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Okee, that aside, this is chapter is mostly a flashback, if you're wondering what the hell's up. This will fill you in on some things. Obviously, Endymion wasn't privy to everything in the flashback, but it's stuff you've gotta' know. Onward…


Endymion had effectively managed to unbutton her shirt, his head bowed as his tongue traced along the tops of her breasts. Serena lay nearly immobilized beneath him, feeling as though every last bit of strength she possessed had abandoned her.

Her eyes closed, her body craving the touch that had quickly enchanted her, leaving her feeling more out of control than she could ever recall being. Still, she felt at ease under his gentle hands, which chased away her fears and reservations with ease.

"You're wicked," she breathed, gasping as he nipped at her skin, his hands gripping her hips tightly.

"I've only just begun to show you how wicked I can be," he said, his tongue laving at her exposed flesh.

Her hands clung to the front of his shirt, her head tilted back, her control having left her long ago.

Suddenly, Serena gasped, a flash of memory darting through her mind. She saw Endymion, clad in a black old world uniform, a shout escaping his lips. His face was stained dark with blood, his eyes wild as he called out. The image was gone in an instant, though she was left with a racing heart and an overwhelming feeling of anguish within her.

"Endymion," she breathed, her arms lacing about his neck as she pulled him closer, her sudden zeal surprising him.

" What troubles you, love?" he asked, sitting back on his knees to give her a bit of space. Likewise, she rose, and he was horrified to see tears filling her eyes.

"What…?" he began, before she launched herself into his arms, her grip like death as his hands ran along her back to comfort her.

"I…I saw it. I saw you, covered in blood. What is this?" Serena asked, still overwhelmed by the image that had flashed through her mind.

"You're remembering," he said, his palm running along her hair as he pressed a kiss to her forehead.

"Remembering what? What is it that I've forgotten? Tell me," she requested, her hands gripping his forearms tightly.

"Our life together…and what brought it to an end," he said, his voice a near whisper as his dark eyes continued to look her through. The subject obviously struck a nerve within him, his mood quickly becoming darker as she sat, a shiver running through her.

"I wish I knew what you were saying. I can't…I don't remember, but these images keep coming. Will you tell me? I want to know everything," she said, her eyes desperate as she tried to hold back the tears that had mysteriously sprung forth. His thumb swept across her cheek, brushing them away with care.

"I had hoped you would recall it on your own, though I cannot keep anything from you. You should know everything. I can only hope you will believe what I have to tell you," he said, saddened upon knowing that he would have to relive their tragic past once more.

"Perhaps you should change into something more comfortable. This may take some time," he told her, rising to his feet. He reached down, taking her hand as she stood as well, allowing him to lead her into her bedroom.

She made no protest as he watched her change from her work clothes into a tank top and a pair of pajama shorts. Turning to face him, Serena gladly accepted the hand he offered, his warmth seeming to chase away her apprehension.

She hoped to discover so much…why Endymion was so smitten by her, where he came from and how he became cursed by his affliction.

Once they'd reentered the living room, Serena plopped down on the futon, her mind racing as she prepared herself for what he would reveal to her.

"Come. I want you near," he said, raising his arm. She tucked herself in against him, resting her head against his shoulder as she waited for him to begin his tale.

"We've a long and complicated history, you and I. It began so long ago, and yet I can remember it as if it were only yesterday," he began, the girl under his arm listening intently.


He sighed mightily, his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. Endymion, King of the land of Levidia sat in yet another strategic planning session, his mind elsewhere as his advisors prattled on about this and that. He'd only just arrived back at the castle, having been absent for more than a fortnight, his patience wearing thin as the meeting continued. The only thoughts inhabiting his mind were the same that had nearly driven him mad with longing during the time he'd spent visiting the neighboring kingdom of Galenorn. Where would she be? Night had fallen, the king deciding to pay a visit to her chamber as soon as he was able. Much longer without her, he thought, and he would surely go mad.

He'd spent nearly every waking moment thinking of her, how her impossibly blue eyes would always widen upon his approach. It had been far too long, he thought, since he'd held her small form in his arms…since he'd felt her soft, bare skin beneath his hands.

Despite the hell his advisors had raised upon discovering their relationship, Endymion had moved quickly to proclaim that nothing and no one would come between them. It was unheard of after all, a king falling in love with a mere servant. Still, he was the king, and his word was not to be questioned.

