Four months had passed since Kira got out of the hospital. It had been terribly hectic since that time for the couple that had thought that they had finally found the chance to live a normal life with their son.

"DAMN IT! That entire family is as bad as Trent!" Kira vented in anger as he threw down the papers that his lawyer had sent him. "There's no way in hell they are going to get away with this!" he growled out.

Lacus sighed next to Kira. She had somehow expected this to happen when news of her and Kira were actually together got out into the public. It still pissed her off though that they could try and pull a stunt like this.

"With the death of the current head of their family and the loss of their family fortune, they had to seek other means to return to power," Natarle explained as she took back the papers that she had handed Kira.

"I don't care what the hell they want! He's my son and you expect me to just hand him over to them?!" Kira responded angrily as he remembered what it was the Peters family was trying to pull.

"I'm not saying that at all so don't worry too much. They are just desperate to fix the damage that had been done to them. They're saying you had someone falsify the DNA tests that were done and are also deeming Lacus an unfit mother for sleeping around behind her husband's back. In reality there isn't really much that they can do. They're just picking at straws," Natarle explained calmly.

"I did no such thing! They don't care that it isn't a child of that bastard! They only care at this point that it is a child of a Clyne. They just want the Clyne fortune to get their own fortune back!" Kira growled again as his fist shook in anger only to calm down when Lacus took it in her own gentle hands.

"Calm down Kira. There's no way that they'll get their hands on Shiro," Lacus said while giving Kira a gentle smile that softened his heart. "We are his parents. We have raised him so far with nothing but love. What can they do to go against that?" she said and Kira took a deep breath before calming down.

"Like I said, don't worry about it. Miss. Clyne has done nothing to show her as an unfit mother. She's gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of your child. I've also had a court appointed DNA analyst do the tests again just to prove them wrong. So you two should just relax a little and wait for the results," she said and the two nodded as they stood up, said their goodbyes and left the room.

"They really are the worst family alive. All you would have to do was tell how Trent turned out and they would be refused in an instant," Cagalli said playing with Shiro in her lap. She'd really taken a liking to her role as aunt in the last few months.

"Good point. That whole family is corrupt. Being raised like that, there's no wonder why he turned out the way he did. Being raised under the impression that money and power were everything and that they could have whatever they wanted," Kira said while bringing out a bottle Lacus ordered him to get.

Lacus got up and took the bottle from Kira and Shiro from Cagalli. "Let's just drop the subject. I'd rather not think of them," she said looking at the smile that her son had as he was held in her arms. "Nothing will ever hurt you either," she said smothering the baby in kisses who squealed in delight.

"Of course not," Kira said with a smile as he stood next to Lacus and rubbed Shiro's head. To the other two in the room it looked like the picture perfect moment for the perfect little family.

The perfect moment for the small family was ruined however when the sound of the doorbell rang throughout the house. "I'll get that," Kira said as he kissed Lacus's cheek and headed towards the door.

Cagalli watched as Lacus smiled at Kira's retreating figure before taking a seat on the couch. "With so little time, you two sure have made quite the family going. The only thing missing is a wedding ring. So when do you two plan to tie the knot?" Cagalli asked since she got used to what had really happened already. The ring on Lacus's finger showed their intent but they had yet to do anything about it yet.

Cagalli admitted that it was a little strange for a while after finally hearing the truth from the two. Yet after the secret was out she noticed such a change between the two of them. The atmosphere seemed so much more at ease and Kira and Lacus seemed so much happier than she had ever seen them before.

"I don't know. Things are too hectic to really consider it. Kira also thinks that it's too early for me since I did just get out of that horrible one. But to tell the truth, I really want to," Lacus responded before a yell of anger startled everyone and made Shiro start crying.

Cagalli and Athrun stood up quickly and headed to the door to see exactly what was happening. Lacus however wasn't so quick as she worried about who would be there that would make Kira so mad.

Lacus walked slowly to the door and saw a familiar face there just as Kira yelled out, "What are you doing here?!" Lacus was wondering that too since the face was one that she was shocked to see here as well.

At the door was a woman. She was much older than any of them. She had grey hair that went to about the middle of her neck. She kept herself well composed despite the yelling she was receiving. After all, she'd need to have that composure being the mother of Trent Peters.

