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Kiss Shining

"Tatsuha!" Ryuuichi scrambled about, yanking on a pair of nice leather pants as he tried to wake up the other with his lungs. "Hey! Tatsu-kun!" There was a muttering under the blankets as Tatsuha rolled over, still half awake. Ryuuichi fixed the pants and frowned down at the body in his bed. He tapped his lower lip a moment before his eyes lit up with an idea. "Tatsuha, I have chocolate body paint that I just found!"

That got a result. The blankets were tossed back and the singer was then face to face with a rumpled, naked, and sleepy-eyed teenager that looked around eagerly for the chocolate only to find a half leather clad Ryuu. He blinked blurrily, deciding that wasn't so bad in itself before scratching his hand through his hair. "Wasup?"

Ryuuichi sighed, grabbing Tatsuha's arm and hauling him from the bed awkwardly. "C'mon! The party! The party! We're gonna be late, either that or K-san'll burst in here and drag us out- dressed or not!" He turned from Tatsuha and started to look for a shirt. Possibly something form-fitting like his pants, but warm. Warm? He felt Tatsuha place his arms around him, snuggling against his back as he sighed.

"I don't wanna go."

Ryuu could tell right off what Tatsuha wanted to do instead by the way his hands were moving and subtle shifts of his body, but he wouldn't have it. Amazingly flexible after the past couple days, he twisted and wriggled his way out from Tatsuha's grasp before tossing him clothes. "C'mon Tatsuha!" He gave the boy a pleading look. "I've gotta give everyone their presents! I don't want them to think I've forgotten them!" They stood there a moment staring at each other; one with a pleading gaze and the other husky and sleep filled. Finally Tatsuha sighed, stepping back. The singer grinned and glomped his lover. "Great! Now go use the bathroom! And get ready! Hurry! We don't have much time! You made me late na noda!" The famous singer flit out of the room, running to grab something to eat for the both of them so that they could be on their way.

Tatsuha blinked after him, wondering how on earth he could have that much energy that early in the morning. Then again, he mused as he tottered to the bathroom, he would have that kind of energy if they were focusing it on something else, so he supposed that it was possible. Closing the door behind him, Tatsuha found himself grinning again, the memories of the nights before seemed to be nothing but a dream, but the delicious soreness of his body was hard to deny. He stretched a little and took a look in the mirror. Tatsuha grinned more, the expression foolish on his face as he looked at all the little bruises, nips, cuts and other small testimonies of their love that was littered all over his body. He could feel the nips and rough handling of passion all over again, along with the soft-as-silk touch running along his body. The teen shuddered with pleasure at the memory and tried to shake himself out of it before he needed a cold shower. Breathing in deeply, he slowly started to put on his clothes, pulling the pants on (underwear? God no, that stuff was restricting in the worst way), and then the belt to go with it. He looked at his hands and flexed them, staring at them with awe as he thought that those hands had touched Sakuma Ryuuichi. He had touched Sakuma Ryuuichi. THE Sakuma Ryuuichi. He had done more than touch him. Tatsuha grinned. And THE Sakuma Ryuuichi touched him as well. Oh, god, he had to get out of that mind frame. Was he ever out of that mind frame? Now that was a question to consider.

As he slowly began to wake up, Tatsuha managed to make himself look decent for the rest of the day. He didn't need to worry too much about the way he had dressed, counting on his looks to carry him through and make it alright. Dragging his fingers roughly through his hair, the teen ruffled the inky black locks until he was satisfied with the look of them, then he sauntered out of the bathroom to find Ryuu.

"Ryuuichi...?" There was a crash from the kitchen that revealed the other's location. Tatsuha rushed over just in time to see the famous singer struggle to his feet, pots, pans and other cooking utensils around his body. "What are you doing?"

Ryuu looked up and rubbed his arm, suggesting there was a bruise there. "I was just trying to make breakfast before we left..."

Tatsuha moved closer, taking the other's arm and kissing it lightly. "If you're hungry, why don't we pick something up along the way?"