Serenity had caught his eye from the moment he's spotted her tending to the roses in the royal gardens. Though smeared with dirt and grit from her daily work, he couldn't help but think she was the most beautiful creature that had ever walked the Earth. He recalled the first time he'd laid eyes upon her, his longing growing exponentially as he reminisced.


Her long flaxen hair flowed behind her, dancing in the breeze of the day. As he approached, he watched her, her movements sure and made with ease. Upon hearing his footsteps, the girl had turned abruptly, the thorns of the rose in her hand sinking into her flesh. She let out a small gasp as her eyes met his, her head immediately bowing as she acknowledged him. Kneeling down, Endymion took her injured hand in his own, his fingers gently removing the rogue thorns that had caused her pain. A creature such as she, he thought, should never know pain. He then brought her injured hand to his lips, his tongue licking the traces of blood away, causing her to gasp.

"Your Highness," she breathed, afraid to meet his gaze and absolutely mortified by his actions. What if someone were to see?

"Please, call me Endymion. And your name, fair one?" he wondered, still holding her hand in his own. His other tilted her chin up, their eyes finally meeting, his heart catching in his chest as he took in the sight of her. She was an absolute vision, the smudge of dirt on her porcelain cheek amusing him. His hand reached out, his thumb lightly scrubbing the grit away, leaving her speechless as she continued to do naught but stare at him.

"I dare not, Majesty. My name…my name is Serenity," she answered. He noticed how her body shivered, his brows furrowing as she continued to peer into his very soul.

"You tremble so. You have no need to fear, Serenity, for I shall see to it that you will never know harm. Come," he told her, rising and taking her with him.

"But Your Highness," she protested, "I've much work to do. I dare not be so bold," she protested, causing a smile to touch his lips.

"And yet you are so bold as to defy your king?" he wondered, delighted by the sight of the flush that stained her cheeks soon after.

"No, Majesty. Forgive me," she said softly, allowing him to lead her away from the gardens towards the castle.

"Perhaps it is I that should be asking for forgiveness," he told her, confusion crossing her face.

"I…I do not understand, Highness," she stuttered, her heart racing within her chest as he pulled her into an alcove, away from any prying eyes.

His arm snagged her about the waist, pulling her to him, her small hands coming to rest upon the expanse of his chest.

"Understand this, fair one. From this day forth, you shall be mine," he nearly whispered, his hand cupping her cheek as he captured her lips, claiming her from that moment as his own.


"Majesty," came the voice of one of his advisors, snapping the king out of his reverie. Annoyed by the delay they were causing him, Endymion made his announcement.

"Gentlemen, I'm afraid I've had enough for one day. Do forgive me, but I will now take my leave," he informed them, getting swiftly to his feet, the men around the table gaping at him all the while.

"But Highness, we've much left to discuss," one protested, though he would have none of it.

"It can wait…and I cannot," he said, disappearing from the room swiftly, leaving his advisors to gripe amongst themselves.

"It's due to that blond tart," one noted, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"She's caused him to nearly lose his wits. To think, a mere peasant girl is able to control our king so very well. It's a disgrace. The king has become unfit to rule since she came along."

"Thane, mind your tongue. Should he hear you, he'd have your head," Godwin warned, his comrade eyeing him from across the table.

"Perhaps, but you know it to be true. He should take a wife from the royal family of Galenorn. I'm sure they've questioned his sanity after hearing of this absurd affair of his with the servant girl," Thane pointed out.

"I thought he was simply using her to fulfill his own desires. That is what he should have done. But no, instead he fell in love with her. A peasant! Even our attempt to cast her away merely resulted in Endymion nearly running us all through. What can be done?"

"Well," Godwin began, "it's not too late. You are next in line, aren't you? After all, the king has no siblings, and has no heirs. You, as his head advisor, would take the throne, should anything… unfortunate happen to his Majesty. He has yet to wed that bothersome harlot, so she would have no rights to the throne," Godwin said, a treacherous smile touching his lips.

"Indeed. If both were to meet with an accident…perhaps a meeting with Litton is in order. I'll not stand by and watch this kingdom fall due to the meddling of some peasant. We are far better than that, and Endymion shall know it," Thane decided.

"That girl shall regret ever knowing the king."


He crept into her chamber silently, like a ghost in the darkness. Endymion had no desire to awaken her, knowing that her days had been full in his absence. There she lay, curled up on her bed, her hands beneath her chin as she slept. In them he noticed one of his shirts, her lips brushing against it.