Kira simply couldn't believe the audacity of that family for turning up here all of a sudden. "If you're here to take Shiro like the rest of your family then you're out of luck and I demand that you leave immediately!" Kira yelled at the woman for all that their family had done to them.

"I see you seem to be all better Mr. Yamato," the woman said with composure as she looked him over. "I am here for a reason though, I would like to speak to Lacus," she said quietly as she looked around for the young woman.

"Hell no! I will never let you or any of your family near Lacus or my son!" Kira screamed as he tried to block any view that she had into the house. "Leave now and don't come back!" he yelled again more vehemently.

"I assure you that I mean no harm," she said and was prepared for a comeback when she noticed a hand place itself on Kira's shoulder. Familiar locks of pink hair came into her view and she couldn't help but smile. She also couldn't help but notice an unfamiliar ring on her finger and was glad that she was planning on moving on for that horrible portion of her life. "Lacus," she said gently in a way that was like a mother to her daughter.

"I'm glad to see that you're ok," Lacus said as she gently moved Kira out of the way. The three others in the room were surprised when Lacus reached out and gave the older woman a hug.

Kira was confused but he moved out of the way since Lacus appeared to trust this woman. "What is going on Lacus?" Kira asked trying to get an explanation for her. "Isn't she from that family?" he asked

Noticing Kira's confusion, Lacus just smiled at him and said, "It's alright, if there is one person in that family I can trust, then it is her," she explained with a smile, "After all, she is what I would've become if I hadn't gotten away," she continued.

"I don't blame you for your mistrust after all that they did to you. I don't blame you for hating me either since I am just as much to blame for what happened," Trent's mother said with a sympathetic look to the confused people before her.

"She's like me, she married into the family and was subjected to their abuse," lacus explained to her friends. "Unlike me though, she didn't have someone that helped her get away," she said looking lovingly at Kira.

"I won't stay for long. I've decided to leave as well since there is nothing in that family to keep me there anymore either," the older woman responded as she remembered the loss of her only child. "I don't blame you for his death, so don't worry. He made his choice and let his greed get the better of him and he paid the ultimate price for that," she said with a sigh.

"Please come in and have some tea or something," Lacus urged despite some protests from the others. "It's alright. She won't do anything. Before Kira, she was one of the reasons I was able to make it through those days," Lacus said and the other reluctantly let her do what she wanted.

Kira still didn't trust her but since Lacus seemed to, he decided to just let Lacus do what she wanted and hoped that she was right. So he moved out of the way and the older woman walked into the house.

They all took a seat and the atmosphere became so tense that it could probably be cut with a knife while Lacus was away getting drinks. The three friends just stared at the woman as if waiting for her to try something so that they could throw her out of the house.

"So what are you doing here?" Lacus asked as she came back into the room carrying a tray with some cups and tea. "Sorry if we weren't prepared for your arrival," she said with a smile.

"It's quite alright. I'm just here to check up on you. You know I always saw you as a daughter. I always had hope that maybe you could help my son soften up but I guess that never happened so now I'm just glad that you're alright. I mostly wanted to see if you were really happy here," she said giving Lacus a loving smile.

"I'm quite happy. Kira is a wonderful man that I know I can fully trust my heart to," Lacus responded and the older woman nodded her head obviously glad to see that everything was going good for her.

"You can't have possibly have come all the way here just for that when you could've asked over the telephone," Kira said having a hard time trusting her despite the fact that Lacus trusted her so much.

"You're right. I also wanted to talk to you Mr. Yamato," she responded as she pulled and envelope from the bag that she carried with her. "Here," she said handing him the envelope, "This is a file that contains records of many of the illegal activities that my husband and his family have undergone throughout the years. Think of it as a present to keep them away from your lives. It's up to you as to how you will use them. I have no feelings for that family. I was miserable the entire time there and want to put an end to any suffering anyone else might have to go through because of them," she explained as Kira opened the envelope and examined its contents.

"So you're just giving these to us?" Athrun questioned as he examined the items in the envelope knowing that they could very easily have most of the family arrested and put away for a very long time with the records they were given.

