Thanksgiving Thanks

A/N: I know it's a late, and Thanksgiving is over but someone asked if the others would get chapters for this story. So I decided that he was right and the rest of the team deserved to speak about what they were thankful for as well.

Disclaimer: I don't own the TT, the Tof-urkey,or the Turducken. Wow, all those words begin with T. Does that count as an alliteration?

He should have known better. I really did think the little grass stain was smarter than that. I mean what kind of fool would walk around as a turkey on Thanksgiving? Beast Boy, that's who. He's lucky that I came along to save his sorry behind or else he would've been in a really heated situation. Heated. Ha, that's funny. Although I do believe this may have taught him a little lesson about when and where to protest.

Anyway, the little porcupine in charge set us with the task of writing out what we're thankful for this Turkey day. I don't have much to be thankful for, but what I do have I hold dear to me. So here it is.

First off I am thankful for Jinx. When I told her that I wanted to come out to the team about us during Thanksgiving, she was great. She took it all in stride. No fussing about how they would hate her, no whining about she wouldn't fit in. Just a smile and a question about how she should dress. That's one of the reasons I love her. She doesn't bullshit, doesn't skirt around the bushes. She's straightforward, honest, and unafraid. For her I am thankful.

Secondly I am thankful that when I told Bumble Bee about Jinx and I, she took it rather well. Sure she threw a few blows and ranted for a few moments but I can definitely buff out those scratches and bang out those dents. I expected her to be angry to be hurt, but she, as always surprised me. She said she had suspected for quite awhile that I cared for someone else, and she was glad that I'd stopped being such a baby and finally admitted it to the rest of the team.

I am thankful that I am not in charge of dinner this year. These people have no appreciation for quality food. Last year I prepared a meat extravaganza. Meat and mashed potatoes, meat and cornbread, meat and casserole, meat was everywhere. And what kind of thanks did I get? Beast Boy refused to even sit at the table, and loudly voiced his opinions of my meal. Raven just picked at the food, mainly drinking her tea. Robin made an effort to enjoy it but you could see that he was really forcing himself to finish his meal. Only Starfire seemed to enjoy my meal, but then again she doused it in copious amounts of mustard. This year however, that duty fell to Speedy and Aqualad. From the sounds emanating from the kitchen its going to be an interesting meal. So far I've heard the words Tof-urkey, Turducken, and something about fish.

I am very grateful to Robin for deciding that Starfire should not be allowed to make desert. I do not want a repeat of last year, during which Starfire prepared her pudding of gratitude. Despite the odd coloring and the suspicious brown chunks I tried it. Never again. I lost and arm, a leg and three fingers to that creation. This year we're going traditional, with apple pie, pumpkin pie, sugar cookies and of course more pie. I have to remember to get a picture of Robin in Starfire's frilly purple apron. Prime blackmail material right there.

As always I am thankful for my friends. For the people who never make me feel like a freak, never make me feel as though there is something wrong with me. They never let me give in to my feelings of loneliness, my feelings of being the only being like me. They are the greatest friends a man could ask for and I thank god for them everyday.

Wow. I just noticed that someone, (probably Raven) has hung Robin from the ceiling fan. She did a pretty good job, using the ties of Star's apron as the bonds. Bird Boy also looks like he got one heck of a wedgie, as it appears Raven also used his spandex pants, as part of the hook. Well since Starfire, Jinx and Bumble Bee are busy watching the Macy's Day parade, Speedy and Aqualad are cooking, Mas and Menos are busy ogling Star, and Raven is apparently sharing a piece of pie with Beast Boy, I guess it's up to me to help him down. Hmm, I must also remember to get a picture of Beast Boy and Raven. You never know when it may save your skin to have a picture of that girl smiling.

A/N: So here's Cy's chapter. I think I tried a little too hard to be funny in this one. I hope it came through okay. Star's and Robin's chapter will soon follow. For those who haven't heard a Turducken is a turkey stuffed with a duck which is then stuffed with a chicken. Weird, right?