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Unfriendly Competition 4

Enough Games

"Terra! Batgirl!" Starfire shouted, bounding over to the new girls that had just arrived.

"Oh no, not again," Batgirl moaned.

"Star, wait!" Terra begged, waving her arms.

However, Starfire swooped down on the two and hugged them both at the same time. Their heads banged together but their ribs didn't' feel like they were about to break.

"Ouch!" Batgirl said, rubbing her head when Starfire released her and Terra.

Terra looked closely at Starfire. "Starfire, that was kind of weak. Did you forget your Tamarian Wheaties today?"

"I have not yet had any Wheaties from Tamaran," Starfire admitted shyly.

"Well, what's up with your powers?" Batgirl demanded. "When we went up against each other you hugged me enough that my eyeballs were about to pop from their sockets."

"My powers are gone," Starfire said.

"What?" Terra said.

"Yeah," Rose said, "as a result from losing, our powers are taken away and we are thrown in here."

"I don't believe it!" Terra said, tightening her fists and putting her feet shoulder width apart. However, her eyes and hands did not glow yellow nor did the earth move. She grunted when she realized her powers were also gone.

"I don't get it," Batgirl said, "I thought we would've been sent home, like the Master of Games told us when you four were gone."

"What?" Jinx demanded. "The Master of Games told you guys he sent us home and you believed him?"

"Well, yeah," Batgirl said, slightly annoyed, "how were we supposed to know that you were held prisoner? He said that it was just a friendly completion."

"For him maybe," Jesse groaned, rubbing her head. Besides Starfire, Jesse was the only calm girl that was captured. "I wonder what his idea of an unfriendly competition is like. Maybe of us all winning and kicking his butt?"

"How do we get out of here?" Terra questioned, rubbing her hand on the inside of the gem.

"You can't," Rose murmured, trust me, we've all tried."

"There's got to be a way out of here!" Terra shouted, turning around. "We can't let the Master of Games keep us all here!"

"It's up to the last two champions to get us out," Starfire said, "We have to hope they realize this game is more than just a game."

"Great," Terra groaned, leaning her head against the wall.

She had to rely on Raven. Why couldn't Raven be the first Titan girl to get sucked in here? Terra couldn't' believe she actually lost! What if this tournament was part of Slade's plan? What if the Master of Games had once been Slade's apprentice, or perhaps a partner or something? And they concocted this whole tournament to test Terra's abilities, her worthiness as Slade's apprentice? The thought consumed her. Terra sank down the wall, hitting her head against the wall. This was a test and she failed it. How could she be so stupid? How could she let her guard down? She was going well when she beat Black Rose but she couldn't' handle Bumblebee? Perhaps Black Rose must've weakened her from the fight. Yeah, that was it. That's why Terra couldn't focus. Her legs were still ailing her a bit. And now Raven or Bumblebee was going to be the champion of champions and get all the glory. Terra wasn't sure who she wanted to win. Raven was her teammate and fellow titan but she really didn't' think Raven as a friend. She knew Raven hated her and it wasn't just because of what Beast Boy saying that she "kinda hates everybody." Raven always gave Terra looks like she couldn't be trusted. However, she didn't even know Bumblebee. All she knew was that she went to the HIVE with Jinx. Would she rather have her win than Raven? Who was a better fighter? Terra wasn't sure and quite frankly, now that she had lost her chance at glory, she didn't' care. She just wanted out of this place. She had things to do, a master to please, a team to betray. She couldn't do all of that sitting here.

"So, who fought who?" Jesse Quick asked with a grin, breaking Terra from her thoughts. Terra blinked and looked up at her. She didn't' quite get the question and she didn't' have to answer it. Batgirl was the one who answered.

"I fought Raven," she said, "and Terra fought Bumblebee."

Jesse laughed. "I was right! You all owe me ten dollars when we get out of here!"

"Yeah, if we get out of here," Jinx groaned.

"We will," said Jesse, "and I bet that Raven will be the one to bail us out. She's a Teen Titan, after all. She'll get us out of here, right, Starfire?"

