Princess Kagome

By Kawaii Yashie

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It was a bright and sunny day as a young mother of twenty-two held her twin children in her arms. A knock came and the queen called a come in. "Your majesty." The woman that entered bowed to her queen. "Ahh, priestess Kikyo what do I owe this visit for?" the queen asked. "My queen, I have come because I have seen the future…" Kikyo said looking at the queen. "And what have you seen dear Kikyo?" the queen asked looking at the young priestess.

"Princess Kagome will be the one to release the demon kind to our lives. We must avoid this at all costs. We must kill the young princess." Kikyo said bowing her head to avoid her gaze. "Do what you must Kikyo, kill Kagome if you need to." The queen said giving her the baby girl. "I will see to it that she is killed my queen." Kikyo said receiving the baby and walking out. The queen placed her son in his crib next to the one for Kagome. She slump down and began to weep, so did her son missing his sister. The queen got up and soothed her son. "I'm sorry Sota." The queen said crying after she put him in the crib. Kikyo Kikyo held the princess to her heart. "I'm sorry princess Kagome." Kikyo said as she handed the princess to a hooded person. "Please kill the princess." Kikyo told the hooded person as they nodded and left with the princess.

The person took the baby princess to the woods and was about to kill the baby when the princess looked at her with her eyes. "I can't kill you princess Kagome." The person said to the baby as the person picked up the baby and walked away to a horse and rode away. Heading to China. The person arrived in china a few days later and walked to the castle and requested an audience with the queen and king. "Your majesties, this is princess Kagome of Japan, I was ordered to kill her and I can not kill her so please take care of my princess." The person said holding out the princess in a pink dress. "When was princess Kagome born?" the queen asked looking at the princess. "She was born September 15th your majesty."

The person said looking at the queen's reaction. "She's only two weeks old?" the queen said getting off her throne looking at the princess. She took the baby in her arms. Kagome looked up at the queen and giggled. "We'll take her in, she will be our daughter." The queen said smiling at the baby. "Thank you your majesties. I must be going I must find a corpse to pass as the princess, may I have the young girl's dress?" the person said as the queen nodded and gave the dress to the person as he left. "Dear isn't she look so cute?" the queen said looking at the girl. A servant came in. "Your majesty can I bring you anything?" the servant asked. "Can you bring me a small pink blanket?" the queen said. "Right away your majesty."

The servant said as she left and returned with the blanket. The queen wrapped Kagome in the blanket. She got up and kissed the king and left. She went to a room that she had prepared for a baby girl. She recently had a baby two weeks ago that had died and it was a girl. "My dear Kagome you are going to replace my dead baby girl Kammi." The queen said as Kagome cried, hungry.

She closed the door and undid her dress and tried to breast feed Kagome, she took the nipple in her mouth and sucked on it getting milk from it. Kagome ate until she was full. The queen smiled as she burped Kagome and placed her in the crib and did her dress. Kasumi, the queen, looked around in the closet and got out a pink dress. She went and started a bath afterwards she got Kagome and bathed her then dressed her and put her to sleep.

16 years later A young 16 year old girl got up and got dressed in a pink spaghetti strap shirt and a jean skirt and fastened a black cloak around her neck. She did her black hair in a bun. She walked down to the dining room and sat down. "Good morning mother father." Kagome said as she began to eat her breakfast. "Morning my baby girl." Kasumi said smiling. "Good morning Kagome." Fuma, the king said to Kagome. "Mommy daddy can I go camping today?" Kagome asked her parents. "Sure for how long dear." Kasumi asked as Kagome smiled. "I was hoping for a week mommy." Kagome said smiling. "Okay but make sure that you take your bow and arrows." Kasumi said as Kagome got up and hugged her mother. "Thank you so much mommy daddy." Kagome said sitting down and finishing her breakfast. Kagome packed a medium bag with an extra outfit that consisted of a pair of pants, a shirt, underwear and a cloak. She packed a first aid kit in her bag.

She grabbed her bow and arrows and strapped them to her back. She placed a sleeping bag and blankets into her bag. She placed a brush, shampoo, conditioner, and soap into her bag. 'Perfect' Kagome thought as she swung the bag on her shoulder but not doing damage to her bow and arrows. On her way out she grabbed her knife. She walked to the throne room where her parents sat. "I'm going now mother father, I'll be back in a week." Kagome said smiling as she kissed her mother and father's cheeks. "Be careful honey." Kasumi said. "Yes mother I will. I am a master at the bow."

Kagome said smiling as she left. Kagome walked into the forest happy. She was always happy in the forest it allowed her to escape the world she lives in as a princess. She loved to be in the wild having fun. Night came and Kagome set up camp and fell asleep. Two eyes watched her sleep then day came and she got up and went hunting for breakfast. She caught some wild bunnies and ate them. After breakfast she got up and continued on her trip. She was walking happily when something attacked her she quickly readied her bow and arrow as the monster charged at her. "Give me the shikon jewel!" the monster said as it tried to attack her but she jumped back and shot her arrow and hit the attacker on it's heart and it fell dead.

