Part Five-Too Young

Abigail Lincoln

Numbah Five

I'm just ulyin on my bed with a cherry flavored lollipop in my mouth. My arms ard tucked under my head and my head and my knees are bent with one leg crossin the other.

I'm thinkin. Yea, Numbah Five thinks alot. Especially now.

We're changin. All of us. Numbah One has been starin at me and Numbah Two has been starin at me too. Numbah Three has started her period. Numbah Four... is pretty much the same, as far as Numbah Five can tell.

What about me? What about Numbah Five? Well she'll tell ya.

I"m changin too.

My chest is always sore. My mom says it's natural. My sista, Cree, says I'm becoming a woman.

Numbah Five don't want no stupid breast. She don't wanna become a woman. Bein a woman means bein an adult and Numbah Five don't like that.

But still, as I lie here I wonder if anyone has noticed the two lumps that has been growin since I was nine.

Yeah, I said nine. I tape em down, but it's gettin so I can't tape em anymore. It hurts!

My waist has changed too. It's thinnin out. Soon Numbah Five will look like a woman.

I sigh. Numbah One and Numbah Two must have noticed by now, with all their starin.

Another sigh.

Numbah Five is findin she likes to stare too. She's been starin at Numbah One alot and Numbah Two not as much, but she still stares at him too.

Numbah Two is thinnin out and is sweet and carin. He been really blushin when I'm near. If only he could stop makin those corny jokes...

By the way she talk, you would think Numbah Five would like Numbah Two. I do, but just not in that way. Numbah Five don't even know why she don't like Numbah Two. It ain't his weight or the fact that he's always eatin chilli dogs. She just doesn't know.

Right now, Numbah Five is into Numbah One. He's gettin cuter everyday and I'm startin to like that bald head of his.

I smile and giggle at the thought of him. Nigel Uno is really somethin else. A true born leader.

I stop gigglin. This isn't me. I don't go around actin all girly and think about flirtin with boys. That's Numbah Three.

Besides, Nigel has a girlfriend, Lizzie. He really likes her.

Numbah Five don't like that girl. She ain't neva liked that girl.

I roll to my side.

I really like Numbah One, Nigel, but I can't have him.

Is this how Hoagie feels?

I shake my head and roll back to lay on my back. My legs out stretched this time.

Growing up isn't easy. No one said it would be, but aren't we a little too young to be thinkin about who likes who?