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Chapter 1

Am I Dead?

I wonder why it seems like half of our days end up like this. Here we are, once again with our backs up against the wall with our lives possibly on the line; again.

The truck that we were hiding from apparently decides that nothing's there and continues on, bypassing our alley. With not a single sound but the wind whistling and some leaky pipe dripping onto the cold pavement, I ease away from the shadows and slowly peer down the alley. Clear. The other way; clear. I motion them forwards. They understand the message: move out.

We slink from one alley to the other, moving swiftly, yet so softly that we don't make a single discernable noise. Four times we have to stop and hide because another truck or car with spotlights is heading towards us. We stop again at the sound of a helicopter. Man, Bishop's going all out this time. I look back at my brothers. They don't say a word but I can read the worry in their faces. We've been out here for hours.

It kind of errs on the nerves after a bit, all this running, especially the continued silence that we're forced to keep between each other. Mikey especially. He's usually the one to make the noise. My mouth opens, to offer them reassurance, but then I think better of it. Closing my mouth I look ahead to scout the area. All clear. Got to be extra careful, Bishop wants a bloodbath this time.

One of my brothers bumps into me and I look back. They all still look so worried. I slap a grin on my face and give them the thumbs up sign. They see through it but still look a little less tense and a little more loose. Good. Just what I needed. Sometimes that's just what a leader has to do: reassure the troops. Glad it worked. They know, that no matter what happens I'd do anything to protect them. Anything.

As though my thoughts spoke too loud, a spotlight suddenly blinded us. We heard orders issued in the air. A chopper! My face went cold as the blood pooled away in sudden panic. Adrenaline seized my heard and shot through my limbs. How'd he find us? Damn!

I snatch the nearest wrist and ruthessly jerk him along with me as I sped away. The others followed in suite. We had to get away! We clung to the shadows but then the shadows vanished as the spotlight did it's best to follow us. We couldn't go on like this!

I heard tires screeching ahead of me. Of course they'd plan an ambush at the end of the alley now that they know where we are. I should've realized! Stupid!

Frantically my eyes searched for a trump card, a way out, anything. My brothers were depending on me. I couldn't let them down.

Then I saw it. Beneath the steeple of the church there were a pair of double doors. Double doors were weak at the joining. Bingo.

"HYAAA!" I leaped with a flyingkick, throwing all my weight behind it. My foot strikes the joining, just where I wanted it to. There is a slight resistance, then they break away. Lock broken. The doors swing openand slam against the inner walls. I sprint inside, knowing my family is on my heels.

We leap over the pews then stop at the front. Bright lights flash through the intricate stained glass pictures of heaven and holy. But they can't see us. It won't take them long to bust their way inside as well, though.

Raph grabbs a long metal pole designed for holding a candle and thrusts it through the handles of the double doors. Sure hope that's good metal.

"Guys, down here!" Donny is at the front, he's pointing at another door. "There's a wine cellar over here! We could hide!"

I motion the others to him and follow them from behind, gaurding their backs. Somthing slamms agains the doors that we blocked. Sounds big. I gulped, remembering Bishops genetic monsters. Wait, where's Mikey?

I usher Raph and Don down, promising I'll be following them shortly. Then I whip around with a growl. Now is not the time for Mikey's silly games! Clenching my teeth I look for him frantically. Time is not on my side. There he is!

Michelangelo Is standing by the railing looking at the crusifix hanging above the table where the priest prepares the Eucharist. He's looking very nervous. He's putzing around!

My fists clence and I half storm half run to him.With an iron grip I grab his arm and wrench him towards me. "Mike! What are you doing! We have to go."

He turns towards me with wide brown eyes. I tug at him again and he resists slightly, then unwillingly follows me. "But Leo, this isn't right!"

I press my lips together in exasperation. Now what? "What do you mean, Michelangelo? We're trying to survive!"

He shakes his head. "I know that, but not here!" I give him a puzzled look. What? I'm still pulling him along. He continues. "I don't think that we should bring our war into this place. It doesn't seem right."

"Mikey, we don't really have that much of a choice, now do we?"

He opens his mouth again and I face him with exasperation. We don't have time for this!

Suddenly the double doors blow open and Bishop's goons flood inside. Dust and smoke cloud the air, grabbing mercilessly at our lungs. I grab Mikey by the shell and ruthlessly shove him towards the door. My eyes are watering with the stuff in the air and my choked lungs don't seem to want to cooperate in it. I know Mikey must be feeling the same way. I have to protect him, get him out of this danger. That's the driving force that keeps me pushing him. Somehow knowing where to go, leading my brother. The thought of the other two in the cellar give me energy. I hoped and prayed that they wouldn't try to come to my rescue. That they wouldn't place themselves in danger as well.