"Yes. I am leaving with no intention of returning to them. I was a failure as a mother. Believe it or not Trent was once a very sweet child. He was abused for that since the family thought money and power meant everything and that feelings were just a weakness. I couldn't protect him from that family for fear for my own safety. I still remember his screams for my help but I was always afraid and didn't do anything unlike Lacus. It's no excuse for what he did and I'm glad that he was at least stopped even if I wish it could've been in a better way," she explained as tears fell from her eyes.

"No one is ever born evil just made to be as such. Shiro could very well have suffered the same fate if I didn't take any actions," Lacus said obviously having heard such a story in the past. "Will you be ok though? Do you have a place to go?" Lacus continued with concern in her voice.

"I have a brother who lives far away from where any of that family lives. He has agreed to take me in. I will be fine Lacus," Trent's mother said as she stood up. "I've taken up enough of you time on my story. It's better if I leave soon. I probably won't see you again Lacus. I'm just glad that you seem happy," she continued as she gave Lacus a hug. "Good bye," she said as she turned and left the house without any issues.

"Do you still think she is as bad as the rest of the family? At least she is trying to make a difference," Lacus said with a smile at her retreating form. She then felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Kira. "I always liked her. She had even tried to warn me before I married Trent but I didn't want to believe it since he didn't seem to be a bad guy. I wish I had taken her advice back then," Lacus said as she hugged Kira.

"I'll send these to the police," Athrun said standing up with the envelope. "Unless they are completely stopped, they will only continue to do what they are doing and will just regain what they lost," he said grabbing his keys and heading for the door with Cagalli in tow.

"That's good. No one will ever have to suffer like me or her ever again," Lacus said as a few tears fell since she was glad that the nightmare was truly coming to an end and that family would never hurt another person again.

***25 years later***

Humming escaped from a young girl's mouth as she skipped along the driveway of a certain house. She carried a doll in her hand and smiled brightly as she walked into the house with her parents in tow. Her short brown hair and lovely blue eyes shined as she looked around for certain people.

"Hey now, don't go running off now," a certain brown haired man said with a laugh as his gentle blue eyes watched his daughter running off. "She certainly loves her grandma and grandpa," he said with another chuckle.

"Well they're wonderful people Shiro," his wife said next to him with a plump stomach. She was a beautiful woman. She had long flowing blonde hair, enchanting brown eyes "Katie seems to love the singing lessons that she gets from mom," the pregnant woman said with a big smile.

"You're right Celine. Sometimes I think she prefers to be here than she does at our own home," an older Shiro said as her wrapped his arms around his beloved wife's waist as they followed after their daughter.

The sight as they walked into the house was their daughter Katie smothering her grandmother with love. "Hi mom," Shiro said as he walked up to Lacus and gave her a big hug. "Where's dad?" he asked as they all walked over to a table and took a seat as his mother took a seat across from him.

"He had an errand to run, he should be back in a few minutes," Lacus said as Katie jumped up onto her lap. "Hey now, take it easy," Lacus said happily to her only grandchild as Katie got comfortable.

The years seemed to be really kind to Lacus. She was forty eight years old and yet she didn't really look nearly that old. Her hair still shined with its natural pink colored and her eyes were still as beautiful as they were when she was still in her twenties.

"So how's the birthday girl today?" Lacus asked her now five year old daughter. Katie gave a great big smile that told Lacus everything. She then turned towards her son and gave a big smile. "I swear, you keep looking more and more like your father the more I see you," Lacus said as she looked at her first born child.

It was true. Shiro was twenty five years old then. His hair was the same messy style as his father's and his face seemed almost identical as well. The only thing that would really tell him apart for his father when he was younger was the fact that his eyes were the same gentle blue as his mother's eyes. His personality was that of his father's and he was currently working for his father at the company and would eventually take over for him when Kira ever decided to retire.

"You think so?" Shiro said with a laugh. Right then two others came walking into the room. They were his brother and sister Rose and Jeremy. "Hey, good to see you two are still doing good," Shiro said as he stood up and held out his arms to his sister.