"Of course," Starfire said, "I'm sure she's looking for us right now. I can almost hear her voice."

Starfire! Starfire! Where are you?

"Raven?" Starfire mumbled.

"I can't hear her," said Terra, looking around the room.

"I can," Starfire insisted.

Raven's voice wasn't coming from inside or out the gem, but inside Starfire's head. Starfire suddenly hushed everyone. After switching bodies with Raven once, she understood more than anyone how her powers worked. Starfire closed her eyes and concentrated

Raven, is that you? she questioned.

Who did you think it was? Raven demanded.

Glorious! It is you!

Where are you? I sense that you are close."

I do not know. It is some red room that I can almost see through.

Then let me take a look.

Starfire opened her eyes but they were not brilliant green. Instead they were violet. Terra gasped and back crawled into the far wall. The girls stared.

Starfire walked to the edge of the gem, where it was slightly transparent. What looked like the home of the Master of Games was covered in red. Starfire reached her hand and touched the gem.

I know where you are, Raven said, you are inside the red gem that the Master of Game wears. You have been able to get out?

Yes, our powers are gone.

Then it seems that the Master of Games has your powers now, Raven said.

"What?" Starfire said out loud.

"What's going on?" Terra said, sounding shocked. "Starfire, what's up?"

I'll find a way to get you out.

Raven, see if you can plan with Bumblebee. She can help.

She may be from the HIVE but she may be the only one that can help me right now. I can't reach Robin or the others. All right, I'll work out something.

Raven's eyes disappeared from Starfire's sockets and her eyes went back to normal. The other girls continued to stare.

"Starfire, what'd just happen?" Terra asked nervously. "All a sudden Raven's eyeballs just appeared in yours…"

"Oh, Raven can share the mind with another," Starfire explained, "we once had our bodies switched. I was Raven and she was me."

"That is really weird," Terra muttered, not even wanting to imagine what it would be like to be in Raven's body.

"I know, but it is helpful at times," Starfire said, "she knows where we are and she is going to help us out."

"And we are where?" Rose demanded.

"Inside the gem the Master of Game wears around his neck," Starfire said turning to the edge. "And because our powers are gone, he must be able to use our powers."

All the girls came up beside Starfire and peered out. "He's got out powers?" Jesse grumbled. "That overgrown dingo!"

"Dude, where are the girls?" Beast Boy wondered out loud as the guys were sitting on the couch, pigging out on popcorn, pizza and watching Space Tre 2022, the sci fi television series Beast Boy used to air on. "They're missing this! 'Captain are you sure this is the planet we were supposed to go?'" Beast Boy laughed and he continued to speak along with his old lines.

(AN: In the Comic Book, Beast Boy was an actor. He played a ship-shifting alien named 'Tork.' This was after the Doom Patrol died but of course, the Doom Patrol show up in season 5 but I thought of all the things Beast Boy and the guys would be watching would the series he played on. So let's pretend before he joined he titans, he was in show biz for a while. I thought it'd add some flavor! He does seem to be the acting type, huh? Like how he was "practicing" when he was coming up ways to ask Terra out.)

"Yeah, it is kind of weird for them to be gone this long, isn't it?" Cyborg inquired, looking at the clock.

"'Tork, you idiot, what's this mess?'" Beast Boy said, mimicking the Captains' voice.

"I'll try contacting them," Robin said, taking out his communicator. "Robin calling Starfire. Come in, Starfire."

Starfire did not reply. Beast Boy grinned.

"Maybe she knows you tried to read her diary, Robin," he said.

Robin ignored him then tried Raven, then Terra. No one was answering.

"They weren't here when we came back," Cyborg said, "if they had gone out looking for us they would be picking up."

"I know," said Robin, who was no pacing. "This is too weird. What if they're in trouble?"

"OH no, dudes, you don't think that…that…"

"I doubt they were abducted by aliens, BB," said Cyborg, "Starfire is one."

"No, I mean, the game!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "When we came back you don't' they the Master of Games decided to have a tournament of heroines, do you?"

