" The next day, when I came in from school, I found Mom making dinner, and Fudge singing next to her. Tootsie was on the sofa, in the family room, watching Dora the Explorer.

"Hey Mom." I said. I flopped my backpack on the floor.

"Hi honey." She said. She looked up at me and smiled. "How was school?"

"Great." I said.

"Good." She answered and than went back to cooking.

I went to my Mom and Dad's room and went on the computer. I played my favorite games, until dinner. I heard Fudge calling me.

"Petee!" he yelled.

"Petee?" I asked.

He started laughing as if I said the world's funniest joke. I rolled my eyes and went into the kitchen and sat down on a white chair.

Tootsie was next to me. "Pe!" she said.

"Pe?" I asked.

"Pe! Pe!"

"Huh?" I asked. She wasn't potty trained yet so why was she saying that?

"Pe! Up!" she said. She wanted "Pe" who ever that was to pick her up.

"Who's Pe?" I asked her.

"Yoo!" she screamed. "Up!"

"Oh! I'm…Pe?" I said. It didn't sound right.

"Pe!" she said.

I picked her up and washed her face. It was dirty with all the carrots she was eating.

Than we sat down. Dad got home.

"Hello everyone." He said.

"Hi Dad." I said.

"Hi hon," said Mom, as she placed the dinner on the table. "Peter, put the cups."

I did as I was told. Than I plopped on my seat again. Tootsie was in her high-chair playing with a piece of paper. She put it in her mouth.

"Tootsie!" I jumped up and snatched the paper out of her hand. Tootsie screamed.

"Peter!" said Mom.

"She was eating paper!" I said. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh No! Tootsie!" she said.

Tootsie screamed even louder. Just than I heard munching. I turned around to see Fudge eating some paper.

"FUDGE!" I yelled.

"Huh?" he asked, as he put another big piece in his mouth. He munched and munched. Than he gulped it down. Tootsie was watching him in astonishment.

"Farley Hatcher!" yelled Mom. "You are in big trouble young man!"

"I'm not a young man. I'm a boy." He said in a small voice.



"Sit down on the table NOW!" she said. Than she turned around to make the salad.

I went into the family room, and watched T.V. That's when I heard a glass break and a pot fell down. I turned around to see Fudge sitting down in the table, looking down at the pot with the food all over the floor.

"FUDGE!" we both screamed.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" asked mom.

"Sitting…on the table."

"You sit in chairs smartie pants! Not tables" I yelled.

"You ruined DINNER!" said Mom.

"Sorry!" said Fudge.

"Fudge!" said Mom. "Now we won't have dinner! Get off that table and go to your room!"

"What happened?" asked Dad, as he entered the room.

"On the floor's your answer." I answered him.

He looked down, and his mouth hung open.

"Oh great! Now I have to make it again!"Mumbled Mom. She put the back of her hand on her forehead. She was really mad.

"No, we can go out to eat." Said Dad.

"Sure?" she asked.


"Okay. I'll clean this place up. Peter get ready and get Fudge ready too."

I went upstairs and took out a shirt. It wasn't the cleanest thing on earth. Then I took out some jeans.

I made my hair and than made my way to the monsters room.

"Uncle Feather! This is your new dinner!" I heard from inside.

"No stupid!" said Uncle Feather. For once I agreed with him.

I kept on listening.

"Come on! It's good! I tried it before!" he said.

"No Stupid." Uncle Feather said again.

"FINE! Don't EAT PAPER!" said Fudge.

He was trying to feed Uncle Feather paper?

"Fudge get ready!" I called into his room. "And don't feed Uncle Feather paper!"

"For what?" he groaned. He ignored my remark about Uncle Feather and paper.

"Dinner. We're going out because of you. Now get ready."

I went into the kitchen

I saw Dad talking on the phone. Mom was wearing jeans and a T-Shirt.

I saw Mom and Dad whispering. I tied My shoes.

Just than Mom's eyes widened. "Oh my lord!" she said. She went to her room.

Dad went into their room too. He came out with a nice suit on. Mom came in behind him, wearing a pink shirt and a black skirt. Tootsie was in her arms wearing a dress.

"Peter! Wear some nicer clothes!" said Mom. I saw that she was wearing lots of makeup and had a lot of perfume on.

"we're not going to a party are we?" I asked.

"No but we're going-" said Mom.

