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Ten years later……

The sparrows cawed throughout the morning fields. The sun had breached the horizon, unsheathing a curtain of a cold, frigid night. The warmth of the cosmic object was returned with the signature calls of various roosters. All inhabitants of Mobius awoke either to the annoying fowl's squawking routine or to an alarm clock that was set to go off at this time. One Kitsune, who jumped out of his bed refreshed, looked out to the world that was different ten years ago……

Out of a well-hidden house, a blue hedgehog smelled the morning air. Taking a gym duffle bag, he sped off to town where his daily routine took place. As hard as it was to believe, things around here were much different than what it was ten years ago……

She woke up quite late and was paying the consequences by speeding through the city on her bike like someone was after her life. Her pink quills waved through the city air as she panted, aching to get to her school before the bell rang. A blue blur passed her as she watched him run off. The blur came back and pushed her towards her destination. In a matter of minutes, she reached the high school she was late for, and thanked the blue hedgehog as he sped off. She even hardly believed that she was a much different person than she was ten years ago……

He took a breath of the pine scent as his coffee simmered through the air. He just had a stressful morning with the newscast. He and a particular scientist were one of the biggest news members in all of Mobius. His assistant was building a new, more efficient weather predicting machine that could even tell storms to occur from three months away. He stared at the trees as he drank his coffee. The forests were never this beautiful ten years ago……

She swung the keys with her index fingers as she walked on the streets singing to herself one of her favorite songs. She saw the shop she owned as she searched through the keys. As she searched, she thought to herself of the success she was thanks to years of treasure hunting. She held out a key shaped like an emerald as she looked at her shop doors. She often amazed herself just by looking at the shop itself. Many years ago, this would never have been, if it weren't for the good friends she made ten years ago……

The machine told himself thousands of times before. He knew his thoughts were accurate, and his calculations were precise. There was no way he would lose. He knew his history was nothing to be ashamed of, he knew what he was doing was right; he knew that this was an opportunity he couldn't pass up. He was ready to lead the city under a new wing. If it weren't for his creator, he would still be stuck in that chamber ten years ago……

It had been five hours; enough time for him to make it. But no, he had to sleep in. he was late for practice, he knew he wouldn't make it in time. But he never said he was a quitter, he was strong just by himself and proved it by no longer needing the power of chaos. He thought how it was funny to think that he was rushing to the house of his alter ego, very awkward if you've been replicated from a hedgehog who practically wasn't born. But still, he had to cut him some slack, if it weren't for him, he wouldn't exist. He often regretted to himself that he tried to destroy him ten years ago……

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The song ended as he was astounded by the words. He found the words that fitted perfectly in the music. Every word, every syllable, every phrase matched it to perfection. He wasn't surprised; he was one of the smartest people in all of Mobius, but what really amazed him was the fact something of his invention actually worked on the first try. Seeing that there was no use in just sitting there, he decided to play the music he bought.

A contest was declared to all beginner bands. The head of each band must buy a disc that contains random music, and it's up to the band to fit words in. he was a skilled guitarist and his friend was an experienced drummer; he wanted to try it. There were a couple of problems to deal with, two mainly. One of them was that if you do find the words, you have to play the music with your own instruments. The other was finding the words themselves. But still, he came through and they managed to mimic the music. You could spice it up if you want, but he chose to stick to originality.

And so, succession got to his head as he danced to the music. He didn't realize that he was breaking stuff as he danced, and looked like a total moron as he danced. He got a broom and pretended it was a guitar and waved to the music as he sang the words. By the end of the song, he slid on the floor on his knees. He held his hand in the air as the song ended.

"…WHAT-I'M-MADE-OF!" he yelled.

He opened his eyes to see a bunny holding her hand at her mouth restraining some giggling.

"Uh, how long have you been standing there?"

"Oh, long enough," she simply answered.

He got off the floor and saw all the mess he made. Ignoring it, he led her to a couch with some minor glass as he swept the mess away with his hand. He sat on another couch close to the other as she sat down as well.

She was Cream, a very different person. She's a lot more developed now, and much more mature.