Dressed in only her shift, he wondered if she were chilled. He moved closer, his eyes traveling along her body, watching her move with each breath she took. It was a beautiful sight to his eyes, seeing her safe and well. He'd been gone far longer than expected and now that his eyes were upon her once more, he knew that he was home.

Endymion savored the quiet moment, his hand reaching out to touch her hair. She was like some angel fallen from heaven, her hair spread out all around her. It was then that she stirred, eyes blinking to adjust to the darkness. She sat up, still groggy from sleep.

"Endymion? Is that really you" she asked, "or am I only dreaming once again?"

"It's no dream, my love," he answered, taking a seat next to her upon the bed.

She moved to straddle him, sitting in his lap as her hands smoothed along his cheeks.

"I could curse your very name," she said softly, "for being away for so long. Though you had no control over it," she said, unable to believe that he had indeed returned.

"I've missed you so," he told her, his hands running up her bared thighs as he breathed in the sweet, rosy scent of her.

"And I you, my king. Did it go well?" she asked, feeling his arms slip about her waist.

"Let us not speak of that now. I only wish to be here with you, just like this," he told her, kissing her lips softly.

"Serenity," he said, merely a breath between them, "I love you."

Her heart burned within her chest, his words echoing deep within her soul. It had been so long since she'd heard those words, her days and nights having been empty without his presence. Knowing he was so far away had put her ill at ease, though now that he was there with her, she felt as though nothing were wrong in the world.

"I love you," he said again, his hands cupping her face as his lips found hers once more.

She felt as though she were drowning, not noticing the stray tears falling down her cheeks. She allowed her emotions to flow forth unchecked, her hands framing his face as she touched her lips to his as if to assure herself he were in fact there.

"No tears," he told her, kissing her cheeks where they fell.

"You never have need to cry on my account," he said, touched by the emotion being displayed by the girl he held.

She looked at him, her eyes shining in the lamp light. Taking his hand, she placed it on her heart, her gaze never wavering.

"I love you, Endymion. More than you'll ever know. Only you can cause my heart to race like this," she told him, wrapping her arms about his neck. They sat for a time, comfortable in their embrace, silent moments passing them by.

"The nights have been so cold without you," he whispered, anchoring his fingers in her hair. He tilted her head back, capturing her lips in a deep kiss. Leaning back, he brought her down with him, his hands running along her lightly clad body, feeling out her curves and hollows.

"The next time I have business elsewhere, you are coming with me. I cannot bear to be without you," he told her, rolling her onto her back, his eyes dark and almost predatory as he gazed down at her. Her arms went around him, holding him to her tightly, his words piercing her heart.

"Your advisors would never allow it," she said, regret lacing her voice.

"You know how they feel about me," she added, "about us."

"Curse them all, then. I am king, and you are mine. That is all they have need to know," he said, his teeth nipping at her bottom lip. She responded, her lips parting as his tongue invaded her mouth, plundering it as if it were the first and last time. The soft sounds she emitted only served to drive him on, his hands slipping beneath her shift, smoothing along her bare skin until he'd lifted it over her head, tossing it into oblivion.

Serenity gasped as his mouth descended upon her bare flesh, his tongue swirling around her breast, her fingers moving to anchor in his jet black hair. She was always so sensitive, causing him to want to draw out her pleasure even more. He'd long for this since he'd left her, having been unable to sleep properly without her small form tucked under his arm. Endymion had left his most trusted advisor Adare to look after her in his absence, knowing he was the only man he would trust with such a task. Adare was much older than the rest, had seen many a winter come and go. He had been the only one to accept the king's relationship with Serenity, only strengthening Endymion's trust in him.

Her hands were unbuttoning his jacket, slipping it off his shoulders and tossing it to the floor. He was quick to remove his shirt, tearing it open as buttons landed noisily upon the floor. The king allowed it to fall to the floor, adding to the growing pile. His arm snaked behind her, bringing her body off the bed, his lips trailing along the column of her neck.

Her soft cries seemed to echo throughout the small room, his teeth nibbling at her neck, leaving bruises in their wake. As he continued to pay homage to her, his greatest treasure, he pulled back suddenly, a puzzled look crossing his lover's face.

"What's the matter?" she asked, her fingers tracing along his lips softly.

"Marry me," he said, taking her by surprise. "Become my wife and my queen."

