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Hey I'm Ash Ketchum. I live with my Mom in Pallet town. I don't have a dad really. He died along time ago. It's ok though, Mom's been better than having two parents away. But I really can't wait till tomorrow. See it's my birthday. I will finally be 13. But not only that, I'll be old enough to get my Pokemon Trainer's License.

Pokemon...That's what my life is really about. That and my goal to be a Pokemon Master. It's been my dream since, before I can remember. Finally, in less than 24 hours...My life officially begins. But until then...

"ASH HONEY! TIME TO WAKE UP! Breakfast is ready!"

The bellowing of his mother wrenched the young Ketchum boy from his dream about winning Indigo for the 5th consecutive time. "Aw mom....Just a few more minutes." Ash said. His head retreating back to his pillow, hopefully trying to continue his dream.

"No Honey. Your food is getting cold." Said his Mom's voice from outside his room's door. "Besides you'll never make it as a Pokemon Trainer, if you stay in bed all day."

With that, Ash kicked off the covers to his bed. "Ok, Ok...Mom I'm up..." He stated while stretching. He ran his hands through the black mess he called hair.

"Good boy. Now wash up and come downstairs, so you can eat." He then heard her fleeing footsteps, leaving his door.

"Yes Ma'am." Ash said, while walking to his bathroom. Before he did, he took a glance at his Pokeball Clock. The time read, 7:45AM. He had less than 17 hours, before he could start his life as a Pokemon Master....But before that, he better deal with his grumbling stomach.

"I guess, I better hurry." He comment, then went into the bathroom.


The sunlight stretched across the Pallet skies, as a young girl was peacefully napping on an abandoned house's floor. It had been a long night for the young girl. Not only did she spend most of the night dodging cop cars, security dogs and the venomous Officer Jenny. But she also lost the most important person in her life.

That night she probably shed a thousand tears. She loved him with all her heart and in his last moments he even saved her life. He was her savior, she owed everything to him. And even if she lived to be a thousand, she would never forget him...ever.

Misty started to return to consciousness. Her clear blue eyes stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling. There were a few holes in the roof that allowed some sunlight to shine through to cast down onto her.

With a few minutes of disorientation, she started to wonder how she found herself in this strange place. But the baseball sized orb that she held in her hand, brought memories back of last night.

The robbery, the Relic Pokeball, Blaze... All these thoughts and images came to her at once. And just like the previous night, her blue eyes started to moisten. She pulled her knees to her chest as she continued to silently sob.

'You can't keep doing this,' A voice inside her said. 'You can't stay here. Blaze and you had a mission to accomplish. And even though he's not here, he trusted you to continue on and complete it.' Misty sighed, as her own inner voice continued to lecture her.

She dragged herself to her feet. This wasn't the time to be depressed. She had a mission to finish. She walked across the room and open the door to the abandoned house. The sunlight from a new morning was shining in her face. She was ready to take on anything and everything that the world had in store for her.

Now all she had to do was find something to eat...


"Mmmmm...That was great Mom." Ash cheered, as he chomped on the last piece of his syrup dripping waffles.

Mrs. Ketchum smiled. "Thanks honey. Now make sure you place all the dishes in the sink so I can wash them." She asked, as she started the water.

"Sure thing Mom..." Ash answered. Then he walked over and placed his plate and fork into the water. Taking a small stretch, Ash wandered into the living room to watch TV. He just remembered there was a Pokemon match on and he wanted to try to learn as much as he could for tomorrow.

"Oh and honey, I'm going to be busy making your birthday dinner in here. So please don't disturb me." She politely ask.

"Ok.." Ash said, from in the living room.

For the most of the morning, Ash indulged himself with television. After he looked at the Pokemon match, there was as an interesting Pokemon documentary on Channel 17. And after that there was that show "PokeBuddies" that came on Channel 65.

He didn't really like that show..But it sometimes had interesting tips on battling before the commercial breaks. So he suffered from the poorly written and highly predictable plot, just to see if they had any good advice.

