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" It sure feels weird doesn't it?" Ron said standing next to Harry and Hermione. The three most famous wizards in the world stood outside Hogwarts one last time before it closed its doors until who knows when. " Harry, this is it. We have to defeat Voldemort, either we do it now, or the prophecy will never be fulfilled!" Hermione said in a tiny voice. Professor McGonnogal stood behind the three. She put her hand on Harry's shoulder, " Come now let us go back to the order." She said.

Harry turned followed by Hermione and Ron. There was an eerie silence about that castle that sent chills up Harry's spine and he could not shake the dream that kept haunting him. It was a mix of emotions that night. Hogwarts had finally closed it's doors until further notice. McGonnogal, the new headmistress, issued the closure due to death eater attacks on all witches and wizards even inside the school where, unfortunately Dean Thomas was killed while taking a midnight stroll by himself in the corridors. The tragedy was felt by all especially Gryffindor and Ginny.

Ginny went home early for she was overcome with grief over the death of her boyfriend. Arthur, the new Minister of Magic, approved the closer for the safety of the families. He was now Head of the Order as well seeing as Dumbledore had died but two years ago. To Harry, It still seemed like an dream a horrible dream that kept waking him and tormenting his every thought.

" Harry, are you alright?" Hermione asked when they were in the carriage. Rain was pouring rhythmically down as they drove back to Grimmauld Place. Harry now owned what was the Black Mansion. He decided to keep it for the Orders use for now they were in full swing. On the outside, the house seemed still grim and of no fitting for some decent witch or wizard to live, however, on the inside, it was homey and welcome. Red carpet lined the once dark gray halls. The kitchen was mahogany and full. The Order secretly held their meetings In the basement, which was large and homey. Harry's room was upstairs while Ron's room was next to Harry's on the left and Hermione's was down the hallway two doors to the right.

They got home a few hours past midnight for they had to keep a low profile seeing as Harry, Ron and Hermione were the three most wanted wizards by the evil ones. Upon entering their home they could hear Molly making dinner for everyone in the kitchen. Molly, and Arthur and Ginny had been staying with Harry and Ron and Hermione for the Burrow had been brutally destroyed during a raid earlier this year. Since Arthur became Minister, there have been extra precautions to make sure of the Weasley family's safety.

Fred and George's Joke Shop was still opened because they lived in the flat above with Angelina and Katie. Bill and Fleur, are still counting on being Married this December during Christmas, granted nothing happens till then. Everyone was talkative, but sine the closer of Hogwarts, the safest place in the world, according to Harry, there had not been anything to laugh about , let alone talk a whole lot. " This looks wonderful Molly," Lupin said as she set the dinner plates out for everyone who was seated around the kitchen table. " Thank you Remus, I try." She said smiling at her old friend.

" Molly would you like any help with the food?" Tonks asked starting to get up to help her. Molly put her hand up. " No thanks dear I'm alright it is just a few things here. Tonks and Remus surprised everyone and got married over the summer a tiny glimpse of happiness that brought joy back into everyone's hearts.

Harry looked a crossed the table at Ginny. She looked so helpless so lost. " Just like you." a voice inside his head spoke. Stop it, you cant ask her to have you back because you were the one who dumped her in the first place, then she went back to Dean and now look where it's gotten you. The voice inside his head spoke once more. Harry sighed heavily and took a drink of water.

Ron was holding Hermione's hand underneath the table. Harry knew that they kept things quiet because of what happened with Dean. Harry, talk to her. Hermione's voice echoed inside his brain. Harry's head shot up. You can understand my thoughts? He asked her. She nodded and smiled.

Harry looked back down. He decided not to think about it anymore. The night was difficult enough. The family ate dinner in Silence for the most part, Arthur had come in late as usual ever since he became Minister he's been having log tiring days at work sometimes never coming home at all. So Molly stayed and helped keep up the house.

" How's Bill and Fleur?" Hermione asked everyone. Molly smiled. " They are over visiting Fleur's family and will be back for the Wedding." She said. Hermione smiled. Ginny looked up to listen but did not add a comment. " May I be excused?" She asked quietly her plate finished.

" Certainly dear." Molly said as Ginny got up before she was done talking. Her main of hair flowed behind her making Harry want to run after her and comfort her but he knew he couldn't.

Harry finished eating with everyone else. There was mindless talk about Arthur's position and what not.