"But... I wanted to make something..." Ryuuichi's eyes seemed to cloud with sadness at the thought of being unable to personally make breakfast for him and his lover.

"I thought you said we had to hurry?" The raven-haired teen stroked his hand along Ryuuichi's jaw. "If not, I can think of something that I'd like to eat... and it doesn't require cooking..." He grinned wolfishly.

"I'd back off, Tatsuha." There was a click behind his head as the barrel of a gun pressed there lightly. The familiar, and currently loathed, sound of a blond American's loud voice spoke again. "Are you trying to get the two of you in trouble?"

"K-san! I didn't hear you come in." Ryuuichi bounced from the clattering metal cooking object and pushed Tatsuha away from the danger of the gun. "Haven't you heard of knocking?"

"Haven't you heard of being on time?" K swiftly grabbed the singer and swung him up over his shoulder. "C'mon, let's go! Do you realize the time? It's late! You're late! How could you be late? Everyone is waiting for you!"

Leaping after them, Tatsuha glared at the trigger-happy blond. "Hey! Put Sakuma-san down!" He found himself staring point blank down another dangerous weapon. "Damn it K! How is it that you're not arrested yet? This is like a freakin' manga! No one cares that some crazy American guy is running around firing off bullets...!" He paused as he remembered a story from his older brother about some psycho chick in a giant metal panda and shook his head. "Isn't anyone around here normal?"

"You, Uesugi-kun, are hardly one to be pointing fingers."

Tatsuha scowled at K-san and made sure that the door was closed behind them as they left. Ryuu had been shouting incoherent rambling as they had moved, and just before he closed the door the singers famed lungs won him audience. "KUMAGORO-KUN IS STILL INSIDE!" The sound reverberated off the walls and down the street. Tatsuha paused and pushed the door open to see Kuma-kun staring at them sullenly from the floor. Before he could even think about why or how Kumagoro had gotten there, he swept down, picked the rabbit up and chased after K, who had ignored the wailing of the singer and continued to the car.

"So, this is a casual thing, right?" Tatsuha brushed over his shirt, stepping out of the elevator into a long, carpeted hallway."With people we know and whatever? No one else?"

"Just a casual affair!" The singer moved on ahead, oblivious to the bellhop who was struggling with the luggage carrier that was piled with presents for the other members of his circle. Tossing his rabbit into the air he looked back and flashed a grin to the teen. "Are you worried?"

Tatsuha smirked back, his walk changing just enough to signify a bolder attitude and perhaps a more cocky air. "Worried? Why should I be worried?"

"Good!" Ryuuichi whipped back around and pushed through two large, heavily decorated, thick doors into a room that was decidedly not casual.

The teen found himself thrown into a situation that would usually not bother him much at all, but now, after those few nights with the famous singer Sakuma Ryuuichi, he felt the first fluttering of nervousness clam around his stomach as he strolled in after the singer. It only got worse when everyone turned to watch them enter. Of course, Ryuu seemed perfectly fine as the spotlight shone down on him, bright and glaring, as he happily hopped over next to Seguchi-san and they bent their heads together in conversation. Tatsuha, on the other hand, while he was used to having a certain kind of spotlight on him, wasn't quite used to this kind of glaring, bright, calculating light. It was almost as if everyone knew how he had spent his past few days… it struck the teen that he shouldn't be embarrassed of what he had done. After all, wasn't it everyone's dream to have been with THE Sakuma Ryuuichi? Wasn't it everyone's dream to have at least touched THE Sakuma Ryuuichi? His shoulders squared back and he let his black pits sweep over the room, a cat-like, satisfied grin spreading slowly over his face as he met and returned the suspicious gazes that were directed at him. He was where they all wanted to be.

A heavy hand landed on his shoulder and an almost bored, if not slightly sarcastic voice mulled in his ear, "Don't let it go to your head. You'll get excited again, and we don't need an embarrassment like that here."

The teen grinned back to his brother. "What? Think I'm gonna embarrass you?"

"You wouldn't be embarrassing me." The almost identical, but obviously older, blond stood straighter and let his gold eyes prowl the room until they landed on Tatsuha again in cold humor. "You'd only be embarrassing yourself, and while that would be amusing to me, I'd rather not have other guests go home with unpleasant memories."

