It's not a date!

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Summary: Morrigan loves rubbing in the fact that Lilith doesn't have a man of her own. When a block party occurs in the human world, Lilith is determined to show off a hot man of her own. But being a succubus, she can only accept demonic men. So who, who I ask you, could be this man:: Jedah :

Hsien-ko: Hahah! Lilith is getting Jedah? Black M., this is the most genius thing you've ever done!

Me: don't forget you're in it too.

Hsien-ko: wait a minute, this is a Darkstalkers story? Holy crap! I better get in place!

Me: yeah, you do that. Enjoy……

Lilith was walking away from the Dark forest of Neverlife, a.k.a. the hangout of all crap-flinging demon monkeys. But at the moment, they were having lunch. Anyways, she had another feud with her sister, Morrigan, about the fact that she has no man.

"I want a man too," she mumbled, "Why couldn't Demitri be mine? That's the last time I play hide-and-seek with Morrigan."

She saw Q bee holding a cup in front of a bee's nest, or just bee hive. She took a sip from the cup, sampled it, and threw the cup into the nest.

"No! Wrong again!" she yelled, "Stir the mixture more fluently, and I want two fingers."

"Yes your highness," said a small voice from within the bee's nest, err, bee hive.

She sat down on a rock as she fumbled about B's and P's and Q's and D's. Something about the lowercase versions having too much in common. She spotted Lilith walking by and greeted her; she ignored.

"I said hi," she repeated.

"Oh, sorry I didn't see you there," she apologized as she sat on the rock next to her.

Q bee noticed her mind was on something. She could always tell because she tends to fickle her wings whenever she does. Either that or throw rocks at a cactus or encourage a kid with a bb gun.

"Wha'cha doin'?" she asks playfully.

"Morrigan and Demitri are going to a dance party and it's couples only."

"I don't see what the big deal is."

"She won't shut up about me not having a man to take. Ugh! I need someone, anyone would do."

Q bee pondered for a moment. Then a thought hit her.

"What if you take someone who'll temporarily be your date?"

"Sure I guess that could work," she said honestly, "but it can't be just anyone. It has to be someone who's unholy, demonic, and handsome for my tastes."

"Hmm. Well that'll be difficult. Especially since all the guys here who have the stuffing are undead or just plain smelly."

"How do you do it Q bee?"

Again, she pondered for a moment.

"I guess you just have to be yourself. It got me where I am today."

A small soul bee flew next to her, holding, with great difficulty, some fine honey. She looked at it and said.

"I said two fingers," she held up her index and pinkie finger and knocked it away, "bitch!"

"Well, now that we've got that down, all we need to figure out is who would be my date?"

"Temporary date."

"Right. But who could it be? Who's out there that matches my breed to near perfection? Who, I ask you, who?"




"I can't believe I'm doing this," Lilith said.

"Quiet, he's opening it," Q bee said.

From the other side of the door, locks could be heard unlocking variously. The door slowly opened to reveal none other than…..Jedah.

"What is it you- oh, it's you two. What d'ya want?" he said with much rudeness.

Q bee pushed Lilith towards him. She tried her best to put up a smile, but failed miserably. Still she smiled, but anyone could tell she was trying.

"Jedah," she said through her teeth, trying to sustain a smile, "it is with great intention and urgency that I, Princess Aensland the second, propose an offer to you, a dark messiah, an invitation to a celebration threshold with no purpose whatsoever in recognition of my respect and humiliation of my sister, Princess Aen-"


"But it's by Aensland rights that I must speak like this. For that I, Princess Aensland the third-"

"I thought it was second," Jedah interrupted.

"You actually listened," Lilith said, ACTUALLY impressed.

Q bee sighed; it was obvious that she was stalling as much time as possible to get out of the deal.

"Look," she said, "it's plain and simple. Lilith is asking you out to a dance party as her date."

Lilith and Jedah were silent. Jedah didn't stay silent for long.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! You seriously expect me to play along such unnecessary deeds!" he said wiping the tears of laughter away from his eyes.

"You don't have to be her date," Q bee said, "all you have to do is pretend to be her date just to get Morrigan off her back."

"Please Jedah?" Lilith said with the puppy eye dog look.

Apparently, Jedah was not falling for it.

"I…… don't think so."

He retreated into his house to close his door, but Q bee set her foot to prevent him from closing it completely.

"Listen here Dark messiah mister," she said, "I'm helping this girl with her sister and I'm not gonna let this minor obstacle get pass me. Either you go with her to the dance, or I'll email everyone those pictures at last years New years party."

"Gasp! You said there was no film in that camera," Jedah said.

"So what's it gonna be Jedah?"


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