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Chapter 11

This Is My Hell

In an instant I was moving, my legs pumping. But I seemed to be moving in slow motion as I watched in horror.

The hell hound reared on its twisted hind legs, snarling with jagged teeth. Don turned around, his eyes widening in shock as the creature bore down on him. Raph and Mikey, who were closer, were already in motion but it was too late. Those massive jaws closed around Don's upper arm, crunching down ruthlessly. Don screamed as his arm contorted and twisted in an unnatural shape, flesh tore and blood spewed out in hot torrents. Pivoting on its foot, it swung Don like a rag doll, bowling over Mike. Quick as a flash, it whipped around and leapt on the wall, scaling it with hot feet, taking my brother with it.

Raph bolted after it, legs strained and arms pumping. Making the leap of a lifetime, he flew six feet in the air and sank a sai up to the hilt in the thing's hip. It screamed and twisted, dropping Don and nearly falling off the wall. Don fell on his side, his good hand immediately grasping the ragged one. Arterial blood spurted in the air like a sprinkler system. Mikey sprinted over to him.

Twisting the sai cruelly, Raph dug it in deeper. Roaring loudly, it doubled back, trying to strike Raph with its jagged claws. Never releasing his hold on his sai, he instead ducked his head low, avoiding a blow meant for his skull. The claws struck his shell, imbedding deep, making its claws stick. Crying out, Raph finally released his hold on his weapon. It lifted its foot with Raph dangling from its claws. Flipping its foot like a cat with a wet foot would, Raph went flying.

Bending backwards at an unnatural angle, it dropped unceremoniously from the wall directly between Mikey and Don. Bending low, it roared its putrid breath at Mikey, reaching forward to swipe at him at the same time. Squealing, he leaned backwards until he fell on his shell, skidding across the ground like a hockey puck. One well placed swipe and he, too, went flying. Turning around, he faced Don who by now had staggered to his feet, clutching his ragged arm as it poured blood. He was already extremely weak from loss of blood; he wouldn't last too much longer. He tried to bound away, but the creature was two steps ahead of him. One blow knocked him to the floor. It was quick work to pick him up again, this time by a leg, and drag him back up the wall.

Don's screams filled the air as the creature made its way to the ceiling, which was enveloped in shadows. Raph looked up, screaming at the beast, daring it to come down. Mikey's fingers dug into his face, his expression one of absolute horror. For a solid moment the air was filled with screams, both turtle and animal, both emotional and physical pain. It was like I'd stepped into hell.

"Why don't you do anything?"

I realized Raph was talking to me. Startled, I looked at him and realized that he wasn't any closer than before, I hadn't moved. I looked down at my feet; they were still planted in the same spot as when the creature dropped from the ceiling. My heartbeat quickened as my mind raced. I could've sworn that I was rushing over, rushing to help! My head whipped back up, eyes huge, as Raph sprinted towards me, his face full of rage and hurt.

Still I didn't move.

He collided with me like a brick wall, knocking me completely off my feet. Immediately his fist connected with my beak, pounding in ruthlessly. The second blow I managed to block, flipping him off of me with a crooked leg. He landed on his right hand and foot, pivoting back until his heel thudded against my chin. My head snapped back and for a brief second I saw spots.

Suddenly in my head I could see the opening, picture the blow. A well placed strike to the underside of his beak; it would crush the cartilage and drive the broken tissue into his brain, killing him. I could see the opening clear as day; my arms itched to move in on it...

Grabbing my own elbows, I held on, refusing to move them in defense as Raph struck me again. I would not end a life here.

Yet it seemed to be decided for me.

He leapt over me; both fists balled together, eyes boring into mine, and then stopped. Mid-air he looked at me with bulging eyes, his mouth working but nothing coming out. His hands twitched fingers spasming like they had a mind of their own. It was then that I noticed the blood trickling down his plastron like a river of death. And the small spike protruding from the center of his chest. With a sickening sound it disappeared and he fell on me heavily.

