Chika Chika

By: Missfortune

Warnings: None!

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ or the CN commercials.

Notes: Fluff, Parody
By now you've probably all seen those commercials on Cartoon Network where the guy is standing on the roof with a megaphone making his poor son run around on the ground dressed up as a little mouse arrow. Well this is a little ficlet making fun of that commercial. Enjoy!

Goku and Vegeta sat in their back yard idly sipping tea as they skimmed over the headlines of the newspaper. Suddenly out of nowhere a little kid with glasses and a striped shirt ran up wearing what appeared to be a cardboard cutout of a mouse arrow. The boy pointed at Vegeta and yelled, "CHIKA CHIKA!"

"Kakarrot, what is this child doing?" Vegeta asked annoyed that the boy had interrupted his contemplation of the funnies section.

"I don't know," Goku shrugged not looking up from the business section.

"Scram kid," Vegeta said going back to reading 'Hagar the Horrible.' But the kid didn't go away.

"CHIKA CHIKA!" he yelled again.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow then went back to his theorizing of 'Non Sequitur.'

The kid stomped his foot on the ground and yelled. "CHIKA CHIKA!!!!"

Vegeta ignored his outburst. But then from up on the roof another voice called out.

"Make them fight or something!"

A strange man was standing on their roof with a megaphone. Vegeta looked from him to the kid. Goku was oblivious to all around him as he muttered about only having to buy three more Capsule Corps shares before he owned 51% of the company. Vegeta growled as he realized he'd have to deal with these weirdoes alone. He carefully rolled his newspaper and stood up. The kid took a step back.

"Chika chika?" he questioned looking up at Vegeta.

Vegeta raised the rolled newspaper and the mouse boy turned tail and ran. Vegeta gave a halfhearted chase around the bushes before the boy began to hyperventilate and collapse on the grass. As the boy lay there breathing unevenly Vegeta turned his attention to the man on his roof. The man watched amazed as Vegeta floated up to the roof and landed in front of him.

"Alright, make me laugh!" the man yelled through the megaphone.

Vegeta glared as his ears began to ring. He grabbed the megaphone and ground it to dust in his hand. Then he picked up the man and dragged him back down to the ground.

Later that day . . .

"Another cookie?" Vegeta asked as he held out a plate.

"Thank you!" the former mouse boy said as he took another cookie and downed it with a glass of milk.

Vegeta, Goku and the little boy were sitting in lawn chairs on the roof eating cookies while watching the action below.

"Hey you down there move faster!" Goku yelled. "I need ten more shares of Microsoft before the company is mine!"

Down on the ground a man with a cardboard cutout of a mouse pointer ran up to a big Microsoft icon and attempted to drag it across the yard to a tiny shopping cart. "Chika ~wheeze~ chika" the man panted.

"Move faster! We still have to go shopping with the profits we make from the takeover." Goku ordered. "You still want that lifetime subscription to SaiyanSlash Weekly don't you Veggie?" Goku asked as he took another cookie from the plate that Vegeta offered him.

"Of course," Vegeta answered. "And don't forget that list of Doujinshi I wanted."

"Whatever you want Veggie-chan," Goku smiled as he reviewed his portfolio on the laptop on the table.

"Hey you down there!" Vegeta yelled at the man who had by this time collapsed on the lawn. "Get moving!"

"Chi-ka ~pant~pant~ chika ~wheeze~."

The End!

Heh heh! Hope you liked it! ^_^