"Anyway, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"Well I was wondering if…" she began to twiddle her thumbs, "I could be in the band."

"What? But all the necessary parts are taken," he said.

"But you only have a drummer and a guitarist. You and Charmy wouldn't be very formidable against the other contenders."

"Well, true, but-" he was interrupted.

"Please Tails," she urged as she advanced towards him, "I want to become a great singer and this is my only chance."

He recalled that she was a great singer. Her voice was angelic and she had big dreams of becoming a pop star singer. She vowed that if she had that chance of becoming big, she would take it by any force necessary.

He blushed as she stared at him with those eyes. Those eyes that always made him feel warm inside and out. He couldn't turn her down, especially with such a bond they hold as friends. But calling her a friend ached his heart. He had never told her, but he felt like he was something more to her than a friend, and calling her 'just a friend' would kill him inside and out.

"Alright, I'll let you in," he said, admitting defeat.

Cream immediately hugged Tails like crazy, making him blush as deep as red can go. Realizing what she was doing, she immediately let go of him and looked at him.

"But it's gonna be difficult," he said, successful with calming down, hiding his blush, "I originally intended the vocal keys to match male voices."

"Don't worry," she said moving back, "I'll make it work."

She then kissed him on the cheek, making him resume his blush period. He knew she was expecting him to have a red face, so he did not even bother to hide it as soon as she looked at him again.

"Well, let's get practicing," he said.


Tails was in the garage, with Charmy waiting near his drum set. Charmy tapped his foot impatiently as he looked at Tails watching the window, as if he was waiting for someone.

"Who, exactly, is this person you mentioned?" he said.

"What person?" Tails said.

"You told me that we were gonna have a new person join our group, but you never said what part he's gonna lead."

"Oh, that. Well," he began, but stopped as soon as he saw lights flash through the window.

He ran outside to see Cream walking out of her car. She slammed the car door as she looked at Tails with an 'I'm sorry' look.

"And how late do you think you are, missy?" Tails asked.

"Very late. Do you know how much of my mother you sounded like?" she said.

"Who's out there?" Charmy yelled from the garage.

He ran out from the garage to the front door to see Cram standing there. He was shocked to see Cream after a little talk with Tails about their new addition to the band.

"Wait a minute; she's gonna be a part of our band? I thought you said it was a guy," he said.

"I never said it was a guy," Tails corrected.

They walked inside and to the garage as Cream saw that the place was large enough to fit about 4 cars. She remembered it was much bigger, but Tails sold his plane for some decent money.

No one pretty much wanted to mess with Sonic anymore, so as soon as everything was peaceful, they all settled down. Now that evil stopped rearing its ugly head, everyone had a chance to do the things they wanted to do in life. Since Tails' inventions were of no use, he started to sell his inventions to keep a decent amount of money. His dangerous machines were only optional for emergencies, but since Eggman renounced his evil ways, they were of no more usage and he sold them. He toned them down to be safe enough for an 8-year-old, and began building inventions to ease life's problems. But throughout the years of building, he somehow lost his desire to build, invent, and experiment. He was growing up, and there was nothing he or anyone could do to stop it.

"So, she's gonna play as a…?" Charmy asked.

"Singer," Tails finished, "I changed the lyrics a little bit to match female vocal cords. But we'll still play the same as we always do. But we're gonna have to back her up at certain times."

"Back her up?" Charmy repeated, "With what?"

"On some of the lines, we'll have to sing. But she's the one doing most of the singing. Well, let's practice."

For days the band practiced the new lines. They would replay their part over and over again if needed just to get better. It was easy working with a new singer, because Tails had to sing and play his guitar, which would throw him off. They were getting the hang of it, and soon mastered the lines. Thanks to their teamwork, they played perfectly. But now, their teamwork will be tested as the night of the competition came.

The crowd roared as the band left the stage. Tonight was the night where a band will leave the city they live in and be noticed by Hollywood producers. Some of them were even in the audience, keeping an eye out for talent worthy enough of becoming the next big hit.

"… I am all of me!" said the lead singer as his band left the stage.

