In the middle of a gun fight…in the center of a restaurant…they say, "Come with your arms raised high."

-My Chemical Romance.

He slipped out of his apartment quietly and bolted down the stairs, not bothering with the elevator. He couldn't be late for the meeting; Kiken would be furious with him if he was. He raced down the street as quickly as he could, darting from shadow to shadow until he reached the right street. He slowed his pace slightly so as to not look suspicious, casually slipping his hands into his pockets. He paused on the corner of the two busiest adjoining streets, scanning the area for any signs of activity. His eyes fell upon a dimly-lit building, a building that was starting to crumble to pieces even while it stood there. With a firm nod of his head and a deep breath, he stepped forward and pushed open the door, entering an atmosphere that reeked of alcohol, smoke, and other putrid scents. The room was poorly-lit and had a dank feeling to it.

Once again, his gaze swept over his surroundings. He suddenly noticed a pair of grey eyes fixated onto his figure, silently motioning for him to come closer. Drawing his charcoal jacket closer to him, he made his way to the back table and slid into his seat next to the older boy.

"It's about time you got here," the other boy spoke quietly, barely turning his head to give the young boy a second glance.

"Sorry, it took forever for my parents to fall asleep," the smaller boy replied, nervously running a hand through his brown hair.

"Stop fidgeting. Do you know where the others are?" the first boy snapped, pulling the tanned hand out of the brunet's hair.

"No. Who else was joining us?" the boy questioned.

"Kasai, Mei, Shadou, Fushou, and possibly Buki. Fuck if I know, they'll all probably be pussies about the whole thing and not bother," Kiken muttered disapprovingly. Two hands slammed down on the table and a mop of black hair appeared in front of both boys.

"Who are you calling a pussy, Kiken?" the third boy asked rhetorically as he slipped into his seat on the other side of Kiken. "Fuck me if I'm wrong, but this mission was my fucking idea, wasn't it?" Shadou reminded his leader. The youngest boy blinked his mud-colored eyes in surprise at the language, allowing them to flicker between Kiken and Shadou.

"Kiken, what are we even doing?" he asked, slipping on his cool façade once again.

"If I told you that, it wouldn't be much fun." Kiken smirked, sharing a smug look with Shadou.

"But, don't you think I should at least know what I'm supposed to do?" the boy challenged again. Shadou's ice-blue eyes flashed dangerously and he shook his head.

"Look, kid, the less questions you ask, the less bruises you'll receive, understand?" he whispered, leaning closer to the other boy. The 15-year-old nodded hastily and fell silent.

"If you're so worried about it, you can just turn around and go home to your mommy and daddy. We really don't need you here anyway," a 4th voice joined the conversation from above the boy's head. He looked up and was met with a vision of red. Pulling away slightly, he saw that it was only Mei. Mei smacked the kid behind the head and sat next to him.

"Don't breathe on my hair."

"Sorry, Mei," the boy quickly apologized. Mei nodded and turned to Kiken and Shadou.

"So is everything ready?" he said to the two older boys. Kiken nodded and tilted his head towards the door.

"They should be here soon," he said to them.

"Who? The others?" the tanned boy asked, looking at the door as well. Shadou snickered and Mei rolled his eyes, leaving Kiken to answer.

"Yeah, Shrimp, you could say that," Kiken managed to say before he joined Shadou in his laughter. The small boy didn't pick up on what was so amusing but he laughed along with them. Suddenly an icy hand clamped over his mouth, ceasing his laughter immediately.

"What are you laughing about, you little rodent?" a deep voice rumbled in his ear as the hand slid away. A tall brunet boy stood behind the youngest member of the gang, fixating his golden eyes on the door as well.

"Kasai, what's the word?" Kiken brought attention to the last member.

"They were coming down the street. They shouldn't be too far away," he informed their leader, never taking his eyes off of the door. Three identical evil smiles formed on each of the other older boys' faces.

"Excellent," Kiken said. "Everybody remembers what they're supposed to be doing, right?"

"Um, no?" the adolescent boy interjected.

"Shut up, Maggot. Your job is to take our orders and follow our lead," Shadou barked at him, turning back to Kiken. "Other than the useless one, we know what to do."

"Good. Now all we have to do is wait." Kiken sat back and watched the door.

"Hey, Kiken. Why are we doing this again?" Mei inquired, chewing on a toothpick idly.

"Because Shrugen and Ishida picked the wrong gang to mess with, that's why," Shadou snorted.

"Thank you, Shadou. But I do believe the question was directed to me," Kiken said slowly, turning towards the black-haired man.

"Fine, whatever." Shadou rolled his eyes and turned back to the door.