She nearly lost her breath, his request causing her heart to skip a beat. Could this be real? Serenity had longed for this day, since he'd first approached her in the gardens. Her heart had been stolen by this powerful man, his gentle words and hands having enraptured her for as long as she'd known him. And now, he had uttered the words she had so longed to hear. Even so, she found herself speechless, unable to speak what she wished.

"Your silence disturbs me. Do you not wish for this?" he wondered, pulling her body close against his bare chest. After a moment, she found her voice, setting his heart at ease.

"Of course I do. But how can it be? They would never…"

"Damn them all. I've told you already, I care not what anyone says or thinks. Only I have the right to decide whom I take as my wife, and there is no other I would ever have. None but you. I wish to love you for the rest of your life, as my queen," he told her, seeing the soft smile touching her lips.

"You are king of this land, and I am but here to serve you, and yet, I am selfish to wish for nothing more than to be yours for all time. Despite those that will oppose it…I cannot deny you. I cannot deny what my own heart desires. It longs for nothing but you," she said, her lips touching his, her arms wrapping around his neck.

"I'll give you the world, Serenity…for you are my world. I damn the rest of this world and all those that question me. You will be my queen, and all Levidia shall adore you," he told her, his fingers tangling in her hair as he brought her head back, his lips claiming hers in the darkness.


As the proud king and his consort made love, certain devious goings on were occurring in his own domain. Thane and Godwin, both hidden beneath dark cloaks as they awaited the arrival of their guest, stood shivering in the stables, cold rain pouring just outside. Soon, a tall figure approached, pushing his hood back to reveal his long blond hair.

"Litton," Thane greeted. "It is good to see you again."

"The pleasure is all mine, I'm sure. You've called me here in this beastly weather for a reason. It is rather convenient that I was in town on some business when you sent for me. Aren't you the lucky ones?" he said, a smirk gracing his lips.

"Indeed. We have an important mission to undertake, and we require your assistance to complete it," Thane told him, his blond eyebrow raising as his interest was stirred.

"Go on," Litton prompted, annoyed by the cold, damp weather that he was forced to be out in this night.

"We wish to get rid of Endymion…and his whore," Godwin said abruptly, setting aside formalities and getting straight to the point. The longer they lingered, the higher the risk, after all.

"Really? I never expected such an act of treason from Endymion's own advisors. You're sure this is what you desire?" Litton wondered, his mind already working out the beginnings of a plan.

"Why do you ask? Will you shy away from such a task?" Godwin snapped, being quickly silenced by Thane's hiss.

"Hold your tongue, Godwin," he commanded, knowing that this man was their best hope in achieving their goal.

"Quite the contrary. If he weren't such a fool, Endymion would have chosen my sister as his queen. Our kingdoms would then have been united as one. Instead, he chose to disgrace her and my family in order to bed some commoner with no royal blood. I've a most useful way of dealing with them," he said, the other two men nearly falling backward as they caught a glimpse of Litton's toothy grin. Surely their eyes were deceiving them. It was only a rumor, a tale meant to scare children into being home before nightfall. Surely they were mistaken.

"You seem surprised," Litton noted, taking a step towards the two men who nearly cowered before him.

"What…what matter of evil is this?" Godwin demanded, first to find his voice.

"The most reliable kind. So what of it? Will you make a deal with a monster?" the vampire wondered, the determination to have vengeance on the king trumping Thane's urge to flee.

"Will you kill them?" he asked, a small chuckle escaping the blond man before him.

"Leave it to me. There are perhaps fates worse than death. We shall test them out," Litton said, his eyes glowing red in the night.


Dawn had passed as the king stirred, turning first to take in the sight of the blond nymph under his arm. She was still sleeping soundly, and he took the opportunity to simply gaze at her, content in the knowledge that they would soon be wed. Afterward, no one could dare question their love. Soon, his angel stirred, her bright blue eyes looking up at him, a smile gracing her lips.

"Good morning, my king," she said, her fingers tracing along his cheek.

"And to you, love," he returned, wishing only to remain in bed with her the entire day, rolling around between the sheets.

"Today, I shall announce our engagement," he told her, delighting in the sight of her eyes growing wide.

"So soon?" she asked, a bit taken aback by his urgency.

"Why delay it any longer? I wish to marry you as soon as possible," he said, causing her heart to flutter. She smiled, his words having chased all her apprehension away.

"Come," he said, getting to his feet and offering his hand.


