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Greetings. My name is Lord Montgomery Fiske, but I am known as Monkey Fist! Tea? No matter. I'll have it all to myself if my guest doesn't want any. I shall speak of Kim Possible and her monkey-phobic friend. They have thwarted my plans to many times! I will make them pay!

Kim Possible. She is well known. I had tricked her into retrieving a jade monkey for me. The four jade monkeys generated mystical monkey power when properly aligned. Ha ha ha ha-ha-ah! I would have been all powerful if it weren't for that buffoon. Anyway, I heard that Kim Possible is good in a fight, but I find her to be a moderate foe. She is strong and knows various martial arts, but she is not a monkey master, as am I.

Kim Possible did, however, hand me a humiliating defeat in Paris; I wouldn't let her get away with it. I talked with Drakken and Killigan. I told them about the Tepus Simia idol that could be used to travel trough time. We went back to destroy Kim Possible's past. What am I saying? We never went back in time. I'm sorry, but I can't remember that even properly for some reason. Kim was never a match for me. I practically gift wrapped her for Killigan, and he missed! If it weren't for…grrrrrr…that boy!

Ron Stoppable. Most people don't even remember his name, but I do. I'll never forget how that bumbler humiliated me. He stole MY mystical monkey power! It was reserved for me and me alone! Because of him, I lost the support of my old friend, Baits. I will not stand for this! He somehow stopped me from fulfilling the Prophesy of the mystical monkey monk. I don't understand what went wrong, but I will find out what went happened. I had to train new monkey ninjas to replace the ones he convinced to abandon me.

When I found that the guardian of the ancient Lotus Blade, Hirotaka, would leave he school for America, I jumped at the chance to obtain the ultimate weapon. The Lotus Blade can be turned into whatever weapon I desire. The only other person capable of unleashing it's power is Ronald Stoppable. As a bonus, Ron Stoppable visited Yaminuchi when Hirotaka left. I could have destroyed him. I would have, if it hadn't been for that rodent.

Ronald has a pet naked mole rat, that also has mystical monkey power. He freed Ron Stoppable and Yori, the Yaminuchi student that I used as bait for him. Fukushima was right about Ronald. If you take someone he cares about, he will stop at nothing to save her. I could use that against him, now that he's dating Kim Possible. Yes. I could—

"Hello-o-o, monkey-bunches."


Been wanting to do Monkey Fist for a long time. Hope you liked it.