The Night I had to Baby-Sit

"Pete?" I heard a squeaky voice behind me.

"What?" I groaned and turned around to see my little brother, Fudge, now 6, behind me.

"Where's Grandma?"

"At Shelia's house." Now that she was married to Shelia's grandfather, she usually stayed there, atleast in the nights.

"Can I go there?"

"No! Go to sleep! Its past eight and tomorrows school!" My parents were at a late night party, leaving me in charge of Tootsie and Fudge. Not such an easy job.

"Noooo!" exclaimed Fudge.

"Go now!" I said pointing to his room.

"No! I want Grandma!"


"Because! She's gonna die tonight!" he said wiping his eyes.

I was eating a cookie when he said that. I almost choked and said "Whaat!"

"I know it sounds silly, but my friend Freddy told me! If you have gray hair you die on the 20th night of September! Today is the 20th night of-"

"Go to sleep now! Grandma's alive, I know more than your big fat friend named Freddy! Now go to sleep!"

"Tuck me in!"

"Fine!" I groaned. Why did I have to baby-sit him? Tootsie was even better.

After I tucked him in, I went to the living room and took out a movie. I was watching it until I heard Tootsie scream.

I ran to her and found her on the floor in her room.

"FUDGE!" I yelled. I picked her up and put her in her crib, when she slept, I found the pest.

"What on earth was Tootsie doing on the floor?"

"I was taking her to my room!"


"Uhh…because! I couldn't sleep so I was going to take her to my room to sleep with me…"

"Don't touch her Again!"

"Okay okay!" he said. But he was smiling.

I decided to take Tootsie with me to the living room, just incase. Nothings impossible with Fudge.

I watched the movie when it was finished. Than I peeked into Fudge's room when I saw him singing by the window.

"Grandma, I love yooou!

Your so nice!

Please don't die!

I wish I could give you some monster spray!

I don't want you gone Just because you have gray hair

This is sooooooooo noott FAAAAAAAAIR!

I love yooou!


Don't die tonig-"

"Fudge?" I said raising my eyebrows.

"Hey Pete!"

"SHUT UP AND SLEEP!" I shut the window. That was kind of hard because Tootsie was still in my hands.

"But will Grandma die?"

"Whattya think?" I said, rolling my eyes.


"Your're soo smart!"

"Thanks! Can I call her…PLEASE?"

"All right, All right!"


"Wait, first go to sleep!" I said.

"Okay but than can I call her?"

"Yeah. Sure. Go to sleep and than you can call her."

"Your soo nice Pete!" he shouted.

"SHHHHHH! Or I won't let you call her!"

"Okay!" Than he slept.

"Wow, he's smart!" I thought

I put Tootsie in her crib. Than I went to the kitchen and took out some ice cream, when I heard footsteps.

"BOOO!" said a kids voice behind me.

"Oh my! I'm sooo scared!" I said sarcastically.

"Gotcha! You actually believed that I slept! HA HA!" he laughed like crazy while I stared at him. I stood up and yelled,


"WAAAAAAAA!" I heard Tootsie cry from Mom and Dad's room.

"Oh Super!" I murmmered.

"Upside down, Oh super!" said Fudge.

"FUDGE! IM WARNING YOU!" I said pointing to his room.

"Keep warning me! Ha ha!" he laughed like crazy.

I decided to get Tootsie first. Fudge was right behind me. I picked Tootsie up, shoved Fudge away and than took her to the rocking chair and rocked her asleep. Fudge just sat there grinning.

Finally I said, "What?"

"Merry Christmas!" than he laughed so hard until he got the hic cups.

I stared at him. "What?"

"Your sooo smart!" than he laughed again, in between hiccups.

"For your information its September..not December, smartie pants."

"I know its September and not December!Its called a JOKE!" than he giggled.


"You cant make me!" he said jumping up and down.

"Oh yes I can!"

I put Tootsie in her crib. Than I picked Fudge up and held him upside down.

"Put….Me…DOOOOWWWWN!" he was purple.


"NOWWWW!" he started to cry.

"Will you bother me or Tootsie again?"




I put him staraight and watched his face turn purple to blue to pink to tan.

"Now go!"

He left as I picked up Tootsie and sat in the living room. She fell asleep quickly.

When she was finally asleep, I checked on Fudge. He was asleep too. Thank god!

I put Tootsie In her crib. Than I started reading.

That's when I heard Tootsie cry, again.

I came into the room. And guess who saw.


Holding Tootsie.


"FUGDE!" I screamed and snatched Tootsie away. She was all pale. She sighed a small sigh when she became "herself" again.

"Why did you do that?" I asked, loudly.



"I felt like it."


"Because you do it to me when I annoy you…sooooo I did that to her because she was annoying Me! OKAY?"


"Fine!" he yawned. Finally! He's tired. I thought.

He went to his bed, me, following him, with Tootsie.

I waited ntil he fell asleep, like snoring and all.

I fell asleep on the sofa with Tootsie in my hands.

The next thing I knew Mom woke my up.



"We're back sweetie. Give me Tootsie. What was she doing in your arms?"

"Looong story." I yawned.

Mom just laughed.