The three boys all looked at each other with expressions of shock and worry on their faces. Then they all erupted into laughter.

"Good one, BB!" Cyborg howled.

"Yeah, we stopped the Master of Games," Robin reminded him. "He's gone for good. We made sure of that." Robin punched his hand into his palm.

"I know," Beast Boy said with a grin. "Tournament of Heroines…what was I thinking?"

"But still," Cyborg said thoughtfully, "where are the girls?"

Raven seeped through the floor of her room and traveled around the place to look for Bumblebee, careful not to be spotted by the Master of Games. She appeared right in front Bumblebee's room and before she knocked on the door, Bumblebee opened it. Bumblebee grinned.

"I was about to find you," she said.

"Glad I saved you a trip," Raven said as monotone as ever. "We need to talk."

"I know," Bumblebee said, pulling the door open so Raven can walk through. Bumblebee shut the door and turned to Raven. "Sorry Raven, but it looks like we'll have to save our brawl for another day. I don't think the Master of Games really sent the losers home. He's keeping them…"

"Here," Raven finished, "he's trapped them inside the gem on his amulet. It robbed them of his powers and now he can use them."

"And if one of us were to lose," he said, "he would've taken us too and then the last person would have to fight the Master of Games!"


"This competition is full of surprises," Bumblebee groaned.

"We'll have to work together to bring him down," said Raven, "I don't' really trust you but I really have no choice right now."

"Come on," Bumblebee said with a smirk. "Just because my Headmaster is most likely evil, doesn't mean I am."

"Good," Raven said, "we've got to go and get the Master of Games. He isn't expecting us yet…"

"Wait," Bumblebee said, "I've got a better idea…"

Instead of going to find the Master of Games and sneak up on him, the girls appeared in the main hall about a half an hour earlier than they were supposed to.

"You had half an hour to bring up your strength," he said, "were you you two anxious to rest?"

"Something like that," Bumblebee said, "actually, Raven and I were just talking. We both think we are good enough fighters and want to call it a draw."

"What?" the Master of Games demanded, surprised..

"We'd rather fight a different opponent," Raven said, raising her hands, "YOU!"

Raven levitated a table and smashed it into the Master of Games.

"We know what you're up to!" Bumblebee said, stepping up as she pulled her stingers off her belt. "And you're not going to get away with it! Game's over!"

The Master of Games lifted the table up and he threw it back at the girls. "It isn't over until I say it is over!"

"Bring it on!" Bumblebee hissed, who shrank down and flew away to avoid the table. She went back to normal size and flew at him, using her stingers. The Master of Games' legs were suddenly shrouded with red boots and began running around the room. Raven made a wall for the Master of Games to crash into, just like she had done to Jesse Quick.

"You have no where to run," Raven said icily.

"And neither do you!" He shouted and hands glowing yellow, he slammed his hands on the floor and it began to shake and crack. Raven quickly took the air before she fell into the crack in the floor. The Master of Games growled and flew in the air also, hurling Starfire's starbolts with his left hand while he hurled Jinx' hexes with his right. Bumblee shrank down and Raven made a shield to protect herself.

The six girls inside his amulet screamed, grabbed their heads and sank to their knees as they felt their own powers being used by someone not worthy of them. Raven grimaced. She could feel their pain and anguish.

Raven, help! Starfire begged.

Raven brought down her shield and sent blasts of black energy at the Master of Games. He was hit once in the face and he got up, conjuring Black Rose's thorny staff.

"Is that the best you can do?" he demanded.

Bumblebee hovered at Raven's ear. "You distract him while I get his amulet."

"Piece of cake," said Raven, levitating a piece of the broken floor and flinging it at the Master of Games, who smacked it away with Black Rose's staff.

Bumblebee flew close to the ceiling, waiting for the right moment for her to come down to the Master of Games. Raven made a fist of black energy and wrenched the staff away from the Master of Games and smashed it, must like Terra had done when she fought Black Rose.

