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Chapter 4

Even though Wilson realized what he had just heard, he wasn't quite sure what it meant. Peering into House's eyes, he squinted as he tried to determine if his friend was being sincere or merely playing with him. For the next few moments, the two friends sat quietly eyeing each other from across the table. Wilson knew they were very close to crossing a line that could alter their friendship forever.

"I assume you heard what I just said," House said, finally breaking the silence.

Wilson scratched his head slowly. "I heard you. But…I'm not sure I get it."

"So I'm not the only one having a problem with English tonight." House paused. "I said I wanted to feel your hair."

"You do," Wilson repeated, mainly for his own clarification.

"Yep. Not to mention some of your other Wilson goodies," House quipped, his eyebrows raised suggestively.

"My goodies?" The oncologist regarded his friend. "Where is this coming from?"

"I guess for you it seems to be coming from out there somewhere…the blue." House held his arm up as he pointed towards the window.

"I'd say that's pretty accurate."

The older doctor tilted his head to the side. "You really had no idea."

"None. Or are you joking?"

"I never joke about sex," House said, his face deadly serious.

"Right." Wilson wasn't in the mood for House's sarcasm. "Maybe we should continue this conversation another night," he said, pushing his chair out as he stood. He began removing the empty bottles. As he reached across the table, the other doctor grabbed his wrist. Wilson tried to pull his hand away, but House held him in a firm grip.

"You started this, Wilson. Now we're both going to finish it," House said with a cautionary tone, releasing Wilson's wrist. The young doctor placed his hands on his hips as he cast his eyes towards the floor. House was right about him starting this…but as far as finishing it…he had no idea how.

"Come sit by me," House said, his voice softer.

Wilson laughed hesitantly. "This is really weird," he said, tilting his head as he studied his friend, almost feeling as if he were seeing him for the first time.

House chuckled. "Weird doesn't cover it. Now get your ass over here," he said as he patted the chair next to him. Wilson shrugged and walked around the table towards the other man. As he approached, House pulled the chair out inviting him to sit. Wilson sank down into the seat, taking great care to keep his attention anywhere but in House's direction. He lightly drummed his fingers on the table waiting for something to happen. A moment later, he felt House's hand in his hair, gently running his fingers through the silky strands. It felt amazing. He smiled, his eyes concentrating on his own hands as he rested them on the table.

"Oooh, soft," House purred. "Really soft." He continued to glide his fingers through Wilson's hair. "You use baby shampoo?"

Wilson laughed as he turned to face his friend. "We make quite a pair."

"You think?" House's hands were still in Wilson's hair, which was now tousled and sticking out in all directions. The older doctor smiled at his friend's disheveled appearance. "The thing is," House said, "I have no idea what to do now."

"Well, what would you do if I were a woman?"

House tenderly smoothed Wilson's flyaway strands and leaned back in his chair. "Depends….what woman?"

Wilson rolled his eyes. "Jesus, House, I don't know, any woman."

"My Mother?"

"That's just creepy."

"Your Mother?"


"Okay, okay. If you were a woman…let's see…." He held up his hands to illustrate his words. "I'd probably have one hand down her blouse while my other hand would be fondling her…."

"Never mind …I don't want to know," Wilson said as he turned his face away.

The older doctor was amused by his friend's display of jealousy. "Are you sure? It might help with the mood."

Wilson shifted his eyes towards House. "At this point I'm not sure of anything." He looked steadily into the other man's blue eyes. "So, Greg… are you gay?"

"Well, Jimmy, I like to think of myself as very appreciative."

Wilson frowned. "Meaning what exactly?"

"Meaning, I can appreciate your adorable ass while also appreciating the lovely Dr. Cameron's at the same time. And then there's always Chase…." He grinned. "It's so much fun being me."

The oncologist's heart sank. "So…this is only physical for you."

"I didn't say that."

"It must be the beer," Wilson said, shaking his head quickly attempting to clear his mind. "What are you saying exactly? And speak slowly."

