Title: Too Young

Author: Jasmine Shigeru

Summary: Kids Next Door agents Numbahs One through Five think about the ones they care for most.

Disclaimer: I do not own Codename Kids Next Door.

Rating: K+

Author's Note: Forgive me on the length. This is my first story for Kids Next Door.

Part One-Watching Her

Nigel Uno

Numbah One

I watch her over the sercurity system. Just lying on her bed, sucking on her lollipop. I wonder what flavor.

She fasinates me. Long raven hair, dark chocolate skin with matching eyes. Her red cap covered those beautiful eyes.

I want to remove her cap and her lollipop from her mouth. I want to kiss her and taste the flavor for myself and never mind the color.

What am I thinking about this? I have a girlfriend, Lizzie. I like her alot, I guess. She can be annoying sometimes. She hasn't lost a pound since I've meet her and she's so clingy. I also come to hate the nickname, Nigie.

Again, what's wrong with me? I'm saying pleasant things about Numbah Five and negative things about Lizzie.

Maybe it's because I'm nearing my teen years. In fact we all are.

One day I was a ten year old boy who simply liked to hold hands with a girl he liked and now I'm a eleven year old boy who wants to actually kiss a girl. Last year the thought of being kissed on the cheek freaked me out, but now, kissing a girl on the lips is highly possible.

My father warned me about this. There called hormones. Things worse than the cooties. They make you act all weird. You begin to stutter and trip over your own two feet and all for a girl.

This is something I have feard for nearly a year now. Hormones are starting to take over and I'm finding it difficult to calll Numbah Five, Numbah Five. I want to call her Abigail so badly. The name itches on my tongue.

I want to protect her as much as possible in battle. I know she doesn't really need my protection, but I can't help myself.

I really, really like abby. She always smells sweet like her candy.

I watch her and still want to taste her. I hope she taste like grape flavored soda. I love grape.

I shake my head. I shouldn't be thinking these things, but who an I kidding, she' beautiful and I can't keep lying to myself. I'm falling in love with Abigail Lincoln.