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You're Not Alone


Ryuuichi pondered the meaning of life, gnawing on Kumagoro's well loved ear. To go a week without Ice Cream... or finish the song..

"Well Ryuu-san?" Tohma's friendly smile was heard in his voice as well as sitting on his face. "What would you like to do?"

Ryuu sighed, and his brow furrowed as he concentrated more. "Well... I guess we should finish the song.."

"Great!" Noriko's bright voice cut in, "Let's get started!"

Ryuu chewed on Kumagoro's ear a bit as the two synth players got set up. Sighing a little he placed Kuma-kun on a chair facing the mic. "You stay here Kumagoro. I'll be done in a bit na no da." He patted the pink head fondly and trotted off to the mic. He had really wanted to go out and walk in the first snow. Turning to look out the window, the singer caught a few flakes drift down past the clear glass...

"Ryuuichi!" An impatient voice cut through his daydreams, he gave Noriko a sheepish look. "You've missed your cue."

"Really? I was just thinking..." He saw the look in the two accompanying band mates eyes that suggested they were only putting up with his childish attitude because they were used to it. "All right, let's do this again." He stubbornly put his back to the window and listened for his cue.

It was nine when the song was finished. The snow had long since stopped falling and the sky was clear. Ryuuichi wrinkled his nose as he stepped into the cold air. It's so much better when the snow is falling na no da... He looked up at the sky and breathed out, watching the puff of breath spread and disappear among the stars. He cocked his head to one side and watched as a tiny flake drifted down from some unknown area and landed on his nose. Giggling, Ryuuichi started to walk home.

"Ryuuichi?" Tohma spoke behind him, "Do you want a ride? It's really cold out tonight.."

Ryuu turned with one of his famous bright smiles, "No thanks Tohma! I told Kumagoro we'd walk home today," he cuddled the pink bunny in his arms, "he wanted to see the snow falling na no da, but he says it's fine just to see it all pretty on the ground right now."

"Well if you're sure..."

"Don't worry Tohma-kun!" Ryuu smiled again, "Everyone will be home with their families this late, especially since it's so cold na no da! There won't be any fangirls to worry about. And if there are I'll give them an autograph. It's really not that hard to write my name na no da."

Tohma had to smile at the last thing the singer stated. His name was one of the only things he could write... well, that was legible. "All right. If you insist-"

"I do na no da!"

"-I'll see you tomorrow." Tohma smiled and got into his car.

Ryuuichi watched as Tohma's car drove off into the night. He would want to be with Mika right now anyway, he mused silently. Noriko had her little girl and husband to get back too... Ryuuichi looked down at the pink bunny in his arms and smiled softly, "At least I've got you na no da.. 'Of course you've got me Ryuu-kun! I'd never leave!'" Kumagoro's pink ears flipped over as he gently scolded Ryuuichi on how he's never alone. Ryuuichi smiled, "Thanks Kuma-kun!" He hugged him, "That makes me feel much better."

Ryuuichi hummed as he walked the route normally taken by his driver. Staring at the bright lights coming from bars and stores he wondered why the people working there didn't just leave. In just a couple of days it was going to be Christmas.. didn't they have family to be with?

"Speaking of Christmas na no da, I've gotta get everyone presents!" After a quick decision he hurried into a large store. "I've gotta be quick na no da.." His eyes swept the shelves, "I don't know when they close... and it's pretty late, ne Kumagoro?" Kumagoro nodded in agreement and looked for things to get the others with Ryuuichi.

..:about a half an hour later:..

"Noriko will really like this necklace na no da!" Ryuuichi smiled up at the amethyst crystal dangling from a silver chain. "She likes shiny things too. Hmm... I think I will get her the earrings to go with it... then she can match na no da!"

The clerk behind the jewelry watched him lazily, "Do you want anything else sir?"

"Mmmhmm.Ó He grinned childishly, "Can I have those too?" He pointed to a pair of dangly amethyst earrings with a small amber crystal hung above each purple droplet.

"Sir are you sure you can pay for all this?" A lady had appeared behind him and gestured to his large load.