They walked down the corridor, making their way towards the throne room, where his advisors were awaiting the king's arrival. Endymion strode into the large room, Serenity's hand tucked under his arm as she eyed the group of men standing next to the throne.

It was as they came closer that Endymion realized something was amiss. He saw Litton of Galenorn, along with several of his men, alarm rising immediately within him. His first instinct was to protect his consort, his hand pushing her behind him as he faced his audience.

"Do you mind terribly explaining yourselves?" Endymion demanded, his eyes dark with fury as he stared Litton down.

"And you…what are you doing here?" he asked, a wicked smile gracing his opponent's lips. The blond man stepped forward, three of his men following as Serenity gripped Endymion's arm, her heart racing within her chest.

"Surely you jest. Did you assume that your actions would go without consequence?" Litton wondered, Endymion cursing himself for not having his sword at hand.

"You dare to speak to me in such a manner?" the king nearly growled, anger rising within him like a white hot flame.

"Such a proud man you are, Endymion. It shall be a great pleasure to hear you beg," Litton said, Endymion nearly gaping as the man's eyes began glowing red, his lips curving upward to reveal a gleaming set of fangs.

"By the gods…what madness is this?" Endymion demanded, suddenly distracted by the sound of Serenity's shriek. He turned to see one of Littons' men latched on to her, the king's rage exploding forth without reserve.

"Get your filthy hands off her, you bastard!" he roared, his fist connecting hard with his face, sending him reeling backwards to the floor. Endymion was quick to take hold of her, drawing her close against him as his eyes glared at the men left before him, flames dancing within.

"My, my. So your whore does mean this much to you," Litton laughed, Endymion turning to his men, who lined the right side of the room.

"I've had enough. Seize them!" he ordered, surprised as his own men did naught but advance towards he and Serenity, his eyes landing upon his advisors.

"And what of this? Thane, why are you…?"

"Why, you ask? Because you have brought nothing but shame to this kingdom since you laid eyes upon that harlot you hold close to your heart. You've ignored our every suggestion, our every desire for this land, and all because this witch controlled you. No more!" Thane declared, Endymion turning to fight off the advancing men, his fists bloodied as they were pulled apart, Serenity's screaming echoing throughout the room.

"No! Get off of me!" she shouted, her hands clawing madly at the face of the man that had taken hold of her arms.

"Serenity!" the king called, before being finally overcome by the many men that had descended upon him. Serenity could only watch in horror as they rained blows down upon her lover, her wails of despair driving them on. After a time, Litton held up a hand, his command soon to follow.

"Enough," he called, the king's own men hauling him to his feet. Serenity gasped as she saw his face, stained with his own blood.

"No! Endymion!" she cried, before being backhanded across the face, her mouth filling with blood as she swayed in her captor's grip.

Endymion closed his eyes, his physical pain nothing compared to the pain of seeing her being treated so harshly. His head rose, his ocean blue eyes connected with those of his adversary.

"What is it you want? Anything you desire, I will grant. But she has nothing to do with this. Release her," he asked, a laugh erupting from Litton.

"You act as though you have any power remaining. And you are wrong, Endymion, for she has everything to do with this. If not for her, you'd not have shamed my sister and my house. You'd not have become drunk off this little wench, whom you've allowed to take control of you. Now, you shall suffer…you shall see her suffer, until you can bear no more," he said darkly, taking hold of Endymion's hair and violently shoving his head back, his fangs extended against his lips.

Serenity wailed as she saw him sink his fangs into her lover's neck, a guttural shout sounding as blood streamed down his neck. She struggled with all the strength that remained, but to no avail, watching as Litton released the king, his body falling limply to the floor.

Eyes wide, she watched his body, which lay still, unmoving. Tears flowed unchecked down her cheeks, blood dripping from her split lip, running along her chin before dripping onto her pale green gown. Suddenly, his body began to convulse, his pained shout sounding as he clutched at his throat, his mouth open as she saw the fangs erupt within.

"No. No!" she cried, before being pulled by her hair away from Endymion, her screams drawing him out of his disoriented state. He was on his knees, crawling towards her, his hand reaching out towards her.

He watched in horror as Litton struck her, her small form falling to the floor. In a daze, she looked over at her king, her eyes hazy as the blond vampire knelt over her. The sounds of her dress ripping filtered into Endymion's ears, four men holding him back as he lunged forward, hellfire dancing in his eyes.


Endymion could only watch as Litton took rough hold of her, forcibly parting her thighs as his hand unbuckled his belt.

