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Unfriendly Competition

Chapter One

Let the Games Begin

"Well dudes," said Beast boy, tossing the red gem to Robin.

"It's been fun," Robin finished.

"And if you ever need us," Cyborg told the other heroes. "You know how to reach us."

"Right back at you," said Speedy.

The six competitors disappeared and went back to their homes. Beast Boy, Cyborg and Robin landed in the living room of Titans Tower.

"We're back!" Cyborg exclaimed.

"Where's Terra?" Beast Boy asked the others. "I can't wait to tell her everything!"

"You lost, BB," Cyborg reminded him.

Beast Boy frowned and ran out of the room, calling for Terra. Cyborg and Robin looked at each other.

"You know, we didn't get a chance to compete against each other," said Robin with a sly grin.

"You're on," Cyborg said, "I'm going to whoop your butt!"

"You're forget who you're talking to," Robin said, "I'm the champion of champions, remember?"

"Yeah, right," said Cyborg. "Let's just get down to the training room and see who'll be the champion."

As the two approached the doors, Beast Boy returned.

"Hey, Terra's not in her room," he said, "and she's not in Starfire's or Raven's'

"You went Raven's room again?" Cyborg demanded.

"No!" Beast Boy gasped. "I just…knocked on the door."


"But none of the girls are here, dude," Beast Boy insisted. "I wonder where they are. Did they leave a note?" Beast Boy started walking around the room, picking things up.

"I guess the girls went for a girls' day out," Cyborg said casually.

"Starfire and Terra maybe," said Beast Boy, "but not Raven."

"Maybe they tried looking for us when we disappeared," Robin suggested.

"So, the girls aren't here?" Cyborg questioned.

"Looks that way," said Robin.

"We've got the tower all to ourselves?" Beast Boy inquired.


Beast Boy grinned. "Dudes—you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Robin and Cyborg looked quizzical for a moment and broke into laughter.

"We can do whatever we want!" Robin exclaimed.

"We can crank the radio all the way up!" said Cyborg.

"We can go into Raven's room!" yelled Beast Boy as he changed into a green dog and ran for the door.

"Yeah," Robin said, "we can—wait, Beast Boy!"

"NO!" Cyborg and Robin yelled.

Beast Boy changed back to human form, grinning. "I'm kidding dudes. We all remember the last time we went in there…"

Terra, Raven and Starfire certainly weren't having a girls' day out. They were mysteriously transported from the tower to a place they never had even heard of before. There were five other girls standing around them, wearing confused expressions. A blond girl with her tied back wore a red and yellow bodysuit, the sleeves meeting past her shoulder. She wore red glove and red thigh-high boots. She had yellow skiing goggles covering her eyes with lightning bolts attached to them. This was Jesse Quick.

the link for Jesse: Jesse's left was a mysterious girl in a black suit with green triangles all around it. She wore a white mask with a black rose in full bloom on the forehead. She held a long rose-like staff in her hand. She called herself Black Rose. On Jesse's right was Batgirl wearing a black long-sleeved midriff top with a yellow bat on the front. Her arms had yellow gloves with spikes and she wore black pants and boots with a yellow bat on the top. The ears of her mask poked through her auburn hair.

AN: I'm using the Thrillkiller picture I found on this website as reference. It looked more "Teen Titans friendly" than the one of Barbra Gordon from Batman and I didn't like Batgirl's outfit from the early Teen Titan comics. Red and green with a skirt? Ya gotta be kidding me. Well, here's the picture if the descriptions too vague:

http/www(dot)bat-hound(dot)com(/)batgirl(/)thrillkillerbatgirl(dot)gif I think the picture was pretty cool!

Behind Batgirl were two girls from the HIVE academy—Jinx and Bumblebee. Bumblebee looked at her schoolmate with a raised eyebrow.

"Hey—don't look at me—I didn't do it," Jinx said.

