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Clash of Magic

Chapter 0- The beggining (Prologue)

It has been a month since Sakura transformed the Nothing Card in a Sakura Card and finally confessed her feelings to Shaoran, and she is going to school again

"So, are you late for school again?" The tiny Guardian beast asked to his mistress

"Yes, HOOEEEE! I'm gonna be really late! " Sakura said in a rush as she combed her hair, changed her clothes and went to the dinning room for breakfast

In the dinning room

"Good morning!" Sakura said to her father

"Good morning Sakura" Fujitaka answered to his daughter

"Good morning!" Sakura turned to her mother's photography

Then everyone seated to eat their breakfast

"You slept over again, monster" Touya said to his little sister

"I'VE ALREADY TOLD YOU THAT I'M NOT A MONSTER!" Sakura yelled to her brother

"Easy there, or your food will be cold, let's eat" Fujitaka said as he took a seat

"Thanks for the food!" Everyone said as they started eating

"Father, why are you going to your job earlier today?" Touya asked to his father

"It's because we have a lot of things to do, specially in the Egyptology Departament" Fujitaka said

"Really, why?" Sakura asked with curiosity

"Have you ever heard about the Duel Monsters Game?" Fujitaka asked to his sons

To be continued...

Writer's place:

I made this story because since both use cards that summon powerful creatures, I only wanted to try it. Sorry for this short prologue, but I don't want to give too much information. Please review (no flames please). I'll post the net chapter when I get 5 reviews or less. Hope you enjoy it!