"Since when are you concerned about other people's thoughts?" He turned and raised an inky black eyebrow. "Has Shindou domesticated you or something? Tamed you?"

That earned Tatsuha a dark look. "What? Is your head so far stuck in your fantasy world that you can't understand what it would mean for the people in this place if you were to embarrass yourself and force me to drag you out?"

"Ah, so you are looking out for yourself."

"Look at it however you want."

"Yuuki!" A pink haired Shuichi suddenly appeared next to the blond. "Is it true? I heard Sakuma-san was here!" He looked around eagerly, eyes energetically searching the room for the famed singer.

"Your lover is over there."

"Yuuki! Don't be cruel! You know that…" his voice got lower, as if to hide the fact "…you're the only lover for me."

"Yeah, bro, why would Sakuma want that little pipsqueak anyway? He'd want a real man."

"You're a real man, Tatsuha?"

Shuichi grinned, "You're younger than me."

"I sure don't act like you. You act like you're 3 years old."

"I do not! Yuuki! Tatsuha-kun is being mean to me!"

"Shut up, the both of you. You're giving me a headache."

"Ta-tsu-ha-kuuuun!" The singsong voice came from the other side of the room and the small group of three turned to look at the wildly waving singer. "It's time to give everyone their preeeeseeents!"

Yuki grimaced. "Is he really 31? He doesn't act it. He acts about as old as you." His comment as directed to the currently star-struck and excited Shuichi.

"He's glorious! He's shining! He's a GOD!"

"Good, you can sleep with him."

"WHAT?!" Tatsuha and Shuichi sent identical glares to Eiri.

"Are you kicking me out again-?"

"He's mine-!"

"Better hurry up and go over before he cries or something…" The author gestured to where Ryuuichi was still waving wildly, Kumagoro flailing in the air as he attempted to get the others attention.

Tatsuha gave his brother one more glare before turning and waving to Ryuuichi, sauntering off in his direction.

"Yuki, you wouldn't really kick me out and expect me to go live with Sakuma-san, would you?" A worried Shuichi hung off his arm, staring up at the writer with puppy-dog eyes. "Tatsuha-kun is living with him, and he's a huge perv."

Yuki didn't even look down. "Shut up, brat."

"Yuki you're so mean!"

"If you didn't like it then you wouldn't be hanging around me."

"It's only because I know that deep down you're a good guy!" The other huffed, letting go and sulking in the direction of the other singer.

"Yeah, right. You're just trying to cover for the fact that you're a masochist.

"Gah! Don't say stuff like that!"

The man smirked. He said it only because he knew the other would get bent out of shape, and seeing him flailing about like an idiot was pretty amusing in itself. "The truth hurts, doesn't it?

"You really are an ass!" Shuichi fled to Sakuma-san, leaving the amused Eiri behind.

When Yuki finally came upon Ryuuichi and his adoring fans, the 'present' opening had already started. He wondered, vaguely, what the singer could have possibly gotten everyone that they didn't already have and was rewarded (if one could call it rewarding) when he found a giant stuffed animal shoved in his face.

"And this is for you- along with this." Ryuuichi pushed another, this time wrapped, present at him and bounced off to give something to someone else.

"Having a good time, Eiri-san?"

He glanced down to see Tohma appear beside him, eyes trained on the singer almost like a watchful parent. "Well I was." He dropped the giant panther to the floor and looked at the other present awkwardly.

"Just take it and smile…" The manager said with a smile of his own, slanting his gaze across and over to the author.

Yuki hefted it. "It feels like a laptop. I don't need another laptop." His gaze fell down to the stuffed animal. It stared sullenly back, as if insulted that it had been dropped on the floor. "I don't need that either."

"I'm not sure, Eiri, I think he looks just like you. Sakuma-san has good taste."

The golden haired man glared at the producer. "What did you get?"

He smiled. "I haven't opened it yet. I told him I'd wait until I got home so it could be opened under the tree."

"What? No stuffed animal?"

