The air was chilly.

Clear blue skies loomed over the Potter house which was warm and welcoming. The ambiance of the room was busy as everyone was spending long hours training for the final battle. Harry and Ginny in particular were spending every waking minute learning new spells and how to defend themselves against the Death Eaters. Percy stood outside the front door taking a break.

He shuffled his feet along the cold gravel. His jean jacket was wrapped around him. A maroon scarf was wrapped around his neck protecting his ears from the chilly breeze. Winter was coming. He thought of his past. Rubbing a rough hand through his red hair Percy cursed his life. Had he not let pride and power take over everything he might have been of use.

Had not completely let down his mother and father, he might be different. Well, he was bound to change. It may take a while, but he was bound to do it. To complete the small task of becoming what one would call nobel. Percy thought back to his years at Hogwarts, he thought of Penelope, being head boy and the extra classes that he was aloud to take. He thought of how he enjoyed his private lessons with Dumbledore - how they made him feel more important.

He remembered Dumbledore teaching him everything he wanted to know, from certain potions to Occlumency. He stopped. Didn't Harry try learning Occlumency? He thought for a few more minutes and then realized what he needed to do. He was going to help Harry and Ginny by it teaching to them. Percy heard the door open and close behind him. He turned around and saw Harry.

He smiled. "What are you doing?" Harry asked. "Thinking about the meetings and my past." Percy said quietly. Harry and Percy had developed a some what internal bond because of the past events. It was an odd sort of relationship that was growing stronger and stronger as the days grew longer. "How are you holding up?" Percy asked Harry. Harry shrugged. "You know. Ginny's worse off than I am." He said. Percy nodded in understanding. "So what have you been doing?" Harry asked. "What do you mean?" Percy asked eying him. "Well, you and Charlie, your secret meeting. I know something is going on and nobody is telling me and I want to know what it is." Harry said sounding tired. "Well, we have been spying." Percy said. "But not in the sense that we are going in on the death eater meetings. We are working at the Ministry. Going undercover, on every suspect, every person who is even thought to have had a tie with Voldermort." Percy said. Harry nodded. "Why wont anyone tell me what's going on. I am twenty one." He said. Percy shook his head. "It seems that Minerva, as well as dad and mum and Dumbledore, think you are still young at heart." Percy said.

Harry nodded. "I just get frustrated you know? I am sick and tired of being treated like I am a vulnerable little lamb that might die at any moment." Harry said. "I'm sorry Harry, nobody knew you felt that way." Percy said. Harry looked at him with a cocked eyebrow. "It seems hard for me to believe that, but okay. I know the final battle is drawing near. I can feel it in my bones." Harry said. Percy nodded. "Harry, did you know that I know how to do Occlumency?" He asked. Harry shook his head.

"No, I didn't." "I was wondering if you wanted to try taking some lessons from me? I know that Snape was a horrible professor and teacher, I learned directly from Dumbledore." Percy said. "It's an idea." Harry smiled at him. He thought it would be beneficial learning from Percy.

He needed to learn everything he could from everyone willing to teach. He was strong, not weak. He was the boy who lived as well as the chosen one. Sighing heavily "Sure." Harry said. Percy smiled and nodded. "Alright then. We will start your lessons bright and early tomorrow." Percy said. Harry nodded. "How's the girlfriend?" Percy smiled. "She's great. She wants to be a teacher now. She keeps changing her mind on what she wants to do and where she wants to go." Percy said. Harry nodded. "Have you heard anything from Draco and Pansy?" Percy asked. Harry shook his head no. "I imagine they are fine." Percy said reassuringly. "I hope so. I really do." Harry replied. The sun was now shining brightly as the morning sun begin to show. "We should go back Charlie is supposed to come over with news of his mission." Percy said. Harry nodded.

Together they went inside. Ginny was making breakfast. She was tired. Harry could tell, but Ginny was a fighter just like him. She was a firecracker. That much was for sure. "Hey." Harry said kissing her. "Morning." Ginny said smiling. "Hello Percy." Ginny said. "Charlie is going to come over in a while. He has news about the mission." Percy said. Ginny nodded happily. She liked seeing her brothers on a daily basis now. "Where's Sirius?" Percy asked. "Right here." Sirius said in the doorway. He looked scruffy like his black dog. "What smells good?" He asked. "Pancakes." Ginny said smiling. Sirius sat down next to Percy. "Charlie's coming over." Harry said to Sirius. Sirius nodded. "Great." He said. They ate breakfast mostly in silence. Hedwig flew in the window.

A few minutes after they were done with breakfast there was a knock on the front door. Harry went to open it. "Hello Charlie." He said helping him with the heap of papers Charlie was carrying. Ginny gave her brother a warm hug and they went into the family room and sat down on the couch. "So, what's new? We haven't heard from you in quite a while. Charlie smiled. "I have news of an internal spy from the dark side. This may come as a shock to you, but I have reason to believe that Angelina Johnson is a spy." Charlie said. Everyone gaped at him. "How? Why?" came the questions from Harry, and everyone else.