A beast-man covered in white fur wearing a loin cloth approached the girls.

"Welcome, champions all!" he said in a booming voice. "You are hereby invited to compete in the tournament of heroines."

"Raven?" Starfire whispered.

"Yeah?" said Raven.

"I've got a bad feeling about this."

"Tournament of Heroines?" said a girl dressed in a black suit. . "I don't recall signing up for any tournament. Who are you?"

She stepped forward and brought her staff forward as if she were about to attack.

"I am the Master of Games," he stated.

"You mind telling us a bit about it?" she demanded haughtily.

"Yeah," agreed Bumblebee. "Did you run this little game by our Headmaster first?"

Jinx nodded. "Brother Blood would've sent more of us."

"Trust me," said the Master of Games. "This is something you wouldn't want to miss. The tournament of heroines is a friendly little competition between the greatest of champions."

He started showing clips of the girls demonstrating their skills. How long had he been watching them and how did he know who they were?

"Starfire—the Tamarian with power literally out of this world."

The clip showed a soaring Starfire emitting green lasers from her eyes.

"Raven—the goth girl with that fights like a demon."

Eyes glowing white, Raven sent a burst of black energy at a walking fiery giant.

"Jinx—the enchanting sorceress whose powerful hexes mean bad luck for her enemies."

The clip of Jinx showed her pink hexes crumbling a street into rubble.

"Terra—the geomancer who knows how to play dirty."

Floating on a piece of earth, hair flowing and eyes glowing yellow; Terra performed a dangerous mudslide knocking trees and everything down in her path.

"Black Rose—the beautiful assassin who is proof that every rose has its thorn."

Black Rose was fighting off a group of men. She knocked them down with her staff, slashing their legs and putting them to sleep with gas that emitted from the rose on her staff.

"Bumblebee--The really small bee with a really BIG sting!"

In the HIVE academy, the Bumblebee flew around dodging laser cannons. She became normal sized and put them out with a good blast from her stingers.

"Jesse Quick—the lightning quick speedster with strength to match."

Zooming thought a city, Jesse zigzagged passed obstacles in her way and lifted up a car.

"Batgirl-- the fem-fatale that strikes in the dead of night."

Batgirl tossed up a grappling hook, swung herself up and kicked a hoodlum in the face.

"When the Tournament is complete, there will be magnificent prizes," the Master of Games went on. "And, of course, the winner shall prove that she is the greatest young heroine on Earth."

"Wow," Terra breathed.

"However, any who do not wish to compete need only say the word," the Master of Games with a slight grin. "And I shall return you home at once."

"You can count me in!" Terra said immediately, stepping forward.

This was something Terra was waiting for—a chance to prove herself—to her teammates—to other girls with super powers and even to some amount, to Slade. After he had taught her how to control her powers, to really shine, she was anxious for this competition.

"If you are staying," said Starfire, "then so am I."

The other girls stated their agreement. "Let the games begin," said Batgirl.

"The challenge is accepted," Master of Games said, "The tournament begins! Prepare for competition!"

In a flash of white light, the Master of Games disappeared. The girls were slightly puzzled by this and then began talking amongst themselves.

"Too bad the guys aren't here to see this, huh?" Terra asked excitedly.

"I guess," muttered Raven.

Starfire went to each girl, giving them a bone-cracking hug. "DEAR FRIENDS! I am very happy to meet you!"

She stopped at Jinx and Bumblebee. "There must be some kind of error—the Master of Games has declared that this is a tournament for the heroines. I know that you are no such thing!"

Jinx grinned. "Hey, you're not the one running the show here, are you?"

The girls' chit chat was interrupted by the Game Master's voice. "Champions! Time to begin, face your opponent!"

"Showtime," Terra said, pulling her goggles down to her face. "Good luck, Raven—Starfire."

The eight girls all disappeared in a flash just like the Master of Games had done previously. He announced the girls' opponents.