Some gloved hand grabs my arm and I immediately swing around, my knee connecting with his groin. He doubles over and I bring that knee crashing up to his nose. I feel it crunch. More goons are swarming around us. I can't see Mike, but I can hear the hollow sound of wood connecting with bone. He's fighting with me.

For the millionth time I wonder what this stuff in the air is. It looks like dust, or dirt, or smoke; maybe all of that stuff. The zero visibility isn't what bothers me. After all, I'm a ninja. It's the stuff going up my nose, down my throat, and in my eyes. It burns!

My fist goes flying toward another goon's face. A crack sounds in the air and a sharp pain shoots through my knuckle. For the first time I realize that they're wearing gas masks. Dishonourable scum! Why can't they just fight one on one, like us? For the millionth time I wish that honor was more plentiful than it was.

By now I've lost all track of where I am in the church. Not good. I need to get my bearings.

Before I can even attempt that task another explosion rocks through the air. What the shell are they using, dynamite? Before another thought could grace my mind, I hear metal snapping above me. I looke up to see what it is, but all this damn stuff in the air lowers my visibility to only a few feet. Then suddenly it comes rushing at me. The heavy curtains, designed to cover the stained glass windows over two stories high, has broken. And it's falling on me.

With ninja instincts I dart out of the way and...OW! I run straight into a pew that I saw too late. Ignoring my throbbing shin and head I make another attempt at getting away. But that delay was delay enough. Suddenly the heavy material falls on my and knocks me off my feet with a 'whomf!' The heavy, crushing weight of the fabric squishes me into the carpet and squeezes the air out of me. I lay like that in shock for a moment, until suddenly my pumping heart and panicked muscles scream for oxygen, and I'm able to somehow take a breath under the weight of the curtain. What kind of fabric is this! One of the curtain rings, wide enough for me to wear as a bracelet, knocks me directly in my temple. Pain jolts straight into my brain and stars dance before my eyes. I feel somthing warm trickle down my cheek and get soaked into the curtain and smell the coppery taste of blood.

Suddenly Mikey's scream echoes through the air and a familiar panic seizes my body. Mikey! I have to protect him! I heave myself up with my arms (one major ouchie push-up) and search the carpet frantically for my katanas, at the same time looking for the edge of this friggin curtain. Wasn't I just hit by a curtain ring after all? But to no avail.

I hear Mikey's scream echo throughout the church again. Only this time it's cut short at it's peak like someone just pulled the plug on his voicebox. A new kind of feeling seeps into my bones and tears threaten to burn my eyes as I continue my frantic search. Finally my fingers stroke a familiar hilt and I snatch it in my grasp. I hear a lot of scuffling as I slice my way out. What's going on?

Turns out the curtain folded as it fell and I had to cut through three layers. It was awkward working under such weight with such a long blade. I almost cut myself three times.

Finally I burst through, already in battle stance; katana ready. I'm greeted by an empty church. Whatever stuff was in the air has settled down, giving me a clear view. Where'd they go? I see my other sword lying a few feet off the curtain and snatch it up as my two brothers come bursting through the door.

"What happened!"

"Where's Mikey?"

My head snapped to them and my eyes drilled into theirs. They're taken aback slightly. "He's not with you?"

They look at each other. Worried. That's all I needed to see. I bolted towards the door, ignoring their calls from behind. I had to find Mikey. They took him.

The threat of tears continued to burn in the backs of my eyes but I ruthlessly shoved them back. No time. I had to find Mikey. It was my fault he got caught. I should've done better. Should've been there to fight with him. Should've done something. I couldn't quite think of what I should've done, or exactly what caused all this to be my fault, but if there was one thing I was sure of, was that it was. Who else's fault could it be but my own? He was my responsibility and I failed. I failed him, my brothers and Master Splinter. I had an unspoken promise to keep them all safe. I needed to redeem my mistake, and the only way I could do that was to find him and bring him home safely.

Hopefully they'll forgive me for my lack in judgement. Hopefully I'm not too late. Hopefully Bishop will scream for mercy before I do something I regret.

The streets were practically empty except for a few innocent spectators that had finally noticed that something wierd was going on. Puh, too late for that.

I was surprised at how fast they scattered and dissappeared. I scanned the streets one more time to be sure and sighed. Not a thing. Suddnely an idea struck me and I pulled out my shell cell. Donny has each of ours calibrated with a homing signal, and with a few modifications we can each use the same device to track one another. Looking at it I pushed a few buttons. Right combination? No, got some menu. I try again. Nope. Again? No luck. Man, machines really do hate me. Maybe the other way around. I try three more times and finally get it.I sprinted ahead, my eyes on the tiny red signal on the screen. It was moving away.

Quickly I flipped up onto the nearest rooftop. I could travel quicker this way. I looked at the blip. Towards the river.

