Author's Notes- I do not own Outlaw Star. Instead I am merely using that universe as a backdrop for my story. I may have the characters of Outlaw Star appear. Maybe, maybe not.



There was a bright flash as lightning flared, and the boom of thunder rolled through the city streets. It had already been raining for hours, but now it came down twice as hard. A man sat on a motorcycle, ignoring the rain which had already soaked through the heavy black leather jacket he wore. His gaze panned around the street, despite the fact that it was raining, eleven o'clock at night, and his black helmet had a polarized visor. He seemed to be waiting…

Many faces watched him through the windows of the buildings lining the streets, but none ventured out onto the street. There was a flicker of shadow at the intersection leading onto the street. Immediately the man's eyes locked onto the movement. He stepped off the bike, pulling a heavy cylinder wrapped with canvas off his back. He pulled the cloth off of the object, revealing an assault rifle. He pulled the bolt back on the weapon, letting it snap forward as he ducked behind a car.

"You have one chance to surrender!" he shouted out, his voice echoing down the seemingly empty street. "Don't take it, and I'll be forced to take you down."

There was a peal of chilling laughter, which was followed instantly by the roar of a Very Rapid Fire Assault Gun. The rounds of the VRFAG tore into the car behind which the man hid, rocking it on its axis. He stood up, swinging his rifle around. He squeezed hard on the trigger, the six round burst flickering out from the end of the barrel. The bullets whizzed down the street before bursting into globes of intense light, illuminating that section of the block. The shadow stood in the middle of it, but instead of panicking, it instead pulled out a very odd looking pistol, but the man recognized it.

"A caster!" he hissed as he dropped down behind the car again. There was a bone shuddering boom, and the car was demolished, throwing the man ten feet into the air. He landed hard, and rolled, ejecting the mag in his rifle, and replaced it with one that had diagonal silver arrows painted on their sides. He stood, and braced his feet, hoping that the High Velocity rounds would be enough.

He fired again, the rifle kicking brutally against his shoulder, but the rounds tore through his target and into the building behind it, sending geysers of stone and dust into the air. The target dropped heavily, and the man drew a pistol as he ran up to it. He slowed as he neared, not surprised to see the person still breathing.

He calmly lowered his pistol, and put a round between the being's eyes, ending its pitiful life. "Damn pirate," the man hissed, looking down at the clownish face, still frozen in a grin. At least this one still had a recognizable face. The last few had to be identified through DNA. Now people were coming out into the street, and an old lady approached him.

She was wrinkled and bent with age, her height barely reaching the man's chest. She looked up at the tall and lean man with both thankfulness and sadness. "Thank you," she said, her voice raspy with time. "He had been stealing from us for a time now." She took a breath in, showing many missing teeth in her crinkled mouth. "But what will you do when his comrades hunt you down?" she asked, concern showing in her rheumy brown eyes.

The man looked down at her, and laughed. He pulled off his helmet, showing a handsome young face. His nose was straight and strong, and cheekbones high and noble. His short brown hair was spiked up from wearing the helmet, but the most shocking things about him were his eyes. Eyes that were silver, but not a silver found on any human being. "He is the last one!" the man said triumphantly.

"Are you…?" the old lady asked, pointing at his eyes.

"A bio-android?" the man finished for her. "No, I'm something better."

"MY CAR!" someone shouted in anguish from down the street. The man sighed, and bowed lightly to the old lady before he walked down the street to the group of people who had gathered around the smoking heap. The man who had shouted saw him approaching, and pointed a shaking finger in his direction. "You destroyed my car!" he screamed.

"Yes, and I plan to repay you. After all, your car saved my life," the warrior calmly replied.

"HOW DARE YOU-!" the car owner shouted, before he stopped short. "Huh?"

"How much did your car cost?" the man asked while he extended his left arm in front of him. He tapped a few buttons on a small keyboard in his palm, and a hologram screen appeared over his forearm.

The car owner watched him carefully as he snapped, "Two thousand wongs!"

"You liar!" a young man retorted. "You got the cheap piece of junk for five hundred and you know it!"

"Silence, Heigi! You want me to be ruined?" the angered car owner snapped back.

"Dammit Ginshu! I will not stand buy and let you-"

"Two thousand wongs? Done," the man said smugly. Both Heigi and Ginshu stopped arguing, and turned towards the man, mouths agape. "Just enter your account number and the money will be sent to your account." He turned the holoscreen towards Ginshu, who numbly entered the numbers of his account onto the screen. Once he hit enter, Ginshu watched as the man erased his bank number from the memory banks of his computer.

As soon as that was done, the man exited out of his computer, and raised his wrist to his mouth, and began speaking into the watch. "Melanie, this is Tristan. I just bagged him, features identifiable. What's the bounty on his head?"

The watch answered, "Three hundred thousand wong. Shall I come and get you?"

"No," Tristan answered. "Stay in orbit. I'll have the authorities come over and get the body before I head to the spaceport. I'll call you when I get there."

"Roger, Captain. See you in a few. Out."

"Roger and out." Tristan sighed, and pulled out a cell phone. Time to get the police.