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Even the Storm Passes

Each drop of rain seemed to inflict invisible wounds on the window pane in a certain room they were staying at. The weather had not changed since the other day. Rainy still.

"Nee, the rain today sure is stronger, right?" a pink-haired girl asked. She looked up to stare at the other person seated at the other side of her room beside the closed window.

"Aa." was the simple reply.

She sighed. They have been here for a couple of hours and yet, no single word was uttered by the lad except for an 'aa', 'sou', or 'yes'. He won't even move from his spot except for a shake or nod of his head.

And she was growing impatient.

"Kurapika," she finally called him by his first name. The blonde boy looked instantly at her. "I want to play poker." she simply stated.

He nodded. "You can do anything you want, Neon-sama."

At last he spoke more than three words.

Neon Nostrad's face crumpled in disbelief.

"Is something the matter, Neon-sama?"

The nerve to ask her…

"Kurapika, I was informed that you are a very smart person…" she said before wrinkling her nose. "But I guess he could be, at one point, wrong at that."

The one called Kurapika raised a brow.

"Well, surely you would have understood that I cannot play poker by myself, right? I mean, I better play solitaire then."

"You can do as you wish, Neon-sama."

He unnerved her.

"Don't you get it? I want you to play poker with me!" she screeched.

His face remained unfazed. His impassive façade remained intact.

"But I don't know how to play poker, Neon-sama." he calmly uttered.

She dropped to her bed defeated. She groaned in exasperation.

Kurapika turned to stare outside the window. The busy streets of York New City, crowded with vehicles and people alike, surely never sleep. He returned his gaze to his boss.

"Nee, Kurapika, do you want me to predict your future?" she suddenly lit up.

It was better that way than being quiet all along. Being with her new head bodyguard gives her the creeps, especially his cold, unfeeling eyes.

A mere shake of his head.

"Okay…" she murmured. She rolled that she was lying flat on her stomach.

Another moment of uneasy silence. And Neon Nostrad hated it. She was always lively and energetic that she hates being stuck in a place or at least, a particular mood.

"Where's dad?" she remembered to ask.

"In his office. He is scheduled to leave tonight and return in two days."

"Business trip?"


She stood from her four-poster bed and smoothed her immaculate white nightgown.

"Kurapika, I want you to change your clothes."

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