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Digimon 00

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End…?

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone that would be recognizable in the public domain. Please don't sue me.


Voldemort barely restrained himself from laughing as he stood atop the Astronomy Tower at Hogwarts. Dear, dear Hogwarts. So many memories. He'd made his first kill here, as well as his first horcrux. It would be a shame to have to burn it to the ground. Ah, well, at least this way, his school for the Dark Arts could be made in his image.

"You're liking this, aren't you?" Orochimaru said with a smile.

Voldemort allowed himself a smile as he looked at his friend the snake sannin. "How many students get to destroy the school they had to go through?"

Orochimaru laughed out loud. "Point. I'll have to destroy the Academy personally when we get around to Konoha."

"Are you two snakes done reminiscing over your school days?" Vandal Savage said, smirking wryly at the two 'children', by his standards, anyway. "Because we have a schedule to keep!"

"Oh, stop being so uptight, Vandal," Nerissa said as she watched their cannon fodder of Sound Nin, Death Eaters, and Dark Creatures fighting the forces below them. "Things are going so well."

"Exactly." the immortal said. "Let's not wait for things to go wrong, shall we? We can gloat after our biggest obstructions are dead."

Orochimaru smirked at the boy's impatience. "Re-lax, Vandal. We have all the time in the world."

"That does not mean we should waste it," Savage said as he started arranging what the four of them had to do next.

"So business-like," Nerissa teased, and the two snakes laughed as the last caveman rolled his eyes at their immaturity.


Conner Kent, alias Kon-El, alias Superboy, had been in a lot of fights. He'd been there to help save the world and sometimes the universe on more than one occasion, and the fact he was still around spoke volumes. He could tell when things were going badly.

Things weren't doing badly.

They were worse.

He'd lost track of how badly they were doing a long time ago, and just focused on getting through this alive and trying to save those around him. Normally, the Boy of Steel could do a lot better, but he was fighting evil wizards, dark creatures, and frickin' NINJA, so he was a tad bit out of his league.


Naruto tried to catch his breath before doing Tajuu Kage Bunshin again. A fourth of his clones were instantly destroyed as they appeared.

Naruto sighed as he went back to fighting. It felt like they'd been at this for hours. Those things in the black cloaks were the worst, as nothing but those white summon-things the ones with the sticks created could even make them back off.

Things couldn't get worse, could they?


Hay Lin sent another whirlwind at yet another swarm of people and monsters who looked out to hurt her. Where had Nerissa dug up these things?


Albus Dumbledore tried not to think of the fact most of his students were in grave danger as he kept on fighting, even though he wanted nothing better than to take a nice nap. He was a hundred and twenty-five years too old for this, darn it!


Ken tried as best as he could to stay out of trouble while he supported Stingmon. How the heck had they gotten involved in this?


"They're still holding out!" Nerissa growled out, frowning.

Vandal Savage shook his head in disgust. "Heroes. They just don't know when to quit, do they?"

Orochimaru grinned, biting his thumb. "Time for a little personal touch," the sannin said as he smeared the blood on his tattoo and summoned Manda…


"Alright! Who invited the honkin' big snake?" Plastic Man yelled as he contorted his body in ways that left people feeling sick just looking at it to get away from a wide variety of spells and jutsu.

"It's Orochimaru's!" Tsunade said, punching the ground to cause a small quake and buy them some time. Even though she was Hokage, she wasn't about to miss the chance to kill her former teammate.

"The long-haired snake-y guy?" Irma said as she blasted all those around her with tsunami-force streams of water.

Before Tsunade could reply, the ground directly under combined force of Justice Leaguers, Teen Titans, JSA-ers, Outsiders, Order members, Aurors, Guardians, Chosen Children, Leaf Nins and Hogwarts Students exploded violently, sending them all flying into the air and most into unconsciousness, stunning the rest.

"Oof!" Superman said. He'd felt that!


"Finally!" Vandal said, tossing the modified laptop he'd used carelessly off the roof. "Phase two complete! The portal to the Dark Ocean has been opened."


"Hello, Children," Demon said as he emerged from the portal, followed by hoards of dark beings Hikari vaguely recognized as Dagomon's creatures. "Did you miss me?"