Harry left after he was done helping put the dishes away. Ron and Hermione were playing a game of wizard chess Harry on the other hand had gone in search of Ginny. Upon going up the stairs he felt unusually drawn toward Hermione's room.

He knocked quietly on the door. Ginny was sitting on Hermione's bed crying. Harry knocked again. " Who is it?" Ginny asked. She didn't open the door. " Gin it's me. Open up please." Harry asked. She sighed and opened the door. "Harry what is it?" Ginny asked concerned about him.

Harry looked at her gently. " Gin I'm worried about you." He said softly so she wouldn't get fired up and angry at him more. Instead she just looked at him with moist eyes but no tears were falling. The light that once was in them when Harry first met her was no longer there.

Ginny sat back down on Hermione's bed. Harry joined her. They sat quietly for a few minutes. Listening to Ron and Hermione laughing about something in the other room made Harry smile but when he looked at Ginny she was looking down at the floor and barley making any noise.

Ginny looked up at him. She took a deep breath and the tears started flowing. She flung herself at Harry and cried into his chest. Harry felt at least relieved that she was crying and letting some emotion out instead of keeping everything in because that to him did more damage than anything. " Oh Harry, I am so sorry." She wailed. Harry was taken aback by this.

" Why are you sorry Gin?" he asked. " I am sorry you had to go through all this. I mean I know it would have happened anyways it was fate and all, but I'm sorry I did everything and was such ….oh I dunno." Ginny cried. " I miss Dean so much but when I look back I wasn't even in love with him. I went back to him because I felt like I needed someone there. I was so selfish." Ginny cried. She was now soaking Harry's shirt but he didn't care. He was glad that she was getting all her emotions out and finally letting go.

" Well I am sorry I broke us apart when I did. But Voldemort…I don't think I would be able to live if he did anything to you." Harry said seriously still holding Ginny. She had calmed down a bit now. " I know Harry but, I miss you." She sniffed. " You always have me Ginny. You know what fuck everything I will do everything in my power to make sure Voldemort doesn't get to you." Harry said hugging her tight and smiling.

It was so spontaneous that Ginny nearly choked. " What are you saying Harry? That you want us to get back together?" She asked hopefully. Harry smiled and cupped her face in his hands. " Yes." He said. Ginny squealed with happiness and flung herself at Harry causing him to fall off the side of the bed.

The two were laughing Hysterically when Ron and Hermione opened the door to see them sprawled out on the floor Hermione fought back a half confused and half amused look on her face. Ron just looked like a deer in the headlights. "What's going on mate?" Ron asked Harry.

" She's mine again Ron!" Harry said happily beaming up at Ron. Ron looked at him. " That's great mate, but what about what we talked about. You know." Ron said not wanting to say his name. Ginny looked annoyed at her brother. " Ron quit being such a sissy and Harry doesn't care about Voldemort!" Ginny said happily as Ron flinched at the name. Hermione just smiled and slid her hand in-between Ron's.

" That's great you guys." Hermione said with tears in her eyes. " What's wrong Mione?" Harry asked getting up and helping Ginny. " Well….it's just.. I always knew you two were mean to be together and I was just wondering when you guys would figure it out." Hermione said sniffling and trying to keep her composure.

Ron looked over at her. " She's a sucker for Romance." He said jokingly. Hermione shot her evil death glare towards Ron but then kissed him on the cheek. " Well what are we going to do now?" Ginny asked. Harry slid his arm around her waste. " I dunno. What do u guys want to do?" He asked his three best friends.

The night went on until about 4am by the time the meeting had ceased and everyone went to bed. Harry stayed in his room while Ginny stayed in Hermione's room. He couldn't sleep he was so happy. He hadn't remember feeling this cleansed and in love in forever. Even when he first liked Cho it wasn't the same feeling. This was deep, true…like a carnival sparkling mad and Harry cold not stop spinning.

Finally after what seemed like hours staying awake he fell into a dreamless sleep for once in his life.

The next morning Harry awoke to a pair of big blue eyes staring at him. " Morning Harry." Ginny said almost laughing. Harry smiled. " Morning beautiful." He said. "There's a big surprise downstairs for you." She said. Harry looked at her. " What is it?" He asked. " That's for me to know and you to find out. So come on!" She said pulling him out of bed.

He forgot he was just in his boxers and seeing the embarrassment on his face Ginny looked at him and said " Remember I grew up with all brothers." Harry smiled and quickly put on a pair of jeans and a blue tee shirt.

Together they ran downstairs and what they saw made Harry burst into tears.

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