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Fangs and Fur chapter twelve- New Beginnings

Six months had passed since Jacob and his plans for world domination were destroyed. Kim and Ron were preparing for their wedding, which is today. Both of them were very nervous and excited at the same time. It was finally time for them to consummate their love, in a formal way.

Normally this would be done in a church, but due to the large amount of guests Kim asked for a favor. Now their wedding was being held at Madison Square Garden, and it was being televised on national TV!

Since this would be the first "official" marriage between a werewolf and a vampire Ron thought that it would be a good idea to show everyone that they could be with whoever they wanted to. The guest list had about twenty-thousand people, but said anyone else who wanted to attend could if there was room; it was a full house. An estimated two billion people were watching on TV.

Wade and the rest of Kim and Ron's family were present; all the villains came, but promised not to do anything evil. Mary and the entire Sanctuary came; even Bonnie was sitting in the seats. Kim looked behind the curtains and smiled when she saw Sensei and the rest of the graduates among the rows of friends and family.

Kim was all decked out in white lace and hadn't seen Ron since yesterday. Yori and Monique were her maids of honor, and Jim, Tim, and Rufus were the ring bearers

Ron straightened his tie and waited at the small altar as his best man Felix squeezed his shoulder for comfort. He was anxious to see Kim and looking on at the massive audience he took deep breaths and concentrated.

William Yorkshire was sitting with his assistant/girlfriend waiting for the ceremony to begin.

"So my dear, do you think I did the right thing by making this truce?"

"Of course you did just look at everyone around you. Werewolves, vampires, and humans are here to celebrate the joining of two amazing people. This is the start of a new beginning and a new age where peace and prosperity will rule. Let's enjoy it while it lasts." she replied, kissing his cheek as the music began.

Ron heard the processional music ringing loudly in the stadium as he awaited his bride. the cheerleaders came out with baskets of flower petals as they sprinkled them over the ground and passed the altar. Each one of them gave Ron a look of encouragement and made him feel much better than he did before.

After this the bride's song came on and everyone stood up and looked at the curtained doorway as Kim and her father appeared. The entire audience looked in awe at Kim's beautiful dress. Ron could barely keep his jaw from dropping to the floor. When Kim stepped next to Ron he snapped back to reality and gave her a loving gaze.

As the priest began to speak Dr. Drakken couldn't help but sob on Shego's shoulder.

"Come on Dr. D, you're embarrassing me." she pleaded as she hoped the other villains wouldn't snicker or laugh, but much to her surprise she was the only one not crying! This agitated her and seeing the tears in Kim's eyes made her feel like crying to. After holding on for so long she eventually opened the waterworks and let the tears flow.

The ring bearers arrived and Rufus ran over to Ron's hand and gave him the ring. He took it from his friend and placed it on Kim's finger as he recited what the priest said. In turn Rufus gave the next ring to Kim and watched in anticipation as Kim did the same thing. After this the best part came up.

The priest recited, "Do you Ron take Kim to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"

"I do," he replied as his mother nearly fainted and Yori looked on smiling.

The priest continued," And do you Kim take Ron to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"

"I do," she replied smiling.

"Then by the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife; you may kiss the bride."

The entire stadium went dead silent as Ron lifted her veil off and looked deeply into her green eyes. This was the single greatest moment of his life. He never thought he would be here, especially with Kim, but here he was and he's never been happier.

"I love you KP," he said to her.

"And I love you," she replied as they finally sealed their relationship with a big kiss.

The entire place went nuts as everyone cheered and applauded. Motor Ed couldn't help but wail on his air guitar as he cried out, "You go Red!"

Shego was balling like no one else as she and Drakken did a little jig with each other. All over the world people were cheering and dancing; it was like the whole world won the super bowl. It would later be called the single greatest event on TV ever for years to come.

After it quieted down a bit the priest spoke loudly and clearly, "Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to present Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable!"

Kim and Ron left the cheering crowds together arms linked together. The two of them couldn't describe how happy they were and now they would be together forever.

An hour later the reception was being held at Central Park as people came up to the newlyweds and congratulated them. Sensei and Yori arrived with news that they would be leaving.

"Why you just arrived?" Kim asked, clearly disappointed.

"A warrior may work very hard to gain his skills and abilities, but leave them unchecked and they will disappear." Sensei replied. Ron stood totally confused.

"Sensei means that if you do not practice you will lose all knowledge of what you learned." Yori explained.

Ron now got it. Then Sensei and Yori presented each of them with a gift. Ron had received the Lotus blade while Kim had a silver necklace that looked like a blooming flower.

"This is called the Lily talisman. It is in unison with the Lotus blade and if put together will cause them to fuse to become a new weapon. Use it wisely and carefully." Sensei warned. Ron and Kim nodded and watched as the walked off to train in the newly built Yamanauchi School two.

Drakken and Shego approached a few minutes later and congratulated them.

"It's going to be harder to fight you after witnessing that back there." Shego admitted.

"Maybe we don't have to fight anymore," Kim suggested.

"Not a chance. I said harder, not impossible just be ready for me okay? Don't get sloppy on me just because you and Ron got married."

In a surprising twist Kim gave her long time enemy a big hug saying, "I won't and thanks for caring."

Shego was at a loss for words so she just smiled and hugged her back. After more congratulations and gifts the party was winding down, but the show wasn't over yet. Now the bride and groom had to do their first dance together.

They both walked alone on the floor and waited for there song to arrive: Could it Be. Everyone watched the two of them move over the floor like it wasn't even there. People from Middleton High remembered the prom these two went to and how there movements were exactly the same and yet it seemed to have a little something extra.

Kim rested her head on Ron's chest as he brought her closer leaving no space between them. Kim loved every second of this and decided to get something off her chest.

"Ron, honey?"

"Yes, my lovely new wife?" he cooed as he brought his head closer to hers.

"There's something that I've wanted to tell you. You know I went to the doctors yesterday and I discovered something quite interesting."

"Oh and what was that?"

She put her lips closely next to his ear," I'm pregnant." she announced quietly.

Ron almost fainted, but remained upright and dancing as he looked at her face with shock in his eyes.

"You mean the kind of pregnant where a baby is involved?" he panted.

"Yes Ron you're going to be a dad," she wrapped her arms around his neck and squealed in excitement. Ron just looked up at the sky and smiled at the moon.

The two of them stayed there for what seemed like hours and tried to process everything that happened over the last year. They discover that they're a vampire and a werewolf, they hide from a power hungry mad man, they meet tons of new people, they fight, they married, and now they were going to have a baby.

No one ever knew that a combination of fangs and fur would work, but they did and it would be one that no one would ever forget.


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