She went to it and felt it's pulse, dead then she walked away after putting a flower on it. After she walked a little something jumped from the tree in front of her she readied her bow once again. "Put your arrow away young miko." The person or thing said. "Who are you?" Kagome said still holding her bow and arrow in the same place. "I am Inu Yasha the demon king." Inu Yasha said as Kagome looked at him. "Demon king? I've never heard of demons or mikos. What is a miko?" Kagome said as he approached her but she didn't feel any fear. "You are a miko, the miko is who holds the shikon jewel. And of course you've never heard of it by the looks of it you're a princess so no one would tell you." Inu Yasha said as he put her bow and arrow down. "What's the shikon jewel that you and that giant thing spoke of?" Kagome said looking at his gold eyes.

"The shikon jewel is a jewel that gives us demons extra strength but the shikon belonged to us but a priestess known as Kikyo took the jewel from us and imprisoned us in this forest 17 years ago." Inu Yasha said as Kagome looked at him. "Kikyo… that sounds familiar." Kagome said. "You know Kikyo?" Inu Yasha asked Kagome.

"No, but some how I've heard that name before, never mind." Kagome said smiling. "Any ways what's name miko?" Inu Yasha asked. "Princess Kagome of China. But you can call me Kagome." Kagome said with a smile. "Kagome, that a beautiful name so what are you doing in the forest?" Inu Yasha asked looking at Kagome. "Well I'm not the type of princess that stays in the castle so I like to take breaks in the wilderness. So I was taking a break." Kagome said smiling.

"Kagome it would be an honor if you could stay with me at my home. And no more demons would attack you at the castle of course." Inu Yasha said as Kagome thought it over. "Alright I don't want to be killed out here in the wilderness." Kagome said with a smile. "Thank you for accepting but my home is about 20 miles into the forest, it would be quickest if I jumped us there." Inu Yasha said as Kagome agreed. "Tell me what to do Inu Yasha." Kagome said as she put down her bow and arrow and strapped it to her back. "Simple get on my back, that's all." Inu Yasha said as Kagome did what she was told and got on his back and he put his arms around her legs and jumped off to the castle. As soon as they arrived at the castle Inu Yasha put Kagome down and they walked up to the main room. He called a servant. "Yes your highness?" the servant said.

"This is princess Kagome of china, she is going to be staying with us for a while so prepare her the room next to mine." Inu Yasha said as the servant nodded and walked off. The servant returned a few moments later announcing that the bedroom was ready. Inu Yasha showed Kagome to her room and she walked inside. It was huge and gold with silver. A king-sized bed was in the middle against the wall and three doors were in the walls one leading to the bathroom another to the closet and the last one to Inu Yasha's bedroom. "Wow its so beautiful Inu Yasha." Kagome said smiling. "I'm glad that you like it Kagome."

Inu Yasha said as he let out a small smile. "So Inu Yasha can you teach me how to bring the shikon jewel back so I can return it to you." Kagome said as Inu Yasha nodded and started to sniff her body looking for the shikon jewel and found it at her side. "It's on your side. Right here." Inu Yasha said as he touched her side at a point. She looked at it and a white light shone brightly. She touched her side and pulled out a jewel. "Wow so this is the shikon jewel." Kagome said as Inu Yasha nodded. "But it can not be just given away to anyone. You are the holder of the jewel and you must protect it."

Inu Yasha said as Kagome nodded and put it on a gold necklace she wore for no apparent reason. She smiled at the jewel and at Inu Yasha. "Inu Yasha I will have to return to my kingdom 6 days from now so my parents don't find out about this." Kagome said as Inu Yasha nodded a yes. "As you wish Kagome you can travel back and forth from this castle to yours. Consider this castle your second home." Inu Yasha said as Kagome smiled and hugged him.

"Thank you Inu Yasha, you don't know how much this means to me." Kagome said smiling as her hands found their way to his ears and rubbed them and Inu Yasha let out a small growl of affection. "So you're a dog demon?" Kagome asked looking at him. "Kind of. I'm half demon but I rule because of my father, he was the demon king and he only had two sons. Me and Sesshomaru but he already has a mate and taken over another kingdom and I'm stuck with ruling this one, although many don't agree on a half demon ruling." Inu Yasha said as Kagome nodded. "That must be hard ruling a country."

Kagome said looking at him. "Yeah but you're a princess right, so shouldn't you be preparing to take the throne of china?" Inu Yasha asked. "No, I'm probably just going to be engaged to some loser who will become king and rule, so I have no say." Kagome said looking at his gold eyes. "I know that you will make a good queen with or without a king." Inu Yasha said as Kagome smiled. "Yeah your right. I'm not going to marry with out loving the person."

Kagome said as she let Inu Yasha go and looked out the window at the nice village. "Inu Yasha can you take me to the village I want to look around." Kagome said as Inu Yasha looked at her. "Of course." Inu Yasha said as Kagome smiled and they left.

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