"Hey guys, check it out," Kasai whispered, discreetly pointing at the door. In walked five men, all dressed down in dark blue attire. They marched across the run-down pub and sat in the other corner, surrounding their leader at the table. Kiken grinned and nodded again.

"Well, there they are," he said, pointing out the obvious.

"When do we strike?" Mei questioned solemnly, reaching into his pocket slowly.

"Whenever appropriate," Kiken replied, reaching into his own pocket as well.

"Come on, Ki, we can't wait forever or they'll open fire first," Shadou mentioned impatiently.

"What the fuck is going on?" the youngest member finally shouted, unable to deal with the suspense any longer. On the other side of the restaurant, the group of men in blue stopped conversing and looked up, realizing that they were not alone.

"Shit, you little fucker, you blew our cover!" Kasai hissed and jammed his fist into his pocket, whipping out a small black V12. Without warning, a gunshot rang out and a bullet flew towards them, zipping right by Kiken's head. Standing up at the other table was a thin pale man, clutching a silver and red revolver in his right hand. He cursed under his breath and repositioned his gun, firing again.

"That's it, everybody open fire!" Kiken ordered and pulled out his own 9mm, dodging the flying bullet once again. On cue, Mei and Shadou drew out their own weapons and began firing. Bullets flew through the air and gunshots rang through the night. People began fleeing from the bar in a pure state of panic, trampling over one another to make it to the exit before they were shot next. The gang members on the other side of the restaurant had drawn their weapons by this point and were shooting back with equal force. The youngest member of Kiken's gang stood off to the side in a state of shock, unbelieving of what he was seeing. A groan of agony came from his left and he looked over. Mei was on the ground clutching his stomach. Kiken snarled and tossed his gun to the smaller boy.

"Make yourself useful, little wench," he commanded and bent down next to Mei, dragging him under the table.

"What the hell am I supposed to do with it?" the brown-eyed boy squeaked out in a frightened manner, staring wide-eyed at the pistol in his trembling hands.

"Use it, you dumbshit!" Shadou yelled, aiming and firing at a large menacing man directly across from him. The brunet fiddled with the gun, twisting it in his hands hastily in hopes that he would figure out how to make it work.

"Damnit, pull the fucking trigger!" Kasai roared, switching out his current pistol for a Derringer.

"I'm trying!" the other boy yelled back and waved the gun around in a frustrated manner. His finger slipped without warning and the gun fired with such force that the brunet stumbled. The bullet flew across the room and a cry rose above the other shots. The only thing that the juvenile saw was a flash of blond hair falling to the ground before his ears pricked up at the sounds of sirens. He looked at the door and saw the three cop cars pull up to the restaurant. The members of the gangs that weren't wounded made a run for it through the back door, leaving the injured members and the petrified 15-year-old boy alone to the mercy of the police. A police officer's voice soon came on through an amplifier.

"We have you surrounded! Come out with your arms raised high!" Not knowing what to do, the boy dropped the gun on the ground and headed through the door, preparing himself for an unknown fate for a crime of ignorance.

Two Weeks Later
After a (rather short and speedy) juvenile trial, the youngest member of Kiken's gang was sentenced for the outrageous crime that dreadful night.

Taichi Yagami, age 15, was sentenced to three years in a juvenile detention center and three more years in an adult penitentiary until he reached the age of 21. Only then would he be allowed to go free.

Needless to say, the boy was a wreck. He knew his parents wouldn't understand why he was trying to be a part of the gang to begin with: therefore, it didn't surprise him any when they came out and informed him of their belief that he deserved it.

"After all, Taichi, there are always consequences for your actions," his mother reminded him. Taichi merely settled for screaming at her again before slamming his bedroom door and barricading himself inside. On the starting day of his jail sentence, his father rammed the door down, removing it from his hinges. Grabbing his son by the ankles, he carried the mass of kicking and sobbing limbs out of the apartment and threw him into the awaiting taxi with his chaperone. Taichi didn't even bother looking back as the taxi pulled away. He did not speak once on the long drive to Odaiba Juvenile Hall, ignoring all attempts at conversation in favor of mulling over his own thoughts.

'I wonder what happened to Mei…hopefully he's all right. Same with that guy I shot at. He obviously wasn't dead since I'm not being charged with murder. Oh well. Stupid Shadou, Kasai, and Kiken all got away, leaving me there with all of their weapons. Stupid fuckers, who fucking needs them? Not me, because I'm going to jail by myself!' He sniffed bitterly and felt the automobile stop. Opening the door, he stiffly got out and waited for his chaperone to lead him in the right direction. The two walked up the steps and into the brick building, turning inside the office and approaching the desk.

"This is Taichi Yagami, our newest inmate," his chaperone announced, keeping a firm grip on his shoulder as though he would run off at any given moment. The woman behind the desk nodded and pulled out a file. Scanning over its contents briefly, she shoved it back into the drawer next to her and handed the adult male a set of keys.