"Oh no," Tohma's smile turned a bit lazy, "I have one of those too."

Silence fell over them as they watched Ryuuichi spread his famous chaos and 'sparkling' personality, making people bounce around with him as he moved from subject to person to subject. Right next to him Tatsuha and Shuichi vied for his attention, often pushing each other over in their eagerness to be the closest.

"They really are a bunch of fools, aren't they?" Yuki tucked the laptop under his arm.

"Mmm... indeed."

Neither voiced the identical phrase that sounded inside them. But that's why we have to look out for them; that's what makes them so special...

"Mmmmnn!" Ryuuichi stretched, pulling his body to the fullest before he twisted. "That was a good party! It had everything, didn't it, Kumagoro? Fans, lights, shiny things, good food, ice cream, smiles and happiness all around!"

Tatsuha flopped onto the couch next to Ryuu, tilting his head back to stare at the ceiling. "It was unnecessarily long..." and Seguchi-san gave me chills... The black haired teen shuddered at the memory of Tohma when they were eating. He had chosen to sit next to his love, idol, and adorable lover-- which was apparently a very bad idea. Seguchi had not stopped smiling daggers toward him the entire meal. "I feel like he would've killed me if I did one thing wrong..."

"Hmm?" The singer glanced over, Kumagoro's arms in his hands as he had been making the pink rabbit dance around happily. "Who?"

No good, Sakuma-san adores Seguchi Tohma... "Uh, K-san. He kept flailing that gun around. Honestly, shouldn't he be without one?"

"Silly Tatsu! He's a bodyguard! He has to have a gun on him, otherwise if the bad guys come he won't have anything to defend his guardee with!"

"Of course..." Why do I get the feeling he doesn't need a gun to do that...?

"Hey," Ryuu leaned over Tatsuha, "did you have fun?"

The young man blinked, rubbing his eyes slightly as he stared at the image before him. The light from the small lamp illuminated the singer's body, giving him what could be a soft halo. He really is like a god... "Of course." He gave what could be considered a crossbreed of a smile and a grin, "I'll always have fun if you're around."

"But what if I'm not around?"


"I mean," Ryuuichi sat back on his toes, "I do lots of traveling, so I won't be here all the time." Blue-green stared steadily into onyx black. "If you always have fun when I'm around, what'll you do when I leave?"

"Don't be silly." Tatsuha pushed himself up and slung an arm over the couch, grinning, "I'll just have to stalk you wherever you go."

The singer blinked, "Stalk? Isn't that illigal?"

"Not if you don't get caught." He grinned. And I haven't yet.

"You're so strange, Tatsuha-kun."

Tatsuha reached forward, brushing his fingers through the light illuninated strands lining the singer's face. "I'd do anything for you." Uwaahh... so soft. It was amazing how he could feel each individual strand. Had he noticed things like that with his other lovers? Like the way their hair felt in his hands, the feel of their skin against his, the expressions that tumbled across their face... had he ever noticed them?





"Yeah, why? You wouldn't do anything for Eiri-san, would you?"

Way to break the mood... is there a way to bring it back? He scoured his mind. "Well, he is my brother, so of course I would. Mostly. Maybe not." Tatsuha grinned. "He's a big boy, he can take care of himself."

"Hmm..." Ryuuichi looked thoughtful, his eyes turning up to the ceiling for a moment, "you're right. So why would you do anything for me? I'm a big boy too."

"Isn't it obvious?" He got a blank stare and grinned to himself. Of course I have to spell it all out... He pulled himself closer as he lightly ran his fingers through the other's hair, not stopping his movement forward until they were forehead to forehead. "No? It's because," he paused, dramatic effect was good, "I love you."

"Is that so?" Ryuuichi stared at the teen, even if his voice was calm and seemed unconcerned, his heart was pounding. Did Tatsuha feel that way too then? It was okay a few days ago for him to have his chest feel that painfully even after just a few days? He had to stay calm, cool... he'd have to test him a little bit more.

Damn, he wasn't nearly as excited about it as Tatsuha had hoped, "Mmhmm." It was exhilarating to say, however. "What about you? Do you love me?"

