Title: Precious

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and other characters. That belongs to our genius author, J.K.Rowling.

Author: Hellish-Hex

Rating: T

Pairings: Mainly TomxHarry and DracoxHarry, probably more.

Warnings: this Slash. Don't like it, don't read.


Harry had a brother named Tom. When his parent died, Tom promised his Mum to protect Harry and to always keep him smile. Promise made Tom over-protective of Harry. Even about with whom Harry befriends and always want to get into Harry's problems.


"MUM!" brunette and wave haired boy called. His eyes were red and He had pale skin. So, what always people thought about 'The-sun-would-never-kiss-the-7-years-old-boy-skin' was true. The boy ran to His only Mum, grinned.

"Tom Marvolo Potter. Are you remember what I said about hurriedly run?" a woman who has wave red hair asked. She had emerald eyes that mesmerized everyone. Her belly slightly looked fat caused by a 6 months baby she kept. There was no doubt that she was the boy's mum. Her name was Lilian Potter and everybody called her Lily.

"Uum... You mean 'to not to do it'?"


"Well, well, well. Isn't it my lovely wife and my champion son who was talking and chatting in the first place together? Mind if I join you?"

"Dad!" little Tom hugged his dad.

"Hullo, Sirius! Remus! Peter too!" Tom greeted on his dad's lap when he realized that his dad's friend were there.

James Potter was a handsome man with a messy black hair and brown eyes that wore glasses. He was brave and intelligent man who was the owner of big company that was the one of the most successful and popular company around wizarding world.

James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter were friends from childhood until now. They even had a nickname to call each others: James as Prongs, Sirius as Padfoot, Remus as Moony and Peter as Wormtail. Sirius black who was Tom's godfather (and the baby's) had a handsome face. He was a determined man. He formerly known for his 'Trouble-maker' and 'Heart-breaker' title in his school with James as his partner (they couldn't even count how many girls cried because of them). Remus Lupin was a kind and patient one, formerly he was the one who used to separate James and Sirius if they started argue and fight with another groups. And the last one was Peter Pettigrew. He was an improper and coward guy that made he always hide on the back of the three.

"Okay, Champion. What are made you so happy today?" James asked.

"Because, dad, I will give it to mum" he groped his pocket with his chubby fingers to take a lily flower. He broke off from his dad's lap then ran to his mum.

"My Fair Lady, this flower is enchanting like you. So, I think it will be the best gift for you" little Tom kneeled on the ground and raised his right hand to give the flower while his left hand placed on his chest.

"Oh my god... So sweet of you, my little prince"

"You know guys, I think I'm jealous with my son" James sulked.

"No, Prongs! You must proud with your son, because whether you like it or not, he had been beaten you at 'flirting' skill. Tom you made me so touched, I'm very proud of you champion, unlike your father" Sirius dramatically said.

"Sirius, you are Traitor!" James yelled and their behaviors were enough to make everyone burst out laughing.

"So, mum"

"Yes, Tommy"

"Because I was so kind to you can mum granted my request?"

"What's that, Tommy?"

"I want mum to let my little brother out from your belly. I want to play with him!" little tom requested innocently while his hands stroke his mum's belly.

"Request rejected Tommy, sorry"

"B-but... Why? I'm a good boy and I'm sure that my brother also bored in there. So, mum, please" now Tom attacked his mum with his puppy dog eyes.

"You must listen to your mum, Tommy. Your brother can't be bor- out from there yet" Remus advised.

"I agree... And I-I think you must wait H-him for 3 moths, Tommy- Err... At least that what's i know" Peter agreed.

"3 fucking months! But that's so long! I want my brother, NOW!"

"Language Tom! Where did you get that word from?"

"Um... From dad?"

"Hey, I thought that was our secret, Champion"

"I supposed to know 'bout that. JAMES POTTER!"

"Sorry Lily! I promise that I won't teach it to Tom again!" James begged.

"Mr. Potter you still has responsible of this"

"Yeah Lily, beat him into pulp! Hell yeah!" Sirius encouraged.

"Don't encourage her, Padfoot. You don't want your best friend to end up like this, do you? And you bloody talking shit!"

"Huh? I'm not say anything wrong and I'm not the one that taught Tommy to say bad words"

"You two don't say anything like that! I'm 6 months pregnant and I don't want the first word that my baby say is in wrong language!"

"Mum, let them be now, we still have negotiation" Tom whined while his hand pull his mum's cloth.

"You already know the answer, Tommy"

"But- mum!" Tom pouted, he looked so cute. "Please"

Lily sighed slowly and then kneeled on the ground to look at Tom' red eyes. She cupped her son's chin and up it. So, their eyes locked each other. She sighed once again and started to talk.

"Tom, your brother can't be born yet. He is not ready for it. If you asked why... I will explain" she stopped to take some air.

"If your brother be born now. His body will weak and easy to attack by diseases. And if that happen you can't play with him because he must rest in his room all day, he can even die anytime. Can you imagine that?"

Tom nodded.

"You want that happen?"

Tom shook his head quickly.

"Good, now my little prince. Give me your smile"

Tom smiled.

"And this is for you" Lily give him a seed of flower to him. She chuckled when she caught her son confused face.

"Believe me Tom, if this flower beautifully blossomed. Your brother will be born safely as soon as possible. So takes care this seed until blossomed, will you?"

"Just believe you mum son" James softly supported.

Tom grinned. wider than usual. He tightly holds a seed that his mum gave to him. He will. He'll plant this Lily seed and take care it until it blossomed. Then his baby brother will born safely and can playing with him.

He giggled imagine that he will play with his baby brother soon.


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