Hermione didn't know where to go, so she just started walking down the street. She knew Mama Potter wanted her there and she was glad, but she couldn't stay where the other boys hated her. She brought her arms closer as the rain stilled poured from the heavens. She never realized how alone she was. How no one ever loved her. Well almost no one. Harry and Ron were her only family and now she really had nothing. No where left to go. She didn't no anyone in this time period.

She stopped walking and glared at the heavens. Screaming with everything she had "Why did you make them leave? God, why did you leave me alone? Why did you send that man to be my father? Why don't you love me?"

She just stood there, watching and feeling the rain fall. Letting the wind tell her it's secrets. She knew something was coming. Something that could be stopped, she just needed to find out what.

"Mama" was all she said.

Then her world was cast in darkness.

James, Remus, and Sirius had found her as she was screaming, listening to every word. When she fell James ran forward and caught her before she hit the ground. Her eyes fluttered open and she was a bit dazed."

" I need to get home NOW! I need to be there 5 minutes ago, okay." There was something in her eyes that showed James something was wrong.

He raced her home. Nothing was wrong. There were no signs of disturbance. Something just must have spooked her, James thought.

As the entered the house Mama Potter rushed forward and hugged the girl with all her might.

"Don't you ever do that again. I was worried sick." Mama said.

Then the door burst open and 2 death eaters walked in. Mama told them to run and the boys did, but Mya stayed behind. She knew what it felt like losing family and she wouldn't lose Mama if she could help it.

Sirius turned around once they entered another room.

"You guys where did Hermione go?" then they realized she never followed. She was in the room with Mama.

They heard screaming, from a women. They ran faster back to where they started. They had just entered the room when one man shouted


They saw Mya fall to the ground, thrashing, but never did one sound leave her mouth. When the curse was lifted she carelessly pointed her wand at one death eaters saying

"Petrificus Totalus"

"Mama get the boys and go to Dumbledore, tell him I need Aurors. I will be with you shortly. " she said all this while staring at the only death eater left.

When she didn't move Mya screamed "NOW!"

Then Mama was forced to see reason. She lept to the boys bringing them to the fireplace and with a couple shouts they were gone.

"Now that we are all alone" The man said." Lets get down to business"

"Silenico" she screamed.

He was clawing at his throat. He was unable to throw out a spell.

Her eyes were filled with malice and he wouldn't admit it, but he was scared.

"I will not do anything of permant damage." she stated with a smile.

His eyes were wide. He didn't know what she would do.

"Petrificus Totalus"

There she waited for the aurors to get there.

Only 5 minutes later Dumbledore, and 6 aurors were there staring at the girl in amazement.

"Well lets see who are under this hideous masks shall we" Dumbledore said while glancing at the girl.

"Actually, I'm really tired and was wondering if I could go take a bath and sleep" she said and indeed she was swaying a little bit.

"This house isn't safe at the moment, you will come back with me to Hogwarts" Dumbledore stated.


"I should have never left her alone! What was I thinking? Luke! Where is Luke?" Mama said. She was close to having a nervous break down.

"ISABELLE! WHERE ARE YOU!" Luke screamed

"LUKE! Headmasters office." Mama said.

Luke came running up the steps. "Isabelle" and hugged her with all he had. With that the old women started crying.

" I left her, Luke. I left her with those men. She told me to get my boys out of their, but I shouldn't have left her." she was sobbing by now and no one could understand her.

Just when they all thought hope was lost the girl of 16 walked straight through the door, and headed towards Isabelle. Mya went up to her and hugged her. They were both crying.

All the men in the room didn't know what was going on. It was like they had adopted each other. Mother and daughter.

"Can I be your mother?" Mama asked Mya

Mya looked at Isabelle with eyes full of hope. "Please" she whispered.

Isabelle looked to Luke, who gave a nod.

She smiled at Mya and gave a small smile and was about to say yes, when James spoke up.

"Don't I get a say in this. I mean she would be my sister"

Mya looked at him with eyes that were so full of hurt and fear that he would say no, and she would have to be alone.

James looked at Mya and said, " I don't know your story, I don't know how you got here, but I hope you will tell me and I would love for you to be my sister"

She jumped up and ran to him. He braced himself and she gave him a hug, but not a normal hug, this was a running jumping kind of hug. She held on for dear life.

"Thank you so much. I was so afraid to be alone" She said


Her eyes were filled with pain at his words.

She turned away from him and looked towards her new family. A real one this time.

She smiled and looked towards her mother "Is it okay if I go outside. I just want to see the stars and have some personal time"

Luke and Isabelle looked at each other and Luke said, "Yes, that's fine, just don't go to far".

She smiled "Okay papa".

"Take you wand with you" he shouted after her.

Luke turned to his wife and said, "That girl will be the death of me"