For the most part, Ash's morning was eventless, except he did notice that a lot of his shows were interrupted due to some news report. The report was mentioning something about a Team of Rockets..or something. Ash didn't sick around too long, as soon as the report came on he would switch the channel to watch something else.

Sooner or later, noon came around and Ash found his stomach was growling again. He peaked inside the kitchen to check on his mom and also to see if he could get some lunch.

Peering around the corner, he saw his mom stirring something in a bowel. "Hi honey. You finished watching your shows?" She asked, with a bright smile.

"Uh...Yeah.." Ash answered. Then the familiar sound of his stomach grumbling muted him.

Mrs. Ketchum, giggled.. "Oh I see. So that's why you came over." Ash blushed. "Well honey I've been so busy trying to get everything in order from your dinner, that I forgot about your lunch..."

A little deflated, Ash responded. "Oh ok..." He started to walk back into the living room.

"Oh Ash Honey?" Ash's mom, shouted from in the kitchen a few minutes later.

"Yeah Mom?" He answered.

His Mom came into the living room, still stirring the same bowl from before. "Ash, I still need a few more things the market. Can you go into town and get those things for me?"

Ash thought for a minute. He really didn't have any plans for the day anyway. Plus spending all day at home in front of the TV wasn't exactly his idea of thrilling. "Ok, Mom...Whatcha need?"

Mrs. Ketchum smiled. "Oh great. Here's a list of everything." She handed him a small list of the items plus some money. "Make sure you get everything on their honey. It's very important."

Ash looked over everything on the list as he was slinging on his backpack. All the items weren't too extravagant. So it shouldn't take him all day to look for everything. Then looking at the items, he suddenly remembered he was kind of hungry. His stomach echoing his thoughts, started to grumble as well.

Mrs. Ketchum giggled. "Here you go honey. I figured you would be still hungry so I made you a little something, from last night's leftovers." Delilah smiled while handing her son a small brown bag.

Ash nearly wrenched the bag from her hands and peaked inside. He grinned brightly, as he looked at some of his goodies. He took out a piece of his sandwich. 'I think I'll start with this one...' He said to himself, while putting the rest of his snacks into his backpack.

Seeing that he had everything in order, Ash was ready to venture to the Market. He looked around the room one last time, thinking if he forgotten something. And for some reason he found himself tuning into that news report that seemed to be interrupting his shows all morning.

'I wonder what's so important.' He pondered. He decided to finally look to see what was all the commotion about.

The news caster came onto the screen. "Good morning, everyone. I'm sorry to interrupt your program. But last night Professor Oak's museum was robbed. And authorities believe it was by the infamous Team Rocket." Ash was amazed. Pallet town hardly had any type of major crimes happening. Much less by a notorious bunch of crooks like Team Rocket.

He was about to sit for the rest of the program, but his mom wondered back into the room. "Ash! I thought you were going to the store?" She said with a frown.

"Ok, Ok. Sorry...I'm going..." He said, while going to the door.

"And don't forget your jacket Hon. It's a little chilly out!" Delilah heard her son, give a small groan. She looked back as she saw him retrieve his coat and go out the door.

Returning to her preparation. She somewhat heard the remainder of the program Ash was watching. "Sources say..there are two suspects. One was a man in he's late teens early twenties. With flame red hair."

Miss. Ketchum, walked over to the television screen, to taking more notice of the program. "The second suspect, was a young girl in her teens. Also with red hair, tied in a pony tail...If you see or have any information regarding to the where-abouts of these too. You are to notify the Police or Officer Jenny right away..."

Delilah, shook her head as she turned the program off. "Kids these days..." She said, sighing. "Nothing but a bunch of hoodlums. I am so glad my Ash isn't anything like that..."


"GET BACK HERE ASH KETCHUM! YOU ARE SOOO DEAD!!!" A younger boy shouted, as Ash fled the scene of his crime.

"THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR MONDAY!!!" Ash shouted back as he hurried down the street. Oh yeah, he hated Gary with a undefining passion. Since the day Ash's family moved to Pallet, the two have been holding their own private war.

