Hey everyone! I just wanted to thank you for sticking with this story and leaving so many great reviews. To answer a certain question asked, the Jake in this story is indeed Jake Jagelski from the show, except that this dude doesn't have a baby. Also, I wanted to let you all know that this story isn't going to be fluff. I have the whole storyline in mind, and it's going to be dramatic and original. I'm going to try to update regularly too. Enjoy!

Brooke sat on Haley's bed, watching as her friend haphazardly shoved clutter into drawers.

"So I've let everyone know that the boyfriend is coming for the weekend. No-one will say a word. I promise."

Brooke grinned evilly.

"I watched Mean Girls last night for inspiration for some good rumors to spread if anything gets out."

Haley rolled her eyes as she laughed at he roommate's antics.

"Thanks, Brooke. You're a goddess."

She shrugged.

"I know."


Haley was applying mascara when her cell phone rang.

"Oh, God…" She muttered to herself when she realized who was calling.

"Nathan…" She groaned.
"Hales…" He whined, imitating her perfectly.

"You do know that Jake should be here any minute?"

"Really? You going to tell him about our little arrangement?"

Haley's voice caught in her throat.

"What the fuck? Why should I? It's not like we're getting engaged or anything serious like that!"

She could practically see him smirking through the phone.

"Did I strike a nerve?"

She rolled her eyes angrily.

"BYE!" She bellowed, slamming the phone shut.

A quiet knock rapping at the door caught Haley by surprise.

"Hopefully he didn't hear that…"

She took a deep breath, and opened the door.

A tall guy with unruly auburn hair and a sweet smile stood before her.

"Jake!" Haley squealed as she jumped into his arms, wrapping her lags around his waist.

He laughed a deep, joyful laugh, and spun her around.

"Hales! God, I missed you."

She buried her head in his shoulder as he hugged her to his body. Little did the happily reunited couple know that a well built blue-eyed man watched this exchange from behind a corner.

Haley pulled away and kissed her boyfriend.

"I love you."

He grinned. "I love you too. And I have a surprise for you."

"A surprise? What is it?"

Jake laughed good naturedly as he put his arm around her shoulders.

"I'll show you a little later. I want to meet your friends right now. I want to see what you do when I'm not around."

Haley couldn't help giggling nervously at his phrasing.

"I don't do anything when you aren't around. Nothing at all."

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