"Well," Charlie began, "I was at the Ministry looking through some papers in the department for the misuse of magic and well, I pulled out Angelina's file, not really thinking anything of it, for I was looking at everyone's. Her name was linked to people like Vincent Crabbe, and even Severus Snape. I was shocked and confused. I think I need to do some more research before I let Fred know.

That would be devastating to him." Charlie said. Harry nodded. -
Voldermort smiled evilly. "He is perfect." He said. Bellatrix nodded smiling. "That wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be master." She said. Voldemort nodded, "A child, with the powers of dark magic, the growing and birth, was in fact painless was it not?" He asked. She nodded. The baby that looked hideous and evil at its finest, was lying in a tiny black bassinet. With Red eyes and a pale face he looked like a demon. Bellatrix smiled down. "Now we have to make sure he is doubly protected while he grows.

His magic will be more powerful than mine, and he will take over when I am gone." Voldermort said. The house creaked as someone was coming up the stairs to the room. There was a quiet knock. "Come in Angleina." Voldemort said without the door opening. Bellatrix turned and glared at the girl. She bowed her head. "Master, the plan is in effect, nobody expects anything. The area is set up for the final battle. Potter has not found the Horcruxes and I doubt he will in time. Will that matter?" She asked. Voldermort shook his head. "No my child. You are doing a very nice job.

Once you finish off the stupid Weasley spies, then we wont need to get the entire ministry riled. Since they are the minister's son's the ministry and the order will come after us." Voldermort smiled. Angelina nodded. "You may go." Voldermort said waving his hand behind him. She bowed and left the room. Angelina walked down the stairs. Cold sweat was pouring down her face. Her hands were clammy. She was not herself. She smiled cruelly. This was going to be her moment of glory. This was going to show her true loyalty to the Dark Lord. She never really cared for the stupid dolt. She thought to herself as she walked back to the joke shop. She had her wand tightly gripped in her hand.

Her robes were swishing behind her as she walked on the cobblestone ground. She made her way back to the twins' joke shop. She was crazy and she knew it. She was Angelina Johnson. She went to Hogwarts, was taught all her life to be on the side of good. The side of riotousness. She knew however, that she would never succeed on the good side. She smiled an evil menacing smile as she pushed open the doors of the joke shop. T he bell rang merrily as Fred looked up and saw her.

He smiled and walked towards her. "Hey hot stuff." He said strutting up to her. She glared at him and pointed her wand at his chest. He stopped dead in his tracks. "Woah babe sorry, didn't know you were in a bad mood." He said. "Your time is over Fred." She said. He looked at her. She looked possessed. "What the hell?" He asked. "Baby are you okay?" She smiled and laughed a cruel laugh that rang throughout the walls of the shop. George and Katie were upstairs sleeping. Fred swallowed nervously.

"Okay, what does that mean?" He asked. "It means, my darling, that I am going to kill you now, and you are going straight to hell." She said. "Your fucking nuts you know that?" He asked her. She smiled sweetly. "Yes, I may be, but I realize that my loyalty lies with the Dark Lord." she said. Fred gaped at her. "Angie, honey, your talking nonsense, you've never spoke of him before.." Fred tried to reason. "It's Anglina." She said. "Goodbye Frederick Weasley. It was an unpleasant time knowing you." Angelina said. As if it were slow motion from a movie, she moved her wand towards his heart as he grabbed to get his wand out of his pocket, but Fred was too late. Angelina preformed the Unforgivable Curse on him and killed him instantly. She laughed cruelly and walked out of the store. The bell jingling merrily behind her. She went back to the ministry and went to inform Arthur of Fred's death.

Her facial expression changed from evil to sad in an instant. Tears began to stream down her face as she went up the elevator. Her hands were shaking. Her body itself was in shock. She just killed someone, she just killed her boyfriend, but she wasn't sorry. If this was the only way to prove her loyalty to the dark lord, then so be it. She walked down the hall, from door to door to the end of the hall where the Minister's office was.

She looked at the door. Arthur Weasley, Minister of Magic, was printed in gold letters on a sign on the door. Angelina took a deep breath and knocked. "One moment." Arthur's voice came from behind the door. He opened it and had a surprised expression on his face. She tried to find the words, but nothing would come out of her mouth. Instead she burst out crying.

A few seconds later, two tall men were walking brusquely down the hall with scared expressions on their faces. Arthur moved Angelina over to her chair. "Minister, something unfortunate has just happened." A tall blued eyed blonde haired auror said.