Ryuuichi looked back at the expensive desk chair with a built in back massager, the sniper rifle, new laptop computer, the large panther stuffed animal, a really fancy looking guitar, a new and very sleek synth and about a lifetime supply of ice cream and toppings. He blinked, "Yeah, why not na no da?"

"Including the other small stuffed bears getting names on them?"

"Uh huh. But I don't want them all right now. Can you hold them for me na no da?" He grinned cutely.

There was a pause, "Sure... Just put your name and address on this slip of paper.." The lady fished out a piece of formal looking paper and handed it to Ryuuichi. "Sign here." She expertly put an 'X' on the required spot.

Ryuuichi grabbed the pen and scribbled his name down on the paper, "Thank you na no da! I'll pick them up tomorrow!" He paused. "I don't suppose I can get these all wrapped could I...?"

The two store workers stared at the name scrawled on the paper.

"Um..." Ryuuichi shifted, "Hello?"

"Of... of course Sakuma-san!" The lady bowed generously to him several times, "That'll be done for tomorrow, we can deliver them to your house if you want!"

"That would be really nice!" Ryuuichi's eyes lit up, then he stopped, worried, "Would that be too much for you to do? I don't want you working too hard, it is almost Christmas na no da.."

ÒOh no! It's no trouble at all! Only.. would you mind giving me your autograph for my daughter? She really likes your music."

Ryuuichi blinked, "Sure na no da. I just need something to write on." He smiled.

After a few minutes of autograph writing Ryuuichi was able to escape from the store. They almost started a line na no da! Ryuuichi coughed a little, "Hmm..." He held up Kumagoro to his face, "I should get home and get warm na no da... ne Kumagoro? It's kinda cold."

Kumagoro's head tilted off to one side, "Yes, Ryuu-kun, we really should get going, you're going to be late for your favorite show!"

He started walking again. A few minutes later he got to his street. Walking up the sidewalk the singer wasn't paying attention and walked right into a person walking from the other direction.

"Wah!" He fell over into a pile of snow, Kumagoro fell next to him a few feet away. The other person fell over across from Ryuuichi.

Immediately jumping up, Ryuuichi's hat fell off and landed at his feet. "Are you alright? I'm so sorry!" He reached down to help the person up and found himself staring into the deepest black eyes he'd ever seen.

The person stared up at the singer dumbfounded, he opened his mouth to say something and nothing came out.

Ryuuichi blinked a little and giggled, "You look like a fish silly." He took the person's hand and helped him up. Spotting Kumagoro off to the side, Ryuuichi rushed over and picked him up. "Kumagoro! Are you all right?"

The other person stood there and watched as the famous musician talked to a pink stuffed bunny seriously and smiled. Just the way he'd imagined him.

Ryuuichi turned back to the black eyed male and smiled, "What are you doing out here so late? Don't you have a home to go to?" He perched Kumagoro on his head.

The man shuffled his feet a little and muttered, "Not really... they're not too happy with me right now."

Ryuu studied the young man seriously a moment, "Hey! You look like Yuki, but with black hair and eyes." He grinned proudly at his realization, "Are you his son? Wait..." he furrowed his brow suspiciously, "Does Yuki-san have a son?"

A laugh, "No, Yuki doesn't have a kid, he wouldn't know what to do with one." The young man chuckled, "I'm his brother, Tatsuha." He extended his hand. "Nice to finally meet you Sakuma-san."

Ryuuichi took his hand and shook it vigorously, "Nice to meet you too!" He grinned, "Hey why don't you come over for a bit! If you're not going home right now, you should at least be in from the cold." He nodded solemnly at Tatsuha. Was there a hint of pink on his cheeks? Must be the cold.

"S-sure!" Tatsuha's eyes lit up as he smiled gratefully. "It is cold out here."

"Well then, what are you waiting for?" Ryuuichi grabbed Tatsuha's hand and his hat, "C'mon!" He dragged the teen to his house.


Hmm... wasn't expecting that to be so long... I'm planning on another chapter however! So, if you have any small idea's or maybe a few corrections or comments to say to me feel free! I'll be here. XD