House made a point of lowering his head to Wilson's level and looked directly into his eyes. "I. Like. You."

"Yes, House, I got that already."

"No. I. Really. Like. You. Are you understanding me now?"

The young doctor sat up. "You're saying you like me."

"How are you with sign language?"

Wilson scrunched up his face. "Just tell me what you're getting at."

House sighed. He leaned forward and grasped Wilson's shirt, pulling him close as he lightly pressed his lips against his friend's.

Wilson hesitated, totally caught off guard by House's actions. But it didn't take long for his entire body to react instinctively, leaning into his best friend as the kiss steadily grew more intense. After a few moments, House released his grip and they slowly parted.

Wilson cast his eyes towards the floor and remained silent as he recovered from the unexpected encounter.

House frowned. "You no like?"

"No, I like…I like a lot." Wilson sighed. "But now I've just given you a reason to gloat," the young doctor said as he turned his attention back towards House.

"When have you ever known me to gloat?"

Wilson rolled his eyes. His expression turned serious. "It was better than I imagined…and I did imagine," he said as he stared into his friend's eyes. He smiled. "What about you?"

House tilted his head. "Well…just to be sure, I feel the need to retest." He leaned into Wilson until their lips touched, reaching his arm around his back and gently pulling him closer. The young doctor responded enthusiastically, completely drawn to his friend, closing his eyes and savoring the feeling of being enveloped by the one person he trusted and cared for most in the world. He had envisioned what it would be like to be touched by House, but the reality far surpassed his imagination. They reluctantly separated.

"Sweet." House quipped.

Wilson thought about what he and House had just done….they kissed each other….twice. He shook his head slowly. "This is nuts."

House nodded. "The world is a nutty place."

"Are we making a mistake?" Wilson wanted to pull the words back the moment they escaped his mouth. As far as he was concerned, this was no mistake.

House leisurely leaned back in his chair. "Haven't a clue."

"You have no clue. You're the genius."

"You're the babe magnet."

Wilson raised an eyebrow. "This is true." He cocked his head, scrutinizing House from head to toe. "You do have this cutesy curmudgeonly thing happening, but I wouldn't exactly call you a babe."

House scowled. "I have feelings too you know."

The oncologist smiled but said nothing. He thought about the evening's unexpected turn of events. Truth be told, he felt good…exceptionally good. He glanced over towards House who was watching him intently. Seeing the affection reflected in his friend's eyes made him feel hopeful for the first time in months.

The sound of House's voice jolted him out of his reverie. "What's life without risks?" he was saying as he tossed a coin into the air. "Heads!"

House caught the coin and slapped it onto the kitchen table. As he slowly lifted his hand he peeked under his palm and smiled. "Heads it is… the gods have spoken."

"And what if it had been tails?" Wilson asked.

House held up the coin turning it over in his hand allowing his friend to get a better look. "Double sided coin… no chance of losing."

Wilson smiled. "Figures. So…I guess you can say this is a win-win situation." As he spoke, his stomach began growling…loudly, attracting House's attention. The older doctor looked at his friend's stomach, his eyebrows raised. "Do you have a puppy in there?"

"I'm starving," Wilson said, his face scrunched into a frown. "Haven't eaten since breakfast. Buy me a steak."

House snickered. "Giving orders already? So if I buy you dinner, what's in it for me?" he asked as he reached up to brush a strand of hair from his friend's forehead.

Wilson furrowed his forehead in thought. "Well…. if you're nice, I may let you have your way with me."

House shifted his eyes up towards the ceiling and contemplated the offer. "Hmm..." He looked at Wilson. "And then you'll wash my car?"

The young doctor smirked as he pushed his chair back and stood, handing House his cane. "Depends," he said. "What's in it for me?"

House placed his arm around Wilson's shoulder as they walked out of the kitchen. "Jimmy, my friend, this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship."


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