Photographs and Memories left on the Cutting Room Floor

Years Later

So much had happened. So much time had passed. So many scars healed. So many tears shed. And now this. Meg held a letter in her hands. Now as she had so many years ago, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Anger blinded her and dried up her tears. What tears? She had cried and commiserated over Chris for all these years. She hadn't heard from him since she'd walked out on him so many years ago. It seemed like an eternity had passed.

And now she held a 3-page letter from Chris. It seemed like no time had passed the way he had written it. His letter was chatty and friendly and it vividly reminded Meg of the old Chris, the Chris before the draft, the Chris before the pregnancy…before…everything. How would she be able to tell her daughter? How could she make her understand?

It felt like all the wounds that time had healed were reopened, and the pain had returned making Meg numb and horribly shocked. And this time, as before, Chris had come like an unexpected hurricane into her life, and destroyed all of the things that she had known.