I ran faster than I ever remember. I stretched my legs so hard with each stride I could feel it pulling at the muscles. At the same time my heart thumped hard in my chest againstmy plastron. Not from exertion, but from fear. Once again I desperately hoped that I could reach Mikey in time.

Suddenly I realized where I was and skidded to a halt...literally. Ignoring the burning pain in my feet I managed to stop before I reached the edge of the rooftop. I was at the river. No more rooftops to jump. Frantically I looked at the blip again. According to this, I should be right on top of him.

Swiftly I scaled down the building wall and came across a familiar looking warehouse. It had been abandoned for some time. Apparently not now. Once again I growled as I thought of Bishop. The man could never just leave us alone. And now he's taken one of our own and he's going to pay. He was lucky I never got a hold of him when he took Splinter, now he won't be so lucky.

Stealthly I crept closer to the building and spied a cracked window. Pressing my fingers in the small opening I opened it slowly, holding my breath. I released it with relief when I didn't hear any creaking.

Peering inside to make sure that coast was clear, I dropped lightly on the floor. Quickly I scanned the area...only to find absolutely nothing. Literally. The walls, floor, even the ceiling was bare. Stepping on the balls of my feet I quickly started to scout the perimeter. For a brief moment I wished that my brothers were here to help but I ruthlessly shoved it out of my mind. That would put them in danger. Ever since Shredder was captured by the Utroms I've felt the increasing need to protect my family. I wasn't sure exactly where that need was coming from, but there wasn't any harm in it and I welcomed the feeling. After all, what bad could happen from protection?

I found a small hatch on the floor obviously leading to underground. It was disguised perfectly except for the small hole in it used to hook your finger to open it. Luckily this one was without creaks and squeaks as well.

I withdrew my katana as I fell and landed with them splayed, ready for attack. All I found was an empty room. Again.

Growling with frustration I checked the shell cell with the blip again. According to this, Mikey should be about twenty feet in front of me. I crept forward silently, my eyes adjusting to the darkness. My stomach started to do flips. I had a bad feeling about this. Why would Mikey be in the middle of a dark basement room below a warehouse? My foot stopped. No. This isn't right. Something definetely wasn't right.

Trusting my gut I started to turn. Something bad was going to happen.

That feeling was addressed when the door I came from suddnely swung shut on it's own violition. With newfound adrenaline spurred by panic I sprinted to the door and pushed at it with everything I had. A faint whirring sound of electronics could be heard at each push, but other than that it didn't budge. Suddenly lights snapped on, illuminating the small square room, showing how barren it truly was. The only thing you could see was a loudspeaker in the ceiling corner and a small black box in the center of the floor.

Bishops voice flooded the room:

"Well well well. What have we here? Someone fell for my little trap, now, didn't we? I imagine the three of you are quite confused at the moment so let me explain. I need a full sample, one that Michelangelo here will so generously provide for me." He paused and a muffled yell could be heard in the background. Mikey! "I'm sorry that you won't be around to see what fabulous results that I'm going to gain from him, but you see I have to keep you from interfering. You see the black box there? Well, my freaks, it's more than just a box. In it contains a highly effective explosive. Made it myself. I trust that you'll find it quite to your liking. You see, unlike your brother here; you'll feel no pain. Too bad for him, good luck for you. What time is it going to blow, you ask? Allow me to count down for you. Ten..."

With each word that Bishop spoke the hole in the pit of my stomach grew wider and wider. Could this be happening!


Frantically I searced every square inch for a way out, but the only way was through that trap door that I came through.


Brandishing my swords I hacked at it, wincing at the sound of metal grinding against metal. Not even a scratch. What was I going to do!


I sprinted to the box and grabbed at it with strong hands. My first heave knocked me to my feet as it slipped right out of my grasp. The damn thing was bolted to the floor!


I searched the thing for a latch, hook, hinge, any sort of weakness or opening I could use to open the friggin thing and destroy it somehow. No luck. Was this thing carved out ofa solid block of metal or something?


I saw the digital numbers coinciding with his countdown. Using my katanas once again I attacked the thing. The only thing I succeeded in doing was making vibrations reverberate through my arm.


It was at this time that I began to realize the inevitable and it stung me harshly. Was I giving up?


I was going to die. At least he didn't realize that Raph and Don wasn't with me. At least they would live. It looks like that was a good decision after all.


I continued to beat at the door. It felt too bad to just do nothing. Was I really going to go out like this?

"One. I'll miss you. Hahahahahahahahaha!"

I sat there desolate as the split second oozed by with agonizing slowness. I never imagined dying this way. A single tear rolled down my cheek before I could stop it. My family, Splinter...I'm sorry.

Suddenly a loud deafening sound erupted and I felt sizzling pain all across my body. Bright light blinded my eyes. Then the pain was gone, and all I saw or felt was blackness.


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