Summary: Tails builds a machine that took three days, and he was so focused on building it, he forgot what it was supposed to do. He needs to test it, but someone has to witness.

Story will not be of any influence related to the anime

Tails had just finished screwing in a bolt into a ring-like machine. He flew to the ground to look at his creation. While staring in awe, only one question came to mind.

" the heck did I just finish building?"

He had been building this machine for so long, he forgot why he was building this machine. It took him a while, but he decided to check the blueprint of the machine, yeah that'll work. He picked up the blueprint and discovered it was stained with oil and dirt. The title of the picture was covered with, among other things, coffee. Wait, coffee? Tails sighed as he looked to the machine, pondering its program.

"I need to test this machine," he said, "but I don't know what it does. I need someone who can survive a possible level 9 meltdown, but who? Who is capable of such power?"

2 minutes of staring at the machine later.



Shadow was on a lush, green hill staring at the sunset, when Tails came by. Being the ultimate lifeform, he knew he was there before Tails knew himself.

"What'd ya want kid?" he asked.

"Hey Shadow, I need your help."

"With what?"

"Well, see, I built this machine, that took me a long time to finish, and-"

"You don't know what it does, do you?" he interrupted.

"Are you psychic or something?"

"Tails, this is the 3rd time it's happened this month," he said matter-of-factly, "and it's only the first week."

"Uh, yeah. But I really want to know what this one does."

"Then why do ya need me?"

"To carry my dead, decaying corpse to the morgue in case of a meltdown."


at the lab

They were in his garage, filled with tools, tools, and, well, more tools. Not only did Tails forget what the machine that stood in the middle of the room did, but the location of the switch that activates it. Shadow found a big red button on the wall, that wasn't marked 'Do Not Touch' which surprised him, and suggested that this must be what he was looking for.

"Hey Kitsune," he said, "Is this you're looking for?"

He pointed to the button and Tails, seeing that it wasn't marked 'Do Not Touch' surprised him, walked over and pressed the button. From the ceiling emerged a glittering disco ball that emitted multiple colors of light onto the walls. 'La Macarena' was playing as the ball spun, and Tails was desperately trying to push the button again. In a real hurry, he missed a few times, but finally pressed the button returning the ball into the ceiling and silenced the music. Shadow looked at Tails in a bored, I-knew-what-just-happened look as Tails laughed nervously.

"See, it was a party program. Sonic couldn't have one in his house because, well, it was old and, the program, well."

Shadow backed away from him.

"You're one weird fox, you know that?"

But he accidentally pressed a lever, causing humming noises in the machine. The hole in the middle turned black, and, well, kinda would remind you of a certain horror movie.

"AAHH! It's the Ring!" Tails yelled.

"No you dolt," Shadow said, "It seems to be waiting for a command or something."

Shadow walked to a panel in front of the machine and decided to randomly press buttons.

"Don't Shadow!" Tails yelled, "You don't know what could happen!"

Shadow was known to learn and adapt. He found out, that if you enter a 4-digit number, the machine seems to hum. He decided to try something simple, the year count in thousands.


Two years from their time.

'Initiating hyperlink window,' the machine said.

"Hyperlink window?" Tails repeated, "Now I remember, I built a machine that would let us look into the future!"

"Well, nothings happening," Shadow said.

"Let me take it from here."

As Tails pushed a few buttons, Shadow wondered if this machine could look into the past. He could find out what happened to Maria, regain his memories, maybe even-

"Nachos!" Tails yelled, interrupting Shadow's thoughts.


"This machine won't activate until a password is executed. And the password is," he grabbed a microphone and said, "nachos."

'Password accepted.'

The machine began to hum as color's swirled through the hole. Tails decided to look into a good amount of years, something were everyone's lives could've changed. He typed in the numbers:


10 years into the future.

The machine hummed as Tails moved a pole on the panel around, trying to find his friends. Shadow watched, curious of what might become of him in the future.

Enough chit-chat, and let's see...


Tails moved the pole around, finding a certain blue hedgehog, until he spotted someone at a martial arts dojo.

"And one, two, THREE!" a cat said.

He was in front of a crowd of people, wearing white clothing and red belts. With each command, the people would raise their right leg and kick the air three times. However, one particular student with a different colored belt was following orders much more accurately than the others. He would kick low, then in middle, then a kick to the air, at a 90 degree angle from his first kick, with much force. Why was this one particular student be a topnotch above the rest?

"...two, THREE! Alright students, excellent job today. Especially you Sonic," the teacher said.

"Wait a minute, that's Sonic?" Tails said in disbelief.

"I'm surprised to see the faker make something of himself," Shadow said, astounded as well.

"Thank you teacher," Sonic said, exiting the dojo as he sped off.

"Well, let's see our other friends," Tails said as he navigated the pole.

A few kids were running around a park that Tails found. No one familiar was there and he nearly decided to look somewhere else, until he saw a field with targets and people with bows.

"This must be an archery field," Tails said as he saw a few people make precise aims.

He looked around the line of people until one person, correction: one hedgehog, was aiming her bow. She launched her arrow and made another bulls-eye.

"Is...That Amy?" Tails asked astounded.

"Yeah, I think it is," Shadow said.

Amy made another bulls-eye, dividing the recent arrow into two. People clapped at her accuracy as she felt the applaud. Sonic managed to run by and see her target shots.

"Hey Amy," he said.

Amy turned to see Sonic and smiled.

"Hey Sonic!"

"Wait a minute; doesn't that pink hedgehog chase the faker around like goats at a child with pockets full of pet feed?" Shadow asked.

Tails slowly turned to Shadow in a traumatized manner, because of what he just said.

"...what?" Shadow asked.

Tails turned back and rolled pole around to find some other friends he knew. He soon spotted a forest where a maroon chameleon was waiting just right outside a large building.

"Espio!" Tails said.

The doors opened, letting a round man exit. The chameleon noticed he was there and asked.

"Well, any weather disruptions?"

"No, not as yet Espio. Not a single havoc for about two days."

"Good and it better be accurate. We don't want to make weatherman look bad Eggman."

"No...freakin'...way," was all Tails managed to muster.

"So the fat one and the ninja work at a weather station, eh?" Shadow said, not in the least surprised.

"I thought Eggman wanted to take over the world."

"Hmm. Things can change in ten years," Shadow said.

Tails looked around the place, for someone in particular, as he worried of what could've become of him.

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