The tired force, usually powerful enough to blow the continent of Asia off the face of the Earth, readied themselves to face another wave. Many of the older Leaf Nins and Aurors were calm, resigning themselves to inevitable Death. Many of the Hogwarts students were collapsing in fear and terror at the army before them, save for a blessed- or cursed- few.

Demon approached, obviously the leader of this wave, but before he'd gotten far, a cry of "Gate of Light!" as heard, followed immediately by a wide been of white energy that completely engulfed Demon. He barely had a chance to scream as he was deleted.

Out of the night sky, a glowing white female angel-like being appeared, looking like an Angewomon wearing HolyAngemon's armor. A lot of males blushed at the skimpiness of her outfit. Plastic Man's jaw literally hit the ground, followed by his tongue as he started to drool. The Guardians of Kandrakar started feeling self-conscious about their figures.

Koushiro quickly checked his laptop and used the old analyzer function. What he saw raised his eyebrows. "MagnaAngewomon," he quoted. "The female equivalent of HolyAngemon/MagnaAngemon. Perfection/Ultimate level, attack is... skip that."

No one listened, or seemed to care.

The Magna Angewomon landed between the tired group and the new wave of enemies. She was soon joined by four others, all of whom Koushiro scanned, as most seemed slack-jawed at the turn of events.

"LadyMyotismon," his laptop read, "the female equivalent of Myotismon. Perfection/Ultimate level. Her Reign of Darkness attack is nigh unblockable, while her Cloak of Blood defense is unbreakable."

"GirlMagimon. A powerful Perfection/Ultimate level mage. Her Striking Soul spell summons paranormal energy for multiple quick yet powerful strikes, and she's drop-dead gorgeous to boot!"

Koushiro blinked at the last line. There were two others, a Lillymon that definitely wasn't Mimi's partner, and something his laptop called a Zephyrmon. The five female Digimon started to systematically hold back the massive hoard arrayed between the heroes and the four on the roof of the castle, giving the tired force a desperately needed breather.

"Where'd they come from?" Will said, staring at the five, who were doing more than all of them combined.

"Who cares?" Beast Boy said, grinning lecherously. "WOO-HOO!"

Jiraiya, the Weasley twins, and Plastic Man obviously agreed.

Before Wonder Woman, Tsunade, and Hermione, the self-declared guardians of morality, could take any action, four figures dropped down from the night sky. Outlined by the flames now licking from the many damage-openings of Hogwarts and by the Digimon's attacks, and the enemies' spells and jutsus, they made a heroic and mysterious tableau, and for a moment, even the seasoned superheroes were slightly impressed by the sight. Then the four drew closer, revealing four teenaged figures. Four familiar teenaged figures.

The jaws of superheroes, wizards, nins and some others dropped as they recognized one of the four.

"What the-!" Cornelia nearly shrieked out, breaking the pause.

One of the female figures grinned, her hair waving slightly from both the wind and her own innate magic. "You were expecting maybe Sailor Moon?"

Another figure, wearing the distinctive swirling-leaf hitae-ate of Konoha, wore a smugly satisfied look at all of the nin staring at them. The figure waved. "Hey everyone!"

Sasuke began to twitch. This was not RIGHT!

The sole male figure coughed gently into his hand. "Uh, girls? Remember why we're here?"

"To show off how kick ass we are?" the one with the forehead protector said.

The boy smothered a grin. "Besides that," he said.

For a moment, everyone stared some more.

"Why are you here?" Taichi said.

The tallest girl grinned, her hair looking like the sun, the way it was lit by the ambient light. "We're here to save the day, kid. So, ready to save the world again…?"


- To be continued... someday… far, far away…


A/N: Why is this supposedly a Digimon fic? Well, I remember Apocalymon once saying that before the Zero One Digidestined/Chosen Children was another group who defeated/sealed him. This is my take on who those are and what exactly they did to the big brute. Shown in flashbacks, of course. They have this mess to deal with already!

The first three mentioned female Digimon are made up. As for the mixed terminology, I'm going by the Diaries-universe theory that whether you're called a Chosen or Digidestined, as well as the name of your Digimon, is dependent of where you live. Speaking of which, check out Lord Archive's Diaries series. It's great!

Yeah, the villains are a bit too friendly. The reason? They actually are friends. I'll explain later in the fic. Just be patient.

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