My breath caught in my throat as I scrambled out from under him and he stared at me with blank, listless eyes. He was completely limp, blood oozing out of the wound. A gaping hole was in the back of his shell, glistening with things better left inside. I stared back; slack jawed, at what just happened. What did just happen?!

Suddenly there was one of them, reaching out and hooking its claws in the wound. With tug it dragged Raph away, those eyes still somehow staring into mine. Shaking, I scrambled to my feet. Crying out, I lunged after the thing.

Still, I didn't move.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I panted in sharp, wheezing breaths. What was happening! A whimper caused my head to whip over to the sound.

There was Mikey, the only one of my brothers remaining, looking at me with wide fearful eyes. Like I was a monster. I am a monster. How else could all this happen and still I do nothing? He backed up a step, nunchuku spinning in unsteady circles. His hands were shaking violently and streams of tears poured soundlessly down his cheeks.

A slight series of clicks sounded off on both sides of me. To my horror I saw two of the monsters slowly walking past me, not even casting me a glance. They just walked casually forward, shoulders rolling and massive muscles rippling with every movement. They were so close that I could smell their stench. Gritting my teeth, I gripped my katana and sank the blades neatly between their putrid ribs, slashing down into all the organs those ribs protect. Thick, sick blood gushed at my feet.

I looked down, my feet were dry. I looked up and saw my katanas still securely in their sheaths. The beasts were still nonchalantly stalking towards Mikey. My hands shook.

My little brother stared at them with wide eyes, only casting me one more glance. A disgusted glance. His eyes followed the pool of Raph's blood on the floor, the stain going up the wall... Then his muscles tightened and he spun his nunchuku so fast a slight hum could be heard. A different look got in his eye and he gritted his teeth. With a scream of unbeknownst rage, he lunged for the creatures. They met him midway.

A dozen times I could've sworn that I had leapt to defend him, and a dozen times I realized that I had done nothing. It was as though my body didn't want to fight those things.

I could hardly see through the blur of tears. My throat ached and my heart pounded as I wept helplessly as Mikey was cut down.

Then as soon as it began it was all over.

I wanted to beat my face, gouge my eyes, roll on the floor and vent my sorrows on my accursed body. I was a failure. I didn▓t move, I watched the whole thing, and I didn▓t lift a finger. My hands looked clean but in reality they were stained with blood. It was my fault, this whole thing. I led them here and then let them get butchered right before my eyes. I wanted so bad to grasp my sword and commit seppuku, but even that would be too honorable for the likes of me right now. I tried anyway, and discovered once again that my body would not obey my mental commands. Still I tried. I deserved to die, I needed to die. I didn▓t deserve to live┘

⌠Aw, now don▓t try that, my dear Leonardo.■

My eyes darted up and I saw the figure of Hamato Yoshi looking at me with a broad smile on his face.

⌠YOU!!!■ I sobbed. Tears started afresh upon my face. I strained to get at him, but my body didn▓t move as though it were manacled to the floor. I didn▓t understand it.

His smile disappeared and he slowly walked over to me. Arms swinging camly, he approached me, reached out his hand as if to shake mine, then suddenly slapped me in the face.

The blow stung and I blinked, surprised. My mind itched to attack him even now, even though I knew that my body wouldn't respond. It was like torture.

He sniffed and looked down his nose at me. "Quit crying like a pitiful female. You are soon to be one of my warriors." Leaning down he leveled his face inches from mine. Suddenly his face contorted with an inhuman rage. "Warriors of the underworld do not cry!"

I blinked in confusion. But it didn't stop my mouth. "What the hell are you talking about? What about my family! I swear on my honor, that I'm going to kill you like the filthy skunk you are!"

He laughed. "Kill me? How can you kill what is already dead? And what about your family." His eyes squared into mine. ⌠They were getting in the way. Your body was trying to show you the right way to go and you ignored it. All because of that pathetic family of yours. Families are pointless anyway, if you want to achieve any greatness whatsoever. All they'll do is weaken you and bring you down." Bringing up his nails, he inspected them as though he were bored."That's why I had them disposed of. Can't have them distracting my star pupil."