Dad interrupted. "No, but we want to look nice." Mom gave him the look.

"Okay." I said. I went upstairs and put on a cleaner shirt.

When I opened the door, there stood Fudge in a messy shirt and ripped jeans.

"Hi" he grinned.

"Go away. Wear nicer clothes." I said. I knew Mom and Dad had something in mind. Maybe we were going to go to Jimmy Fargo's instead. Or maybe we were going to go to a really fancy hall or….

"Come on boys!" said Mom. She came towards us, her high heels echoing on our wooden floor.

When she saw Fudge, I though she'd faint. "Fudge! Wear nicer clothes!" She pointed into his room.

"Fine. Ms. Nicer Clothes!" he said. He went into his room, came out with a blue t-shirt and blue shorts.

"Lets go!" said Dad, from the kitchen.

"We're coming." Said Mom. She grabbed a comb and fixed Fudge's hair.

We were in the car a couple of seconds later. We reached the restaurant named Chinese Delight. They had the best Chinese food.

We got off. We went inside and sat down on a large table. I picked up a menu and looked.

Just than the door opened, as jingling bells rung. There I saw…No it couldn't be!

I squinted harder. Than when I saw who was there I slumped back in my chair and sighed.

It was Sheila Tubman.

Oh no! "Mom!" I said.

"Sorry Peter." Said Mom. "They called us and said that they had to drop something and so dad told them that we were going to dinner outside."

"Mo-om!" I wailed.

Just than Shelia came up to our table with her mom, dad, Buzzy, Grandma, and Libby.

She had jeans on and a red velvet shirt. She had so much perfume. I hate it when she puts on so much perfume.

Libby was also wearing a fancy dress. You'd think we were going to a party!

Shelia sat down across from me. She rolled her eyes and said, "It's not my fault we had to come here!"

"Yes it is!" I said.

After 15 minutes we ate dinner. When we were finsished, and waited until the waiters were done picking everything up, I noticed Fudge wasn't there.

"Where's Fudge?" I asked.

"Over there by the-" said Mom. Than she looked across the table. "Where is Fudge NOW?"

"Beats me." I said.

"Oh NO!" said Mom. She shook her head.

"Well he can't be that far." Said Dad. He looked around.

"Lets hope he's kidnapped." I mummnbled.

"PETER!" said Mom an Dad.

"Sorry." I said. Sheila laughed.

"What?" I asked her. She threw her hair back and than said, "Nothing you idiot!"

"Very funny." I said. "Lets look for the monkey."

"So That's your ancestor! I always thought you didn't look like a human….but now I know…your monkey-himans!" Sheila laughed as she stared at me and smiled. "So do the monkey dance."

"Ask the monkey monkey dude." I answered. "You know the real monkey."

"Yea. You are the real monkey." She said.

"You guys mind looking for Fudge?" asked Dad.

"Sure, Mr. Hatcher." Said Sheila.

"Yes I do mind." I said under my breath. I started going toward a corner of the room to look for him. Whe I turned around, I saw Sheila following me.

"Go away." I said.

"Sorry." She blushed. She looked shy all of a sudden. It was weird. Sheila shy? It never happened before.

She turned around and walked away. I continued looking for my unfortunate brother.

Finally I saw a kid come out of the kitchen. He had a messy shirt, and an ugly face, with food all over his mouth. It was Fudge.

"Fudge!" I grabbed his shirt. I dragged him to Mom and Dad.

"Fudgie!" Said Mom. She hugged him, and her dress got messy. She looked down at it and frowned. "Peter? Get me a tissue."

"What ever." I said. I ran to get a bunch of tissues.

"Here." I said, handing her the tissues. She wiped off the dirty stuff.

"Fudge what were you doing there?" asked Dad, kneeling down next to him.

"I…was…eating…the chicken….in the…kitchen." He said slowly.

"What were you doing?" I asked. "Eating the food in the kitchen? You mean the one they were cooking? The one we didn't even pay for?"

"Yea…I thought that …they…made …it….for….me…."

He layed down on the floor.

"Are you okay?" asked mom. She patted him on the head.

"No…I'm going to…throw…." He said. And at that moment, he burped.

"Eww!" said a voice behind me. I didn't even have to turn around. It was Sheila with the too much perfume.

"Well he's okay." Said Mom.

I shook my head. He wasn't okay. He was mental. Mental people were never okay.