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Kagome's mother, being very detail oriented and just ever so slightly insane, had every last second of her daughter's wedding planned down to molecule placement.

Literally. There was an entire subchapter on it in her plans-volume 8, chapter 46 to be specific. But I digress.

To Kagome, the most interesting part was seeing Kouga in a tuxedo. He did a great job of not being visibly uncomfortable, but she could tell. Especially since it was rtental and didn't have a tail hole. But this was Kagome's day, and Kouga loved her (and feared her mother) too much to ruin it. As such, he behaved much like he had at the dinner date, hospital, and house: he did only what he had been instructed to do, and when he did diverge from the plan, it was very well controlled.

Kagome smiled as she looked at him on the altar, physically uncomfortable yet happier than he had ever been in his entire life. 'No way Inuyasha would ever have been this well behaved...' she sighed. 'At least not without pouting constantly...

It's the little differences that make Kouga stand out. I mean, both of them are immature, stubborn, proud, overprotective, possesive, and horny. But Inuyasha is hopeless, and irritating. Kouga changed for me, and he really, really loves me. I mean, maybe Inuyasha loved me a little bit, but most of that was just because of Kikyou, and besides...he never really tried to change.

Ideally, yeah, he shouldn't have to. The perfect guy should be just that.

But he doesn't exist. The fact of the matter is that he starts out as just another guy, and the difference between them is that the one that's right for you will always change for you-but it's not an outright change. Kouga didn't change who he was for me. He just toned down the negative qualities. Inuyasha had even longer than Kouga to do so.

It's his loss, isn't it? And I'm not the shallow type, but Kouga is definitely hotter than Inuyasha.' Kagome chuckled to herself as she heard her cue, and Grandfather Higurashi appeared at her arm. 'Well, here goes nothing...'

Sango smiled as she glanced at Miroku, who had been succesfully sexed into a coma.

Okay, so he was irritating. And incredibly perverse. And a hypocrite. But he loved her. He had even changed for her...sort of. He had fiven up his debauchery, but he was still a lech...but he was a privately owned lecher now. There was only one woman he groped and got beaten into a bloody pulp by.

Well, the "bloody pulp" bit had always been Sango's exclusive pleasure. But now the catalyst was all hers as well.

She didn't really mind the groping anyway.

Inuyasha sat on the highest branch he could reach, hopelessly alone.

The girl he'd loved was dead, and the girl he thought he could love might as well be.

He had known from the second Kouga proclaimed his love for her that it was going to be a problem. He could tell from the look on her face. He had certainly never seen her quite so flattered, not until the one time Inuyasha cried when he thoughr she was dead.

But of course, he had to go mess that up by yelling at her.

Looking back on everything, he realized what had happened. Although initially he and Kouga were roughly equal (though Kouga was much more open), but Inuyasha was first in her mind based solely on proximity and the fact that she had met him first. However, Kouga slowly catered himself to make up for Inuyasha's slack. He stopped fighting over Kagome despite Inuyasha's attempts to provoke him. He had stopped crying his love from mountaintops but still never lost the chance to remind her. He was always willing to sacrifice himself, despite the fact that he usually left fights he couldn't win.

'The wolf may not be very smart, but he always was good with strategy...' Inuysha pouted. 'I could've changed too...

But no, that's not right...I had much longer than Kouga to change. I was with her for almost a year before we met him. I could've done something. If I hadn't prvoked him, or cheated on her, or been more open, or less reckless...

Fine. It's just another competition, isn't it? Well, I can change too, you mangy wolf. Just wait and see.'

Shippou doesn't get an epilogue because he's annoying. I'm sure he went to go live with Kouga and Kagome, and Kouga eventuallly grew to like him. Or at least not completely hate him.

The wedding had been the oddest thing Kouga had ever experienced. The horribly uncomfortable suit, the weird guy in the robe...but everything was okay when he saw Kagome walking up the aisle towards him. He forgot that he was in a foreign time, in front of people he didn't know, and in a horribly uncomfortable suit.

She was more beautiful than he had ever seen her.

From that moment on, everything sort of blurred together for him. He muttered a yes when spoken to by the weird robey guy, he vowed to love Kagome for as long as he lived, and he kissed her more deeply than he ever had when told to do so.

Perhaps a bit too deep, actually...the had to be pulled apart. But still. Best. Kiss. Ever.

But what was better was what Kouga knew to be waiting. As he ran with Kagome through a virtual maelstrom of rice towards a really, really long car-thingy, barely able to restrain himself from attacking his ricey assailants, all he could think about was their destination.

In lieu of a honeymoon was Kouga's half of their binding cermonials, the mating ceremony.

Okay, so that wasn't much of a digression from a typical honeymoon. But that's beside the point.

They returned to the feudal era, apologizing profusely to the confused chauffer, who had no idea why he was being instructed to park and wait in front of a decrepit old well. But whatever. He was well paid.

They went to Kouga's den, pausing briefly to explain things to Ginta and Hakkaku, who spread the word. A simultaneous howl announced the ceremony to the rest of the tribes (Ayame punched seven or eight holes into her own den. Her own den made of diamond.

Okay, not diamond. But it was still really, really hard rock.)

Kagome dressed in traditional furs and armor (a beautiful sight for Kouga, yes, but somewhat futile considering what they had to do)

It was the best night they had ever had.

Four times.

And a half, if you count that last thing. But whatever.

The nature of the ritual assured that Kagome was pregnant the first time, the others, despite Kouga's claim of "just to be sure", were all for fun.

Lots of fun.

Okay, so there mayyyyy be a sequel involving them actually having the kid. but it's going to be SHORT if it is. Maybe three chapters, on per trimester. Maybe nine, one (short) chapter per month. Or maybe a long oneshot.

Don't wait up on it though...

I do have an insane amount of oneshots in the works, though. So there will be something.

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