"What is it Anthony?" Arthur asked. Angelina's face shot up and looked at him. "We have just been informed that the Unforgivable Curse was illegally preformed in Diagon Alley." Anthony said looking at Angelina and glaring at her. Arthur turned around and saw her glaring at him back, but just as she saw him looking at her, her expression turned from hate to sad.

"What curse was it, and where was it preformed and who on?" Arthur asked. Anthony looked at his partner Craig, for help.

Craig rubbed his light brown hair and looked at the ground. "What happened?" Arthur asked starting to get worried. "Well, Minister, it is very unfortunate, but the Avada Kedavra curse, was used in Diagon Alley, approximately 20 minutes ago, in Weasley's Wizard Weasley's. On your son Fred." Craig spoke really fast. Arthur's face paled. He turned to Angleina who was now sobbing hysterically. Arthur took his wand out of his pocket and pointed it at her. "What the hell happened?" He asked her.

She stopped sobbing and glared at him. "Why are you pointing your wand at me?" She yelled. "Minister the wand the curse came out of was hers." Anthony said pointing his wand at Angelina as well.

"EXPELLIARMIS." Arthur yelled at her. Her wand flew into his hands. Arthur was shaking with rage. His son was dead. The ministry officials arrested Angelina.

Arthur left the building and headed straight for his son. He knew that eventually, someone would be lost, but he had absolutely no idea that it would be his own son. He walked brusquely along the streets of Diagon Alley and pushed the door open.

There in the center of the room lying dead as a doornail was Fred Weasley. Arthur screamed with rage and ran over to him. "Fred! Fred can you hear me!" He yelled. No answer. Tears began to fall from his already red cheeks. He held his son in his arms. A few seconds later George and Katie looked down from the loft upstairs and were shocked. "Where in the hell have you two been!" Arthur yelled

. George was dumbfounded. "We were asleep." Katie whispered. She however, couldn't believe that they didn't hear Angelina or Fred arguing. "We didn't hear anything." George came down the stairs followed by Katie. His voice was horse. "He's dead." Arthur said in a cold voice.

"SHE killed him." he added. George looked at his dad, and then at his brother. Katie had her hand over her mouth and was full of fright. Her best friend, had murdered someone right under her nose. She would have NEVER thought that Angelina would do something this drastic, especially to her own beau.

"I am going to personally execute her tomorrow afternoon." Arthur said his eyes cold. "How are we going to tell mum?" George asked. Katie was now crying on his shoulder. Arthur sighed heavily. The tears had left him. They took Fred's body back to the Ministry along with several officials after they had come to examine the surroundings as well as the body.

Arthur was full of rage. His own son, murdered right under his nose. And by whom? His girlfriend, thought to be a trusted member of the Order of the Phoenix. Things were getting too soft. Things were getting too vulnerable. How was he going to inform everyone? Meanwhile... back at the Potter house, Harry and Ron were playing a game of exploding snaps and Hermione and Lizzie were reading a book about Dragons that Charlie had given them. Lizzie was the most curious little girl anyone had ever seen. She was friendly and she was beautiful. She was one of those children that knew that everyone thought she was adorable but was not conceded about it. She just smiled whenever anyone would pay her a compliment.

Hermione was reading to Lizzie while Ginny was staring out the window. Something wasn't right, she thought to herself. Something felt wrong, something was going to happen. Her long mane of red hair was flowing in curls down her back. She turned to look at her family. Harry and Ron were laughing as Sirius and Rose ate at the Kitchen table. She gazed at Hermione and her daughter reading merrily. It all seemed too perfect. Just as Ginny smiled at the picturesque scene, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." Harry said getting up. He opened the door to see Molly and Arthur, as well as Minerva, Lupin and Tonks, all looking as though someone had just died. Harry smiled. "Come in, please." He said. They sat down in the chair. Lizzie saw her Grandpa and ran up to give him a big hug.

"Hello darling." Arthur said picking her up and twirling her around. She giggled merrily.

Ginny looked at them. "What brings you here at this time?" She asked. Molly was tearing up again as Arthur looked around at all of them. "We have had a terrible tragedy happen earlier today." He began. Everyone looked at him. "What happened?" Harry asked moving next to Ginny and putting his arm around her.

"Your brother, Fred, was murdered today." Arthur said coldly. His voice was as ice. There was no emotion, no sadness, or rage. Everyone gasped. "No." Ginny whispered putting her hand over her mouth. Her breath caught in her throat. Ron's fists were clenched. "Who did it?" He growled. "Angelina Johnson." Arthur said. "What!" Harry asked shocked. "It's true." Molly said sobbing.

"She used the unforgivable curse on dear Fred, and she has been taken to Azkaban." Tears began to trickle down Ginny's cheeks. She knew something was going to happen. She could sense it. But why this? Why now? Questions poured through her mind. Questions that needed answers that she didn't know how to give.