"The same can be said about you big brother," Rose said with a smile as she hugged her older brother. Rose was twenty two years old. She was the second born of the Yamato family. She was identical to her mother with beautiful pink locks and blue eyes. Her face was identical as well. She had a bit of an attitude at time, something they always blamed her always hanging around Cagalli for.

Then came her twin brother Jeremy. He was born a few minutes after his sister. This was something his aunt always tried to use to prove that she was the older twin between her and their father. None could quite figure out that reasoning. He was like his older brother Shiro since he had the brown hair of his father and the blue eyes of his mother.

Lacus always called it a pity that none of her three oldest children were blessed with the unique violet eyes of their father. That didn't stop her from smothering any of her children with love though.

Compared to his twin sister who was quite intelligent since she put quite a bit of time into her studies. Jeremy was a musician. He had always been quite talented when it came to playing instruments and writing songs. He was still smart in other subjects but not quite the same as his sister who was said to be a genius like her older brother and father.

Shiro slapped hands with Jeremy since the two of them were quite close being the only boys in the family. He then looked around something else. "Hm… where's Karen?" Shiro asked looking around for the youngest child of the Yamatos.

"She's up in her room practicing," Jeremy said quickly. The mention of where she was made Katie jump off of Lacus's lap and run towards the stairs. It was little secret that the five year old like Karen more than her other uncles and aunt because they were more similar in their interests.

They got into some small talk for a few minutes before Katie and Karen came walking into the room with the youngest Yamato happily talking to her niece. Karen was holding Katie's hand and the seemed to enjoy whatever it was that they were talking about.

Karen was the only child still in high school since she was still seventeen years old. Of all the Yamato's, Karen was the only child to inherit her father's violet eyes. Yet she had the lovely pink hair, looks, and personality of her mother. She had always been quite popular for how beautiful she was. This was something that Kira always had a problem with since there were several boys who tried to take advantage of her kind and gentle personality like Trent had done to her mother so many years ago. Luckily none had succeeded.

Another thing Karen took after her mother was her love of singing. This was something that Katie was also quite fond of and trying so hard to learn from both her aunt and her grandma. Jeremy usually helped out by writing songs for her to sing and playing back up for her when she sang in front of people.

Lacus smiled at her family. She thought it was the best possible family that anyone could have. She wouldn't mind having more but felt it was too late for her to do so due to her age. She always wondered what her life would've been like if she hadn't gone on that vacation but those never turned out any good.

"I'm home!" Kira's voice echoed throughout the house as the sound of the door opened and closed. When he turned up Katie launched herself at her grandfather who caught her and lifted her into his arms. "Hey there birthday girl," he said kissing his granddaughter's cheek.

Lacus smiled and she stood up and approached her husband of twenty four years. She gave him a kiss and then gave one to her granddaughter as well when she felt left out. "You were gone for so long," Lacus said mushily which made their children roll their. Twenty four years of marriage and the two still seemed quite passionate about one another.

"You know I'd never be gone long," Kira said making everyone roll their eyes again while thinking of leaving the room to give them space. "Well we'll have more for that later. Right now we have a birthday to celebrate," Kira continued happily.

"Yay!" screamed Katie happily as she scrambled out of Kira's arms to get ready to eat cake and open presents. This caused everyone to laugh as she rushed around while Kira wrapped his arms around Lacus's waste.

"Without them around, this world is so much more peaceful. I'm glad that we were able to be able to have this wonderful family around," Lacus said leaning against Kira's chest happily as she had done many times over the years.

"Yeah," Kira said kissing Lacus's head while taking in the fragrant scent of her hair. "And we still have plenty of time to see and even bigger family," Kira said looking at his oldest son's wife since she was carrying their second grandchild.

"Glad destiny deemed me fit to give me another chance. I almost didn't get it," Lacus responded earning her a kiss to ease her nerves. It still scared her that she had almost been killed before but was glad she got another chance.

A few years after Trent was murdered, they heard that the man that had done it was caught and put to death. This alone made them feel better knowing that the man wouldn't decide to suddenly finish his job or something like that.

"Forget about it. We agreed that we would pretend that it never happened," Kira said and Lacus nodded as they headed off to get things set up for the granddaughter's birthday. Both couldn't help but wonder just what it was that destiny would have in store for them in the future and couldn't wait for it to happen.

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