"They're holding him in cell 52," she informed him. Taichi's chaperone nodded and steered the juvenile out of the office and into the hall, practically dragging him behind as he made his way to the cell. They arrived in front of cell 52 shortly and the chaperone unlocked it.

"Well, Yagami, make yourself comfortable. This is where you'll be for a long time," he stated, propping the door open slightly with his foot while Taichi was lightly pushed inside. Two brown eyes stared at the adult blankly, barely registering what was being said. The cell itself was rather ordinary, more like a stripped-down college dorm room with a set of bunk beds, a small black writing desk, a sink, and a toilet hidden away from view behind a wall. It was bare, it was plain, but now it was home. Taichi wordlessly shuffled over to the beds and flopped down on the bottom one, covering his face with the hard black pillow.

"We'll be back to escort you to dinner," his chaperone spoke up once again.

"Whatever," Taichi sighed from under his pillow, only slightly acknowledging the fact that the door was closing and that he was locked in soon after. The brunet boy rolled over onto his side to face the wall, curling up into a ball and closing his eyes. He shifted again, not quite able to find a comfortable spot on the bed.

"Fucking mattress is as hard as a rock," he muttered and settled for a position on his stomach, his face buried in the pillow once again.

"So this is what I get for trying to fit in…perfect. Just fucking perfect," he cursed himself again before allowing his body to fall into a light and fitful sleep.

The first thing that came to Taichi's mind was the fact that it was dark outside. The second thing was that there was an additional weight at the foot of his bed. He opened his eyes blearily and sat up slowly, fighting back a yawn that wanted to escape. Just then, another figure entered his line of vision. A boy, probably no older than 17, was sitting down by Taichi's feet, staring at the tanned male with a look of curiosity mixed with impatience. Cobalt eyes pierced into his own dark brown ones, giving him the once-over before he began to speak.

"Did you know that you're on my bed?" he started off harshly, folding his arms over his chest. Taichi suddenly felt three times smaller.

"Um…no. I'm sorry?" he offered feebly, springing off of the bed instantly. The older boy merely huffed at him and sprawled out on the bed, looking straight up at the bottom of the other bed. The golden-blond color of his hair contrasted immensely with the black pillowcase. Taichi let his eyes wander over the other boy briefly, stopping when he noticed a lumpy bandage on his right shoulder.

"What happened to your arm?" he asked quietly, praying he didn't sound too pathetic. Judging by the look on the pale boy's face, he wasn't succeeding.

"Like it's any of your fucking business," the other boy drawled out. Taichi felt himself shrink again.

"Oh. Um, I was just wondering…it looks pretty bad," he managed to say. The blue eyes turned away from the bed bottom to look over at Taichi. A frown embedded itself on his face but he kept his gaze locked with Taichi's.

"About two weeks ago, I was in this bar fight. Me and my friends, that is," he said. His stare bore deeply into Taichi's eyes, analyzing every part of the other boy's soul, or so it seemed. A smirk wormed its way onto his face and he snickered almost inaudibly.

"You think it's funny that you're hurt?" Taichi raised an eyebrow, unsure of what to make of the other boy. The blond shook his head and sat up, turning his whole body to face the brunet.

"No, it's not that. It's just; we were actually in a gun fight. And sadly, the guy who nailed me has pretty shitty aim," he finished, his smirk growing wider by the minute. Taichi blinked once, blinked twice, and thought back to that night.

His finger slipped without warning and the gun fired. He fell back a few steps and watched in horror as the bullet flew across the room. A cry rose above the other shots and a flash of gold fell to the ground painstakingly slow, almost as though it was a scene out of a movie. He didn't move for a moment, unsure of what to do. Two blue eyes narrowed at him for as long as they could before they screwed up in pain. It wasn't long before his ears pricked up at the sounds of sirens and the cops came in.

Taichi swallowed hard and examined the boy in front of him once again. The same shoulder that was hit was wounded. The same blond hair hung limply in an array of spikes. And the same blue eyes were narrowed once again. It was then that it all clicked in his head.

Just like the gun had clicked in his hand.

Soooo, I have been obsessed with this song for who knows how long but I decided I had to write this. I'm not sure where this is going (okay, I lie, I know exactly where it's going.) but updates will be hard. But they will get done, swear it. This is R-rated for violence, language, adult situations, sex, mentions of rape, drug abuse, possible self-mutilation, and an assortment of other things. I'm not too sure what I'm actually going to use, so it's a good experiment!

Thanks to CrimsonAnjel for helping me with the first half of this prologue. Juri-love, you were a major help.

So yeah…feedback? I think this is the first cynical situational story I've ever written. Hmm…hope you liked it all the same!