"You cannot defeat me!" he shouted, flinging Batgirl's boomerangs and trinkets at Raven. "I am the only winner here and the winner takes all!"

"Then it's time for the losers to take back!" Bumblebee shouted, who had flown up behind them, underneath his legs and now was hovering in front of his amulet. She held her stingers out and zapped it and she was also hit with a shock when two girls came falling out the amulet, smashing into Bumblebee. It was Starfire and Batgirl.

"We are out of the gem that took away our powers!" Starfire cried, hugging Batgirl in a death-like grip.

"Yeah…amazing, isn't it?" Batgirl grunted.

The Master of Games' eyes flashed pink and he hit Bumblebee in the stomach with a pink hex. Bumblebee yelped and was thrown back, smacking into the wall. Starfire glanced at the unconscious Bumblebee and glared up at the Master of Games.

"We will not play here anymore!" she shouted. "Batgirl, let's go!"

Starfire lifted Batgirl by her arms and flew toward the Master of games. She flung Batgirl at him just she had done with Robin many times before. Batgirl yelled and kicked the Master Games in the chest. Batgirl landed on the ground and looked at Starfire.

"You have to destroy his amulet!" she cried.

Starfire shot the amulet with green eye lasers. The Master of Games shouted and the remaining five girls fell out of the amulet in a heap. They stood up and glared at the Master of Games. Now that they were all free and knew his plan, they wanted payback, but before they could do anything, there was a white flash right behind the Master of Games.

It was an animal woman covered in fur just like the Master of Games. She wore a tan loin cloth and a tan midriff shirt with one strap on the left shoulder. She began clapping and the Master of Games looked infuriated.

"Well done, champions," the animal woman said.

"What are you doing here?" the Master of Games demanded.

"Ruining your game," she shot back, pulling the amulet off of his neck. "You're not supposed to use the gem against the champions, fool."

"Hey, who are you?" Terra asked.

"I am the unfortunate sister of this imbecile," she replied, smacking the Master of Games. "You can call me the Mistress of Games. I apologize for all my brother put you through. He is not to keep the losers here and take away their powers."

"I was going to let them go!" the Master of Games snarled.

"Liar," his sister muttered, "now go back home. I'll deal with you later."

Grunting, the Master of Games disappeared and the Mistress of Games approached the girls. They readied an attack and the Mistress of Games raised her head.

"Relax, I'm not going to harm you," she said, "you've already won the tournament. All of you."

"This isn't part of that monkey's big game?" Jinx demanded, her eyes glowing.

"No," said the Mistress of Games, "let me explain the Tournament of Heroes and the Tournament of Heroines. We select our champions and those that lose stay here to watch the remaining battles and then they are awarded. However, my brother decided he wanted to keep the losers as trophies instead, by using this."

She held up the amulet.

"I shall return you all home now," the Mistress of Games stated, "but before that, you are to be awarded."

She snapped her fingers and gold medallions appeared around the girls' necks.

"Cool!" Jesse exclaimed.

"You all worked together in the game," the Mistress of Games said with a smile, "so therefore, you are all champions."

"We are most thankful," Starfire said, inclining her head. "Before you send us off, may we get to the goodbyes?"

"Very well," the Mistress of Games said.

Starfire gave every girl a hug, even the girls from the HIVE. "Bee who Bumbles, thank you for your help."

"Er, yeah, no problem," said Bumblebee.

"I told you Raven was going to get us out of here," Jesse said.

"But she didn't," said Jinx, "it was her and Bumblebee."

"It was all of us, actually," said Batgirl, "didn't you hear the Mistress of Games? We're all champions."

Black Rose approached Terra. "You were a good opponent, Terra. I don't lose easily."

"I bet you don't."

"Well, my worthy adversary, until we meet again," she said, holding out her hand. "And perhaps we can have a rematch."

"Yeah, okay," Terra said a little awkwardly. She paused then put her hand into Rose's. "Maybe we can go one on one again."


