It was June 1st, the day of the trio's 6th year, when the first attack came. the final battle had been going on all day and well into the night. Harry, Ron, and Hermione stuck together, trying to find the evil wizard who started the whole thing. That's when Harry spotted him. They ran behind the weeping willow, where they loved to sit on a warm afternoon, and donned the invisibility cloak. Hoping that Voldemort didn't see them, they walked cautiously over to the evil man.

But they were wrong, he had seen them.

"Accio invisibility cloak." Voldemort hissed in his snake-like voice.

"Tsk tsk, Harry, sneaking up on someone isn't very nice." He looked at Ron and Hermione. "Aww, look you brought your little friends, but there is just to many people here right now. Oh well."

Harry didn't know what to do. He knew Voldemort was going to kill one of his best friends. Panic was setting deep in his chest. What was he going to do. Just then he saw Voldemort raise his wand and say that horrible spell, Harry tried to raise his wand and shout "Expelliarmus" but Voldemort had already finished the spell and Harry watched with, everything happening in slow motion, as Ron fell on the cold hard ground.

Just then, the heavens open and poured on them, drowning out Hermione's scream. Harry was numb, just staring at his best friend's dead body. Harry saw Ron's eyes open and in them were of loyalty and courage, Harry did not see fear. It was almost as though Ron had knew what was going to happen.

While everyone was quiet. Waiting for Harry's next move, Hermione had seemed to gain her wits. Though the rain mixed with her tears, she raised her head slowly. So slowly, not wanting to meet anyone's eyes but his. Those red eyes, that took away something important from her and Harry. Those eyes who now only have mocking laughter focused on her.

"Oh, is the poor mudblood scared." he said in that evil little hiss. All of his death eaters laughed at his little joke.

In a voice as cold as ice, that stopped everyone in their tracks. One that no one had ever heard her use, she said "whether it be here and now or in the absolute near future, I will kill you. You will lose your wand and I will find some torture for you that will only make you feel a fraction of the pain I am feeling now. Believe you stupid half-blood, you will be in pain."

That voice was so full of malice, anger and hatred everyone just stared. Waiting and watching. It was that speech that had everyone stop what they were doing. Death eaters had fear in their eyes, knowing that she would not back down on her threat and that she was the smartest women to have come out of Hogwarts.

Though Voldemort was worried, he had a plan. For she didn't know that he knew a little secret of hers. Draco Malfoy had told about that little time-turner she had hanging from her neck. He knew what would happen if it broke. His face broke out into a twisted smile that sent shivers down everyone's spine, except hers. For she was no longer afraid, just pissed.

"How about if you tried to kill me in the past Ms. Granger? DIFFINDO!"

Hermione felt her time-turner break. She looked up to Harry with fear in her eyes. With that she disappeared.

"Now Mr. Potter, that we are all alone, why don't we start our little end?"


Hermione was struggling to open her eyes. When she finally did she saw she was in front of an old Victorian home with green shutters. She sat up and looked for a street sign and much to her dismay, she found herself in Godric's Hollow. Frowned in confusion.

She looked down at her tattered clothes.

Ahhh! she thought, How the hell did that happen.

So with her wand (which she didn't lose) she fixed her she into a black 1/4 sleeve fitted shirt that said "I hear voices and they don't like you." Then she fixed her blue jeans so they looked clean and fit right.

She heard voices. They were soft, but she heard them. They were coming closer. She was scared, what if there were more death-eaters? She held her wand and head high when three boys rounded the corner.

All of them were shocked. The boys cause there was a beaten up girl in front of them (even though she had fixed her clothes,
she had neglected to fix herself.

Hermione was shocked because standing in front of her were James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin.

"Who are you?" James asked

With that all the days events had caught up with her and she fainted.

Sirius caught her and they took her inside that old Victorian house as it started raining.