"I dunno, Tatsuha, isn't it a bit soon to say that?" The singer looked down at his hand, counting on his fingers how many days they had known each other. Wiggling the measly five digits to the teen, he continued, "We've only really been together for five days." Should I say it? Should I? Would that be wrong? How do I respond to that? Why am I so nervous? Aren't I 31? If he wasn't careful, he's fall off the couch in his confusion.

"Yeah but, we've gone through alot, haven't we?"

"I guess so..." We really have been through lots of things...

"Besides... I've loved you for a long time."

That got Tatsuha a blink of surprise; now he was curious. "You have?"



You're just full of questions tonight, aren't you Sakuma-sama? Tatsuha did his best to remain calm, but it was hard since he felt like his stomach was getting tenderized by a hammer. Saying it out like that and getting such a dull response was difficult, he almost regretted saying anything at all. "Why not?"

"I mean, what do you love about me?"

"What isn't there to love?"

"So everything?"


"And anything."

"The whole package. I'll take it all with no complaints."

The serious stare that had been making Tatsuha so uncomfortable fell away to a frown and a determined glint, "What if a past lover showed up saying that she had a baby by me and she needed money but her mother would only allow me to help out if I stayed at their house as a rightful father and then the FBI showed up saying I had a DUI in America that I had to pay for and it had gathered up so much interest over time that it would strip me of all my money along with helping out with my baby and then Tohma showed up saying that he was in love with me and then Noriko cursed me and made it so I'll never make any more babies ever again and my voice suddenly broke and I couldn't sing anymore and I was left as nothing other than a 31 year old who loved to hug a pink stuffed bunny?"

Tatsuha stared at Ryuuichi, but it seemed the singer was dead serious. Did he say all that in one breath? "Well... I guess..." What did he say first? "I would help you with the baby, live with you in the house so you wouldn't get molested by the scary mother-in-law, I'd stay with you and help you make money again, shove Seguchi-san off a cliff, um, find a witch doctor to break your curse... and find you a job as an auctioneer because even if you couldn't sing I bet you'd be one hell of a fast talker still." He stopped and then added, "And then at night I'd cuddle up to you and that pink stuffed bunny with my teddy bear and we could be nothing more than two lovers who loved to love." Did I miss anything...? He searched back to try and remember what Ryuuichi had said.

"Tatsuha-kun... you sure are strange." Ryuu smiled at Tatsuha, catching the young man off guard as he completely forgot what he was trying to remember. Well, it wouldn't be so bad to wait and say it later, right? He could feel the love for the teen gently encompassing his heart as he just gazed with a smile at the young man.

"Am I?" He smiled back, "I think you're strange." He paused, "I still love you."


"I love you." He leaned in and kissed the shining god-like man before him. "You don't have to say it back yet. Just let me love you..." Let me love you, and I'll stay with you forever. He wrapped his arms around the singer and kissed him again. I promise.

Ryuuichi allowed Tatsuha to kiss him, feeling the gentle energy heat his body slowly, like glowing embers in a fire. The kind that took forever to go out. Was this what it was like to be loved? He could deal with that feeling... he could deal with it for a long time.


"Hey, Tatsuha..."

He cuddled the singer close to him on the couch, watching the blinking lights of the Christmas tree that they hadn't taken down yet. "Hmm?"

"I was just thinking..."


Ryuuichi looked at the teen with a thoughtful gaze, "It's the first time in a long time... that I'm not alone for the holidays." He turned back to look at the tree and leaned on the younger Uesugi sibling. "It's nice... not being alone."

"Yeah..." Tatsuha stared at the tree for a long time before finally speaking when he was certain the other was asleep. "And you won't be alone again." Kissing the top of the singers head, Tatsuha wondered when he had gotten so sappy. It would've been awkward if he didn't mean every word he was saying. "'Cause I'll be here."

A smile curled up the corners of the singer's mouth slowly, "Thank you, Tatsuha." I think I love you too... but I'll tell you that later... when I'm absolutely certain. For now, let's just be together...

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