After more farewells, the girls were sent back home. Terra, Starfire and Raven appeared in the living room of Titans Tower. The guys were all seated on the couch, fast asleep. The television was still on.

"Looks like they had fun while we were gone," Raven murmured.

Starfire swooped upon the three boys and embraced them, waking them from their slumber. "Oh, dear friends! I feared that we would never see each other again!"

"Starfire?" Robin grunted. "You're home?"


"Cool," said Cyborg, "hey, you girls want to play some video games?"

"Thanks," Terra said, "but I think we've had enough games for one day."

"What do you mean?" Beast Boy inquired.

"We all ended up at some weird place," Terra explained, "with five other girls. We met the Master of Games and we all competed in a tournament."

"No way!" Beast Boy exclaimed, "dudes, dudes! I was right! I told you that's where they went!"

"You've been in one of the Master of Games' fake tournaments?" Raven inquired.

"How did you get there?" Cyborg questioned, "I thought he was gone?"

"Obviously not," said Robin.

"Wait," Raven said, pointing at the blue cloak on Beast Boy. "Beast Boy, have you been in my room again?"

Beast Boy gasped and removed the cloak. "Sorry, Raven! I didn't touch anything, I swear!" he shoved it into her hands. Raven sniffed it, groaned and walked away.

"Now it smells like a dog,"

After a few moments of catching up with the three guys and telling them all about the tournament of heroines, Terra went out for some air. She couldn't believe that she wasn't the one who won the tournament. It was the perfect opportunity to prove herself and she blew it. It didn't seem like Slade had been part of it. Neither the Master nor the Mistress of Games mentioned him. It sounded like it was all the Master of Games' plan. Even though Slade wasn't a part of it, it would've been nice to be the only winner, to stop the Master of Games and save all the girls, to look like the real hero. Terra picked up a rock and made it skip over the water.

Maybe she still had much to learn, about being a Titan and an apprentice. She began to wonder now, if turning against the Titans was really worth it. Slade was a lot like the Master of Games. He wanted to use Terra's powers against her and in the end, he'd be the one getting all the glory. Was it too late to turn back? Could she forget the promise she made to Slade and remain just a titan?

Terra groaned and skipped another stone. No. It was too late. She wasn't a real titan. She's Slade's apprentice. He taught her how to control her powers and he told her that she owed him. She had to hand him the Titans. Terra should've known what she was getting herself into then but she was desperate and afraid. She had no where else to turn. She wondered about Black Rose. Who was she anyway? Why did she remind her so much of Slade? Did Starfire and Raven pick up on any likeness about Slade from Rose? They didn't' say anything. Of course, they didn't know Slade as much as she did. The only person in Titan's Tower that knew about Slade as much would be Robin but he wasn't at the Tournament of Heroines. He wouldn't know.

"Just who are you, Black Rose?" Terra wondered out loud.

Maybe it was better if Terra didn't know Black Rose's identity. Terra never would've guessed that she just competed against Rose Wilson, the only daughter of Slade.


Hope you all liked that! A little twist there, isn't it? Thought there would be just one person remaining in the tournament instead of the last two girls teaming up to stop the Master of Games, huh? Sorry for those of you expecting Terra to win. I wanted her to win, but I doubt she could've taken the Master of Games all on her own and I wanted the last two girls to team up and stop the Master of Games. d Terra would rather go on with the rest of the tournament than to think it was all a hoax. At least, that's my opinion but she did get a shiny medallion in the end of this. The guys didn't get anything!

Oh yeah, there will be a Sequel/Side Story to this, when Terra returns. It's called Stone Hearted and I'm not sure when it will be up. It won't really be connected to this story except that she'll meet Bumblebee again and Bumblebee recalls fighting against her in the Tournament. I'd like to have one where she meets Black Rose again but can't think of a storyline. Maybe I'll squeze her in the story.

I think the next Teen Titan's story I'll put up will be my KF/Jinx story "Need for Speed." I so like that couple! I saw "Titans Together" tonight and I got totaly excited when Kid Flash arrived with Jinx! Yay! I knew she was going to go to the good side!

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