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Even the Storm Passes (Chapter VII)

"Are you feeling better now, Neon-sama?" he asked a couple of hours after.

He had to admit their lovemaking took longer than expected. Something to do with both of them being inexperienced that they sought out their own way out.

"It's offending to call me by that if you would ask me, Kurapika." she shook her head damp with sweat despite of the air-conditioned chamber she has.

"But to answer your question, yes. I certainly do and it is all you that I have to thank." she buried her slightly flushed face on his naked lightly-toned chest.

The blonde blacklist hunter chuckled in amusement sensing her discomfiture. He pulled her closer and bent lower to kiss the top of her head.

"You are acting like a shy school girl, Neon-sa―" he was silenced when she tamped his lips with her own.

"I told you to drop the sama. It makes me feel that we're strangers."

"Aren't we?"

She shrugged. "After what we just did? Surely you're kidding."

He began combing her hair with his fine-boned fingers of the same arm she used as a pillow.

He smiled. Genuinely. She was totally disarmed.

"So what are we to tell your father after he learns this?" he jolted her back to her senses.

"He can't do anything. What's done can't be undone." Neon replied nonchalantly.

"I'll surely be punished."

"Like I'm gonna let him?" she pretended to roll her eyes, a bored expression on her beautiful face.

He throatily laughed. "Neon… Neon…" he uttered her name, loving its feel on her lips. "You need some healing."

She turned to face the other side and closed her eyes.

"Explain. Can't understand."

She felt his warm right hand encircling her waist and his breath testing her nape. He kissed her exposed shoulder blade.

"As much as you do not want to admit to me, your soul is in dire need of help. I heard your cry… one that was filled with sorrow and anguish…"

She stared at the floral patterns of her covers. Neon pulled the comforter higher so her head would be the only part visible.

"You surely can read through me, huh?"

"Not much…" the lad replied. As much as he doesn't want to admit earlier, he enjoyed his boss's company.

She shivered when he began nuzzling her neck. She caressed his cheek. He caught a finger with his lips and lightly nibbled it.

"Your bedcover…"

"Yes, what about it? You don't like the design?"

"No. It's…"he cleared his throat before continuing, "stained with blood."

"Surely Eliza won't suspect. I can cover for it, but…"

"But what?"

Neon turned to face him again. Her head was bent down and he knew she had a grim expression.

"I don't want to keep this in secret."

At what she said, he smiled just as she was about to look up at him. And the girl swore she was almost blinded by the mixture of the chandelier, his blonde hair, and his smile.

"But what do you think will happen if you tell your father about us?" he asked taking on a serious tone.

Eerie silence.

Outside, the rain stopped pouring.

"I'm not sure…" she brought her innocent-looking eyes up to meet his. "But you'll help me, right?"

A nod.

With regret, he pulled his arm away from her head and sat up, the comforter dropping down to cover his lower half. She waited for him to speak as she remained sprawled beside him.

"I have to go now, Neon-sa…" he paused when he saw her brow shot up. "Neon." He continued before giving her a boyish smile.

"This soon?" she pouted. The girl sat up and covered her bare chest with the thick piece of cloth. He placed an arm around her shoulder and rubbed her arm to transmit heat.

She leaned her head on him and took in the air-conditioned atmosphere, colder even from the humidity outside the hotel.

"Can't you stay?" she wrapped her arms about his waist.

He lightly kissed her head. "Gomen, demo…"

"Okay. I understand." She sighed, withdrawing her arms. "But you'll come back, right?"

"Yes. Tomorrow afternoon."

"Afternoon?" Neon cried. "But that's too long!"

The blonde one chuckled, totally amused by her.

He stood up and dragged himself across the room to pick up his strewn clothes, all the while picking her own, too.

"Your nightgown, Neon." He called her name tenderly. It was like music to the fortuneteller's ears. She took the bundle from him and mumbled a word of thanks.

Pink eyes watched in full admiration and fascination him who was starting to put on his clothes. She quickly took note of the muscles delicately shaped, toning his frail body. Heat rose to her cheeks.

"Is something the matter, Neon?" he asked, turning to her. she shook her head, a slight smile gracing her thin lips.

Kurapika gazed at his boss for some time before tracing his steps to the chair where his tribal clothing hung. He took a peek outside, beautiful azure eyes wandering around the environment with the sun's soft rays slowly and thoroughly penetrating the thick mass of dark clouds in the horizon.

"The weather's going to be fine now, ne?" he heard her ask. A rare upturning of his lips appeared again as he turned his head to rest his now soft eyes on her figure together with the sunbeams' penetration on the already dry window pane. Blonde wisps of hair seemed to glisten, accentuating the warmth of his stare even more.

"Aa." was the short answer.

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