This is a new story that I have been sleeping on for a while so Enjoy! KingOAnime

Fangs and Fur- Prologue

My name is Ron Stoppable, and I am a vampire. Now before you get your crosses and stakes let me "kill" a few myths for you. Vampires are not affected by holy water, crosses, the sun, silver, or garlic. None of that stuff works on us and besides its just plain stupid.

I am 17 years old, not 1700. My life expectancy is that of any human so don't expect me to live over 100. Unfortunately we vampires do have one critical weakness, our need for blood. All vampires need at least one glass of blood a day or we lose our senses and go crazy, attacking anything to get its blood.

I do have more strength than I show in public. Most vampires have the strength of twenty-five men, but I only have ten men right now, so by vampire standards I pretty weak. I also wish to admit that vampires also are not immortal; in fact most vampires die by heart attacks and cancer. We are just as weak as humans, but ten times stronger and smarter then them.

We do however have one type of problem: werewolves. About three centuries ago a huge war was fought between werewolves and vampires. It eventually ended in a draw, but ever since we never really forgave each other for what happened and we still seem to hate each other. We don't fight if we don't have to, but our clan's rules tell us to walk away from them and don't speak to each other. Luckily I've never seen one in my life, but my parents tell me that they are vicious creatures who kill for sport. I personally don't believe them, but I won't know for sure unless I encounter one for my self.

It seems I will never meet one in Middleton, but then again I can only sense other vampires. Werewolves have another smell that only they can sniff apparently. My whole family have been vampires since I can remember, we all are part of a clan where every vampire in the world is to follow their rules and respect our current leader William Yorkshire. He is a powerful vampire and a highly respected leader who was able to take control of every blood bank in the world so we would no longer have to resort to killing innocent people for food.

I love being Kim Possible's boyfriend and I know she loves being my girlfriend. Ever since the prom a month ago we have been together almost every day. I want to tell her who I really am, but I afraid that she will think of me as a monster. The clan allows vampires to "mingle" with humans, but only if they don't expose us to other humans. We vampires have taken extra measures to stay hidden. Until I am one-hundred percent sure that I want to spend the rest of my life with her then I will tell her, but for now I'm just glad she doesn't know I'm a vampireā€¦.

My name is Kim Possible and I am a werewolf. First let's straighten a few things out before you start to run away. First off, I am not consumed with the hunger to kill and eat everything I see move. We werewolves do love meat and from time to time we will hunt together, but not for humans. The entire Possible family consists of werewolves and even controls the entire Possible Pack. Yes, we werewolves live in packs, or groups, for security and company. There are thousands of werewolf packs in U.S. alone and most contain less than 20, but ours has about 74 members.

Like I said before we control the pack, or rather we lead it. Most of the members are people who didn't like the Rockwaller's Pack and they came to us for refuge. Yes, that Bonnie Rockwaller, she thinks she owns Middleton just because her family has a bigger pack then us. Fortunately our pack is at least three times stronger because we have such great members who are class A fighters.

It is pretty tough going to school since the entire cheerleading squad and about thirty other students are werewolves, but we don't let it show until after school.

Also silver bullets will kill us, but then again any bullet will kill us. We are just as vulnerable as humans, but we make up for it in strength and speed.

When we are young we cannot change into our stronger faster wolf state. When we turn thirteen, however, on the first full moon after that we can change whenever we like. From sun up to sun down we can transform whenever we feel like it, so the tweebs have a little while to go.

I train with my parents and have become the next in line to be the pack leader. I can't wait until I lead our pack to the next generation. My parents have warned me about one thing though: vampires.

My parents told me about the war we had with them a long time ago and what happened afterwards. They told me that vampires are vicious creatures who prey on the innocent for blood and are invulnerable to harm.

Since we are a broken race many werewolves fear that the united vampire clan will overrun us and destroy everyone. I've never seen a vampire before, but I'm always on guard and prepared in case that does happen.

The only people I trust are my pack members and Ron. He and I have been together for a little over a month since the prom. I love him to death and he is so adorable. During our missions he can get into some trouble, but he tries his best to make me happy and that makes me love him even more.

My parents approve of him and believe that he would make a fine husband for me, but they want to be sure that he is a worthy human who can be trusted with our secrets. I am a little worried, but he is different then any other human I've met.

I will wait until I am sure that he is ready for my world, but for now I'm just glad he doesn't know I'm a werewolf. cont...

That was to get the story started and tell the readers what my vampires and werewolves are like so please Rand R! KingOAnime