Pranks, food fights, a few amateur Pokemon battles, here and there... Were the ammunition used in the battles. And now that they both would start to become Pokemon Trainers, they probably would compete in that too.

In any case. That was the least of Ash's worries. He knew in the end the better man would win, (himself) so it was no use worrying about the small stuff. Besides, right now he had a mission to accomplish.

He took out the list again to refresh his memory on what he needed to get. "Hmmm...lets see. Eggs...Candles..." Ash peered at the list a little closer. "What does that say?" He squinted. "Oh...Sugar." The boy shook his head. Sometimes when mom was in a hurry she wrote things a little sloppily.

Looking at the rest of the items, Ash decided the best place to go was the P-Mart downtown. They usually had all everything. Plus a very nice video arcade too. So after he got her things. He could spend a few minutes at the games.

'Or maybe I should do the games first?' Ash shrugged he would think about it when he got there.

Meanwhile downtown in Pallet...

Misty had been watching the corner fruit stand across the street for the last twenty minutes. The man managing the stand was old and definitely wasn't sharp. All she had to do was wait for the right moment and she could make her move. So she could finally do something about her empty stomach.

Misty breathed a long sighed. It looked like she might have had to wait all afternoon for a break, the guy keep watering the same vegetables over and over again. Then Misty noticed an elderly lady approaching the vender. Soon the two were engrossed in some kind of discussion.

"Perfect..." Misty said with a smirk, as she carefully made her way toward the vender.

The fairly lean Team Rocket member slinked over to the stand. Peering behind some bushes, Misty checked to make sure the neither the vender or the old man, saw her. There was a glint in her shimmering blue eyes as she saw the two were still naive to her approach.

Misty looked around one last time to make sure the coast was clear. But then she froze. Up the street from her, was a few Officers that were making door-to-door searches. Mostly likely looking for her.

She sighed. She couldn't risk getting caught. But she knew she had to get something to eat or she might not make it back period. Totally frustrated, Misty rustled her hair. 'WHY DO THINGS ALWAYS HAVE TO BE HARD FOR ME!!!' She mentally screamed. There was a rumbling from her abdomen, as if it was responding.

"Screw it!" Misty said. "I'll take my chances. If they catch me, at least I'll be full."

Misty slowly came from around the bushes and innocently walked over to the stand. The vender and the elderly old lady, both stopped an wished her a "Good afternoon."

"Good Afternoon." Misty replied, trying to be as natural as she could. She then bent over to look over the vegetables and fruits, secretly choosing which one would be hers. They all looked very good in her eyes. Except the carrots and beets. But besides that it looked like a good bunch.

Misty smiled as she made her decision. A nice large, red apple. Probably a few centimeters larger then a Pokeball.

Misty nodded, this was going to be her choice. She cast a sideward glance to the elderly couple, to see if she was paying attention to her. The two were currently discussing gardening tips for the woman's garden. Misty reached for the apple and made like she was inspecting the fruit. Then she quickly stashed the item into her purse.

The prized Apple securely in her purse, Misty was about to walk away from the stand. That is if the old vender's assistant didn't see her make the theft.

"Hey planning on paying for that apple?" The young man inquired.

The old man and the elderly woman turned to Misty. Without saying a word, the young redhead took off, down the street. "STOP THIEF!!!" The young man shouted while running after the young girl.

The officers from up the street noticed the commotion and decided to investigate. The old man and young woman gave the officers a description of the thief. All the officers automatically matched the description with of the fugitive Team Rocket member.


Misty huffed and puff a five blocks away from the scene of her crime. She rejoiced while taking out her prize. She was so happy that she got away totally clean. Misty was about to take a nice savory bite into the apple.

"STOP YOU THIEF!!!" The young venders voice carried through the air. Misty could see he wasn't alone. The officers from before were following the vender right behind.

Ok..scratch that about the clean get away part. Misty sighed and started running again. She swore if anything, she was going to enjoy her meal.