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Chapter 21 - A Christmas Miracle

After much talking, food, and loving, it was finally time to open presents. Keely and Phil sat beside the tree indian style while Pim, Barb, Lloyd, and Mandy Teslow sat on the couches.

"Okay, who's going first this year?" Lloyd asked. Keely, Phil, and Pim all raised their hands at the same time.

"How about we do youngest to oldest?" Barb said. Pim's smile grew wide and she clapped her hands.

Everyone nodded their heads, but they didn't get the chance to finish before Pim started tearing open her first present.

"Yes! Lady X Lady X Lady X! Thanks, Keely!" she exclaimed. Keely smiled and thought, 'I can't believe she called me by my actual name.'

Then she began opening another present. This one was flat and recangular-shaped, from Mandy.

"What is this...? Oh, wow, this is awesome!" It was a video game called "Win the World." To win, you had to take over the world. Phil guessed that she would be playing it twenty-four seven and that she would beat the game in less than a week.

"Thanks, Ms. Teslow!" she exclaimed.

Pim continued on with her great presents until it was Keely's turn.

Keely pumped her fists in the air and yelled, "Yessssss!"

The first present she opened was from Pim. It was twenty dollars.

"Wow, thanks, Pim!"

"You're welcome, Blondie."

Then she opened two from her mother. They were both long-sleeved tops from Aeropostale.

"Thanks, mom!" she exclaimed.

She opened her many gifts and then Phil opened his.

"Wow, thanks, Keel! I needed these badly!" he said as he opened his present from Keely. It was thirty dollars and new drumsticks for his drum set.

"You're welcome."

Then he opened the rest of his and everyone else opened theirs.

Since Keely and her mother agreed to sleep over that night, Phil asked Keely to take a walk with him through the park. Keely said yes and they bundled up and went outside.

"So, what did you want to take a walk for, Phil? It's cold out here."

"Well, I thought you might like this," he said as he pulled a small box out of his pocket. Keely furrowed her brow and took it gratefully.

"Another present?" she asked. Phil nodded his head. "But... why didn't you give it to me inside where everyone could see it?"

"Because it's special," he replied. "Just open it."

"Okay, no problem there," she said. Phil smiled.

Keely opened the small box and tears came to her eyes. Inside was a gold necklace, inscripted with the words, "I love you."

"Oh, Phil..." she said as a tear fell from her eye. "It's... it's beautiful! Thank you!"

"And now you know what my screename means," Phil said as he gazed into Keely's eyes.

"And now you know what mine means, too," she replied.

Phil said, talking quickly, "I'm glad you like it, I've always loved you, even when I first laid eyes on--"

He was interrupted by Keely's finger against his lips. "Phil, chill out. I have one thing to say," she said, removing her finger from his lip. He stood there, awaiting her response.

"I love you, too."

Phil was speechless at first, but then Keely grabbed him and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. After their kiss they hugged tightly and Phil whispered in her ear, "Merry Christmas, Keel."

"Merry Christmas, Phil."

Then, as if by a miracle, it started to snow.

"Phil... it's... snowing!" she exclaimed with a huge grin across her face.

"Oh my gosh, it is!"

"It's a miracle," Keely said softly as she grabbed Phil's hand and started to walk down the sidewalk towards his house.

"Yeah, it is."

At this, Phil and Keely smiled.

After all, both of them had agreed that only a miracle could bring snow. And this truly was a miracle.