he thought to himself with a slight curve to his lips. He flicked his tongue across the elongated canines just beneath, sighing with the weight of his thoughts.

How long had it been since he'd even seen her face? A hundred years? A thousand?

Time seemed to run together for the immortal. The concept of time was completely obsolete to him now.

Whatever the length of time he'd been tormented, he had searched the world over for her, his lost obsession, his only weakness and greatest strength. He'd been told to leave it be, that things were better this way.

Without her, guilt would skirt him and life would remain as it was meant for the likes of him: full of violent necessity and inexplicable atrocity.

Little did anyone know that he would give up all he'd come to own, all he'd ever known, just to have her back in his possession…to feel the warmth of her skin beneath his hands, to know that she was lying safely with him, secured within the cage of his arms, where he knew she would always belong.

The black clad figure raised his head to the moon shining on him from above, a bittersweet smile then gracing his face. The one thing that had proven to be their downfall, though when it came to her, it could never be avoided. Nothing was worth more to him than she, the lady of his heart.

Everyone had known that he had laid claimed to her, that his heart beat solely for her and nothing else. She would have been his queen soon after that night, the fact positively sickening him to this very day.

The hindsight was absolutely blinding. He should have known. Never should he have put such trust in those said to serve him. By the time he'd realized something was amiss, it had been far too late. He placed the fault upon himself entirely. His lover, the light of his world, had met her death that night, and yet he had not.

Still, he had begged for it, to join her in the death she was so wrongfully dealt. Yet, he'd been denied his only remaining wish, all else soon fading away into the nothingness he'd grown used to in so many years since passed.

His fate, he mused, had been far worse than death. The blackness seemed all consuming…there was nothing left without her. Nothing worth knowing or saving.

That night the once proud and just Endymion had been turned, been made an immortal…forced to wander until he was sure the world existed no more.

His sanity dwindled, his fury grew, and soon there was nothing stopping him from living life as beast with no care of how reckless he'd become.

A monster with a bloodlust that could not be denied, memories assaulting him in sleep and walking nightmares alike, the immortal walked, survival fueled by the wrath of his torn heart.

Still, somewhere within the depths of his shrouded soul, a tiny light remained. It was her light, the only goodness left within him at all. Some day, he'd be given the chance to find peace once more. She would return to him, as fate would allow, when the healing of hearts and souls was prepared to begin.

It pained him to think of the possibilities of her rebirth. He knew nothing of it, save that it was time, and he was beyond ready to claim what had been taken from him.

The only thing he was sure of was his desire to seek her out, to give her everything…to show her what had been taken from them.

His golden angel had always been taken aback by him, since the first time they'd met so many countless ages ago, during a life shared so far away. From that moment forward, her happiness was his greatest joy.

Remembering so much he breathed in deeply, tasting her scent floating in the air about him. It was still just as he recalled, lightly floral and beautiful.

His body tensed, nether regions growing tight as he tried to regain his composure. He would need his wits about him, despite the blind hunger growing like some rabid sickness within.

Of all he'd done, that which most set him apart from other individuals of his kind was his age long sabbatical from coupling with another woman. Tearing the throats from hapless passersby and bleeding them dry was given less than a passing thought. Carnal desires, however, were nothing to be shared with them. They were meat and nothing more.

The memory of her was too sacred to dishonor her so. No one else would ever compare.

Her memory had kept him living for so long, only so that he would enjoy the simple pleasures of caressing the softness of her cheek, of feeling her breath upon his skin.

Once he found her, his ancient obsession, she would never be taken from him again…because he would not, could not let her go.

With his mind racing and senses on high alert, he continued his path along the dark alley, following them to wherever they would lead.

"Very soon, my little one. May you heed my call."


That concludes the prologue to Ancient Obsession.

Just letting everyone know that I'm glad to be back! I've really missed working on everything, and am ACTIVELY working on "Rhymes Without Reason", "Fire and Ice", "Whispers of Night", and several other projects.

For now, I'm just testing the waters, since I've been away for so long. Please let me know what you think, and what story (or stories) you'd like to see more of. Thanks as always for your feedback...tune in next time!

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