Bubble Gum

by Ebony

This is a belated birthday gift for Gravity-chan, sorry I didn't get it done on your actual birthday! (hugs) And yeah, it's pure NaruSasu silliness.


Sasuke's eye twitched as Naruto pulled the now broken bubble back into his mouth with his tongue, where he proceeded to chew it noisily, smacking it against the top of his mouth.

And all the Uchiha could do was watch in pure irritation as Naruto started again, stretching the gum over his tongue and blowing a small pink bubble out of the hole in his lips. The bright, artificial colour was actually pinker (and more annoying, Sasuke added mentally) then Sakura's hair. Slowly, with a glance and a smirk at Sasuke, Naruto let the large, sticky, voluptuous bubble, grow and keep growing until-


It had been going on for sometime now; probably half an hour or so, as that was when Kakashi was supposed to meet the two by the bridge (Sakura was absent, having been bedridden with a stomach flu the past few days). However, as he had predicted, Kakashi still hadn't shown up, leaving him alone with Naruto.

And the bubble gum.


Sasuke had always hated bubble gum; it was far too sugary (sweets had always been his brother's thing, not his), lost its flavour far too quickly, and when you chewed it for too long it made your jaw hurt. Not to mention the sounds it made, the squishing, squelching, saliva-soaked snapping, and that ever aggravating…


So it only made sense that Naruto would like it.

"Would you stop that?" he hissed, his eyes snapping to glare at the blonde.

Naruto stared at him a moment, wiping a smudge of gum that has decided to stick to his chin with the back of his hand before bursting into laughter.

"Not a chance."

"Dobe…" Sasuke's voice lowered to a near growl, causing Naruto to laugh even harder.

Pouting in severe annoyance (almost like a child who hadn't gotten his way), Sasuke crossed his arms and turn to look in the opposite direction. After Naruto's laughter died, there were seven full seconds of silence in which relief flooded over Sasuke, a quick 'Thank God…' running through his head before-


Sasuke's hand bunched into a fist as he whipped around to face Naruto once more. He knew he should probably just try to ignore it, and his reactions only provoked Naruto all the more, but now he was just downright pissed off.

"Stop it," he ordered. "Now."

Naruto stuck his gum-covered tongue out at Sasuke in reply, and wiggled it.

"Why don't you come over here and make me?" he taunted.

Over the next few moments, Sasuke's face went through quite a range of emotions (mortification, irritation, slight consideration, mental bitch slap for slight consideration, embarrassment, and back to irritation) before he snorted and gave Naruto a look of disgust.

"You wish."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "What, are you scaaaared? Oh, poor Sasuke is scaaaaaared."

And that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

An instant passed and Sasuke had leapt forward to where Naruto was leaning against the bridge, and with an almost frighteningly determined look in his eye, stuck his tongue right in Naruto's mouth. He found the enormous wad of gum as quickly as he could (which was not as quickly as he would've liked) and pulled hit back into his own mouth, but not without knocking against Naruto's tongue several times first. Grimacing, he pulled away and spat the gum over Naruto's shoulder and into the river.

Naruto stared at him a moment.

And Sasuke, horrified, realized what he had done.

But before he could do anything about it, Naruto leaned forward with a dangerous look to rival Sasuke's and let his lips meet Sasuke's…

As for the rest, let's just say that by the time Kakashi arrived, Sasuke had learned to like the taste of bubble gum. A lot.