"Stop, please!" she cried, before being struck across the face once more, her head swimming before falling to the floor. Her stomach churned as he entered her, his strokes hard and rough. Endymion continued to struggle, but to no avail, his voice nearly going hoarse as he shouted in misery. Someone grabbed his hair roughly, forcing him to look at the terrible scene playing out before him. He felt his own heart dying, though he couldn't look away, the sight causing him to come undone. He heard her screaming for him, her hands clawing at Litton's face, drawing blood. He only laughed, not missing a stroke as one of his men took hold of her wrists, pinning them above her head.

"My, but she has some fight in her. I can see why you enjoyed fucking her so. She feels divine," he said, continuing to violate her until his warmth spilled inside her, tears streaming from the corners of her eyes, her voice having left her after so many anguished screams.

"You…you fucking bastard!" Endymion shouted, five men now holding him down, his pain forgotten as he watched one of Litton's men taking position between her thighs. Endymion saw her mouth open in a silent scream, her arms still pinned above her, leaving her completely helpless to the assault. Time lost its meaning as he watched them, one after the other, taking their turn within her, until her body lay limp on the floor, the full length of her exposed. He was sure she'd met death, her body unable to take the abuse it was being dealt.

"Serenity!" he called, amazed to see her head fall to the side, her eyes meeting his, her face and hair bloodstained. Her hand reached towards him, Litton's booted foot soon crushing it beneath, a hoarse cry leaving her as he crushed the bones of her hand. He hauled her to her feet, her body limp in his grip as he ripped her ruined gown from her body, leaving her completely bare.

Litton held her by the throat, her broken hand hanging at her side as her other clawed at him to no avail. Endymion felt as though he would lose consciousness, watching as he threw her against one of the many stone columns. The fangs in his mouth felt so foreign, though he couldn't be bothered to think of it. All he could see was the sight of his sweet Serenity, being tossed about like a rag doll.

After he'd tired of playing with her, the blond vampire drew a dagger from his boot, dragging her towards where Endymion remained immobilized on the floor. Forcing her head back, he smiled.

"This will be your punishment. You will live on…without this whore of yours. May you never forget. May you suffer for the many lifetimes ahead," he said, preparing for his final act.

"Endy..mion. I…lo…" she tried, her voice dying as he drew the blade across her exposed throat, blood pouring like water unleashed from a dam.

Endymion remained breathless, his spirit shattering completely as Litton released her, her lifeless body falling to the cold stone floor. At last he was released, crawling over to her fallen form, cradling her corpse against him. His head bowed over her, the shock taking him over entirely. The vision of her face, stained with her own blood, would haunt him for decades to come, coming to him in waking nightmares throughout the years.


He was soon forced to his feet, dragged away to his own prison, shackled to the wall like a beast. There he remained under Litton's order, year after year passing with no change. He was treated like an animal, became an animal, feeding off of anyone and everyone left in his lair without reserve. His hunger had taken him over, the raven haired vampire existing only on his most primal instincts. They kept him imprisoned until he was sure he'd been overcome by his own madness, until as last, many generations after most of his tormenters had disappeared from the Earth, he was released. Endymion immediately sought his revenge, though not a single beast that had sealed the fate of both he and his lover could be found. They had disappeared entirely, leaving an undying rage burning within him.

Endymion searched the world over, never able to locate those responsible for the ghastly acts committed on the night that would forever remained burned into his memory. He existed on instinct alone, his fangs finding new flesh night after night, until he realized that she could be found again, should he but look. If there love proved true, he thought, he would find her again. And so began the beast's search for his lost love.


Serena hadn't noticed the tears that were silently falling down her cheeks until his fingers were wiping them away, a look of pure agony upon his face. Recalling the tragic tale had obviously hurt him a great deal, his eyes seeming a bit clouded.

"I…I don't know what to say. I can't really process all this," she told him, his hands gripping her waist and drawing her onto his lap.

"You don't need to say anything. Just being with you now, after all we've endured, is enough. Now, no more tears. You've cried enough," he said gently, drawing her in against him.

Still, she couldn't help but cry, waves of emotion hitting her all at once. At that moment, she felt heart-bound to this man…this vampire that had first held her close so long ago.

"I'll never leave your side again," he whispered, his eyes closing as she pressed a kiss to his lips.

"I don't want you to," she told him, her arms going around him as they sat in an embrace that seemed all too familiar to them both.


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