Ever since then. That time. That stupid bridge mission… I've covered this eye of mine. Of course, there has only been one enemy to see my Sharingan twice. That man is Zabuza. He was lucky. People sometimes ask me why I cover it with my hitai-ate. They just figure it is because I want to conceal my special eye until the last second. Gai says that it adds to my mysterious personality. He's a freak.

But still, even after all these speculations, no one really has a clue, do they?

This eye of mine.

It is my greatest mistake and my greatest gift ever.

I think Obito wanted to get his revenge by giving this to me. It's a cursed eye, I just know it. Then again, how could that stupid idiot, always obsessing over Rin really put a curse on his eyes in the last few seconds of his life? Under that boulder… I suppose it's better than he died honorable and not by Itachi's hands.

Stupid Obito.


He was always in love with her. And she always was in love with me. You had to be an idiot not to see it. And Obito was an idiot. Stupid Obito. Rin never could have loved him like that; she probably never really loved me in that way. She loved everyone equally and wanted to save them all. Rin wasn't meant for either of us. But maybe he saw that… he was rather determined moron. He never saw the one standing in front of him that was in love with him.

I'm still convinced this eye is cursed.

That's the reason I cover it. The curse.

If I leave it uncovered and watch the world through that eye… all I can see it the past. All I can seeis the images that Obito saw before his death. I can see his pain. I can see our faces looking down at him in horror. I can see the blood. I can see Rin removing our eyes and replacing mine with him. And if it's uncovered, if I use it without the Sharingan activated, that is all I can see also. So I leave that eye closed and covered until it is needed.

This eye that can see all, it was my greatest gift and the grandest curse ever bestowed upon me.

And I know, because this was his eye, that even with the Sharingan he couldn't see that Rin could never love him. He could never see that the one who would love him unconditionally and absolutely was right in front of him. I can see through his eye that he didn't truly hate me… he just didn't understand my ways. That gives me some relief. And I regret every second of the time I was around him. I could have shown that I wasn't just a heartless bastard.

Even with his Sharingan, he couldn't see that I was in love with him.

Stupid Obito.I miss him. So much.