The words sank in slowly, and suddenly despite whatever he had done to my body I began to tremble. Rage, fear and anguish swept through me like an icy breeze. "You┘" I swallowed. "You got rid of them because of me?"

"Of course. They were a distraction and a weakness. Nothing more. Now you must follow me."

I felt dead inside, still trembling from the shock of everything that had happened. I didn't realize what he had said until a few seconds later. "Follow you?"

"What do you think, you ass? You signed your soul to me, I get to do anything I please with it."

"I what?"

"Remember when you died?" What did you think that was? I brought you back to life, your soul was your payment for my service. A simple business transaction."

I was still trembling, I felt my heart go cold as I remembered. This vile, evil thing had lured me into it by taking the form of Hamato Yoshi, I was tricked. But I knew that it didn't matter. What was done was done. "You lie!"

"Do I? Why do you think that you can't control your own body? It's because it's mine now, it's part of the package deal for your soul."

I longed to grasp my head and curl up, wanting it not to be true. "No!"

He laughed. "Do you deny it? I could kill you right now if I wanted to, you're my b!tch!" Out of it's own violition my arm reached up. My hand grasped my katana and unsheathed it, swiftly bringing the sharp blade to my own throat. The edge pressed against my skin and I could feel a slight trickle of warm blood. "Now I would hate to destroy such a masterpiece, your skills and abilities are rare in this world, but I could. How would you like that?"

For a second I held my breath, afraid to let the blade cut in any deeper. Then I realized what was happening and let out a chuckle. ⌠Go ahead, I have nothing to live for. In fact, I deserve an eternity in hell with the likes of you for what I did."

He looked at me somewhat surprised. Then, moving like a ghost, he was lurching over me before I could bat an eye. ⌠I mean it, you little piece of sh!t! I'll carve you up right now like a f#king Thanksgiving turkey!"

I closed my eyes and sighed, completely relaxed. Patiently I waited for the blade to go through. I sought the inner calm that Sensei taught to us so well. I felt at peace. Who knows? I might even be able to join my family in the afterlife.

My reaction enraged him. He stomped and swung his head, looking like a thing possessed. His face the very essence of rage, he stomped over to me. "rovel at my feet, you filthy animal!"

My body obeyed even as my mind retreated deeper into my subconscious. I never noticed my lips brushing his boot or anything that he was making my physical self do. He could do anything to my body, but he couldn' control my mind.

Suddenly I sat up and could feel him squat in front of me. " will have your mind."He growled. Then he was quiet for a long moment, long enough that I uneasily slipped out of my meditation and opened an eye at him.

Once again looking like the well-groomed image of Hamato Yoshi he smiled at me. " could bring your brothers back, if you wish." He said, softly.

Both eyes snapped open and I stared at him, mouth agape. Seeing that he had my complete attention he smiled. ⌠Despite what I said, I really didn't want to kill them, it was simply something that had to be done, you see." He looked up for a bit, seemingly lost in thought. "Would you be willing to have them brought back?"

"Yes." I whispered hoarsly.

"Would you be willing to do anything that I wish you to do?"

Out of all the tortures he could possibly do to me, I knew that it was worth anything for my brothers. "Yes."

He squatted down in front of me, looking ernest, innocent, and serious. "Remember, Leonardo, even though this is a verbal agreement, you will still have to follow through with your end, willingly or not. And at the end of your task, I will need to have your full cooperation with what I have you do, physical and otherwise."

In essence, I would have to obey him. I had been tricked by him before, but surely no task could be to great. Try as I might, I couldn't think of a way that this could be wrong, I was saving my brothers, after all! I nodded. "Anything. What will you have me do?"

He held up his hand. "In due time. Do we have an agreement?"

Quickly my mind scanned over all the possibilities. Once again, I couldn't find anything that I wouldn't be able to do for them. "Yes, yes we do."

He smiled wide. "Good."

Standing up, he brushed himself off and patted my head. "Good, my pet. Now go kill your Master Splinter."

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