Terra's hair waved as her face bore a sneer. Black Rose did a turn and held her staff diagonally behind her. Terra and Black Rose were transported to a pre-historic environment with many volcanoes and tar pits. Black Rose was on one side of the terrain while Terra was on the other. Terra half expected to see a T-Rex storming around.

Terra wasted no time in searching for her opponent. She made a lift out of a chunk of earth and rose up to search for Black Rose. As Terra searched for Black Rose in the air, Black Rose searched for Terra on foot, using her staff as a pole vault over the lava and tar pits.

Terra soared over a volcano and spotted Black Rose jumping over the hot coals. "Afraid you'll wilt out here, Rose?" she joked, rather surprised with herself. She had only been with the Titans a short time and already Beast Boy's silly sense of humor was rubbing off on her. But she wasn't going to make Rose laugh to death. She was going to put all that help Slade gave her to real use.

Black Rose looked up.

"Afraid to come and fight me, Pebbles?" she demanded.

"I'm not afraid of anything!" Terra snarled, lowering herself to the ground to fight on foot with Black Rose. "Let's rock and roll!"

As Terra came within eight feet above the ground, Rose launched herself toward her and knocked her off her rock. Terra gasped in surprise and grunted when she fell to the ground.

'Great,' Terra thought, 'she gets to hit me first…not a good start…'


Raven pulled her cloak around her as Jesse leaned forward, grinning, ready to run. The goth and the speedster found themselves standing in the midst of a foggy graveyard.

"A cemetery," Jesse frowned in distaste. "Great."

"A cemetery," Raven smirked in delight. "Great."

"Let's make this quick, shall we?" Jesse demanded. "Catch me if you can!"

And as fast as the speed of light, Jesse ran passed Raven causing her cloak to fly up in her face. Raven pushed it down and turned around to see where Jesse had gone. But she could see nothing.

"You can run," Raven muttered, "but you can't hide!"

Raven levitated up in the air to get a better view of the whole cemetery.



Starfire leaned forward and clenched her fists. Batgirl folded her arms, looking defiant. Their arena was an abandoned warehouse with boxes and a bunch of random things. Batgirl was excited to have Starfire as her opponent. She wanted a challenge—Starfire however was slightly disappointed. Batgirl had no powers and Starfire didn't like the idea of attacking her new friends. Starfire wouldn't have minded if she gotten one of the HIVE girls as an opponent.

Starfire stood where she was as Batgirl ran up and punched her. Starfire stumbled backward and Batgirl dropped kicked her. Batgirl looked down at in surprised.

"Hey—why don't you fight back?" Batgirl questioned.

"Because, I don't want to hurt you," Starfire said, "can't we just play a game of Pujnarp?"



Bumblebee held a stinger in each hand, one beneath her chin and the other by her side. Jinx held her hands behind her head, looking mischievous. The two HIVE students found themselves to what appeared to be their old school.

"What the heck?" Jinx said, bewildered. "Did he send us back to the HIVE by mistake?"

"No," Bumblebee said, looking around.

It was yellow and hexagonal just like the HIVE, but there was a different feature—it was sticky with—beeswax.

"We're in a hive," Bumblebee said, "and I feel right at home!"

Bumblebee held her stingers out and gave Jinx a good zap. Jinx yelped in pain, jumping back. She growled, glaring at Bumblebee.

"Oh, I'll get you!" she said.

"Yeah, right," Bumblebee said, "aren't you forgetting something, Jinx? I'm HIVE's top student. Go and take it up with Brother Blood if you've got a problem with it."

Jinx chuckled. "I think you just got lucky, Bumblebee—but your luck's about to run out!"

She crossed her arms and sent a wave of hexes at her fellow classmate.

The Master of Games watched eagerly from his throne. He wasn't going to be outwitted this time. He'll gather the losers' powers and he'll be unstoppable.

"I am the only real champion here," he said.


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