Disclaimer: Ok..I think we've all been here and done that. Pokemon and it's characters aren't mine. But Misty Rocket is...funny how that works isn't it.

Through the Eyes of Misty Rocket

My name is Misty Rocket. No that's not my real name, but it's been so long since anyone called me anything else, that I forgot my real one. Ummm...Let me explain.

When I was younger, there was a big fire at my house. I was awoken, by my dad. He got me out of the house and told me to stay put while he went back for my sisters. That was the last time I saw him. My sisters never came out.

That with my mom passing, due to my birth, I was left alone. No family, no friends, no one. After a while I learned to fend for myself. Living on the streets isn't so bad. It's all about learning the game. Sure sometimes you had to cheat a little to get the things you wanted. But when it comes to your own survival, a little thievery never hurt no one.

I got that from my big Sis Jess. She's not my real sister, but she's been looking after me for a long time. I met Jess when I was 8, I tried to rip-off some Pokeballs from her. I got caught (of course). But the cool thing was, she wasn't mad. She said I had alot of guts. And that she would have to watch me to make sure I didn't cause her anymore trouble in the future.

We've been together ever since.

You could say we're almost a family. Me, Jess, and....oh yeah James. James is Jessie's boyfriend. Not the brightest bulb in the box, but he's a nice guy. And I know he cares for her alot.

Anyway for a while it was just the three of us. Stealing, doing whatever to get by. Then Jessie and James started to get involved with these guys calling themselves Team Rocket. Now I was never the one to really get into those kind of things. But Jessie and James were really into it. Me...I had other things on my mind.


Yeah I know. What does some 14 year old kid know about love? I don't really. But I know it when I see it. When Jessie and James are together, I can tell that's love. And I guess that is what I want too. Someone to be there for me, like those two are there for each other. Maybe that's a lot to ask for, but I think I deserve it. My life has been nothing but hardship and pain. If anything can make all that go away for me, I think love could.

But what can I offer anyone. I have no money. School...wasn't even a option. A job... Unless you consider 'Three Card Monte' a job skill, no one will hire me. I'm not good looking or have a good figure like Jess. I'm ordinary. So what can I offer anyone? What can I offer any boy?...

I guess that's when I decided to join Team Rocket. I thought that maybe if I did a little crime here and there. Gain a little bit of money. I could be someone all the boys wanted.

Jessie was ecstatic. She thought never in a million years, I would join her and James. She often asked why I reconsidered. I came up with the excuse that I wanted us to stay together. Generally she bought that and never brought it up again.

It's funny though, usually she could always tell when I was lying to her. But I guess, when it came to my secret dream, I could fool the Pope.

Anyways life at Team Rocket wasn't so bad. Goivanni is a prick, but after a while you learn how to handle him. It had been six months since I first joined Team Rocket. I completed my training and was ready to be set up with my own partner.

I entered Gio's office that day to see who I was working with then my eyes saw him....

He was tall dress in all black with a tiny red "R" on his right shoulder. His hair, a viverant flame red, just like mine. Fashioned in a shoulder length cut, with the right side of his face covered, by a flock of his hair. He looked about seventeen or eighteen, a few years older than me. He turned around to my entrance.

His scarlet eyes held me rooted. He was so beautiful. I think Giovanni spoke to me. I don't clearly remember. Then 'he' spoke, the hauntingly deep resonance of his voice melted my heart.

I learned that this man, (named Blaze) this god amoung men, was going to be my partner. I swore I could have kissed Giovanni, if he wasn't some creepy middle-aged dude.

Anyway so I turned to Blaze. I tried to use my best smile to greet him. My hand was extended, hoping that I could at least touch him. He looked at my hand then turned to Giovanni. "Summon me, when you have my assignment ready." With that he sauntered out of the Gio's office. As he left my azure eyes were memorizing, every inch of his stride. Taking in all of his movements.

I knew I finally found him. The person that I wanted to spend my life with. At that moment I knew I was in love.

Then I remembered. He didn't even acknowledge me. He didn't even take my hand or greet me. I know. He must feel I'm not worthy of him. Which was totally true. I was only, a skinny red-head. You could barely tell I was starting to mature.

So I wasn't worthy of him. I didn't care. I wanted him. I wanted to be with him. From then on. I knew no matter what happened. I would do anything to win his heart.

My name is Misty Rocket...and so begins my tale of love....