The audience applauded them as they left. Hearing such a loud audience made Tails backstage nervous. Cream was nervous as well, but noticed that Tails looked a lot tenser than she was.

"Don't worry," she said, breaking Tails out of his trance, "we won't fail out there."

"I'm sorry," he apologized, "but it's just that there's some tough competition out there."

"You don't need to be afraid," she said, "play with your heart, not your mind."

"…okay," he said as Sonic and his band entered the stage.

They played their song they call, 'Sonic Heroes'. The crowd loved it just as much as the next band. It was Tails' band's turn, and he was very nervous.

"…play with your heart, not your mind. Play with your heart, not your mind," he repeated to himself.

They began.

The song was playing smoothly as Cream sang. She made it so that the lines waved heavenly along with the song, like they practiced. Something awkward occurred while she was singing. When she reached the line, 'Let me show you just What-I'm-Made-Of', she looked at Tails as he played. On all of the lines that involved 'What-I'm-Made-Of', she always looked at Tails. Especially the lines with 'Is it me? –You say? You're looking for?'.

The crowd roared as loud as ever when they ended the song. they left the stage as the announcer introduced the next band competing. Backstage, Tails told Cream to meet him outside in 5 minutes.

5 minutes had passed….

"Tails?" Cream said to a two-tailed fox in thought under a starry night-sky.

"Yes?" he answered.

"I'm here, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Sit down," he said as he patted a spot on the ground.

She sat down and stared at the stars as they glimmered. She looked at Tails who looked really deep in thought. She began to worry with what he was gonna say, so she thought might as well get over it.

"So, what is it you wanted to tell me?" she asked.

"Cream…..what am I to you?"

Cream was surprised that he would ask such a question. It seemed as if he was concerned about the friendship they have wanted to know how much it has grown.

"You are…" she tried to find the right words, "everything to me."

"Really?" he said looking up.

"Of course you are. You're my best friend Tails, and my friends mean everything to me."

"Oh…" he looked back down disappointed.

She didn't know what he was feeling. He sounded very disappointed and wondered if she said something wrong. He said nothing as she tried something else…

"What am I to you?" she said as if she was kidding around.

Tails felt a little upstart at her question. He didn't know what to think of her anymore. She broke his heart like nothing ever could, and didn't know if he should still call her 'friend'.

"You…. Were everything to me," he said with a depressed tone.

"'Were'?" Cream repeated.


Cream figured she said something very hurtful to him that would make him say such a thing. She didn't know what to say; if he was hurt by being called 'a friend', than, that means…

"Tails," she said, "I'm sorry. I didn't know you felt that way."

Tails looked at her with a hint of hope in his sad face.

"I'm sorry if I said something wrong," she apologized.

Tails was thinking about asking her if he wasn't a friend to her at all, but knowing that would a little feud he didn't want to start, he didn't ask and looked at the stars. Cream looked at the stars as well, and recalled a faint memory that made her reconsider something about Tails.

"Remember?" she asked.

"Remember what?"

"The night we, well, had our first kiss."

This made Tails blush as he looked away.

Yeah, he remembered that night. It was on Cream's 12th birthday when her friends decided to play 'Seven minutes in Heaven'. It was Cream's turn and she spun it. He remembered he was concerned about which boy she would end up kissing, yet at the same time, he didn't want to be chosen. The bottle stopped and landed on Tails; he cursed irony at that moment. After trying to talk himself out of the game, he finally gave up and was locked in the closet with her. It was a bit hazy, but he remembered the conversation they had.



"I had no idea it was this dark in a closet."

"Well, you were bound to find out some time in your life," he said, "but why did it have to be today and with me?" he muttered.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. Well, what do you wanna talk about?"


"I was thinking maybe 'I-spy', but… it's too dark."


"How about we think of a number between 1 and 10, and try to guess that number?"


"Or, we could check the pockets of these-"



"You know what we have to do."

"Here? Now?"

"Yes, here and now."

"You mean 'here' and 'now', as in right here, right now?"


"You mean here and now as in-"



"I know you're a bit nervous, I am too, but one of us is gonna kiss someone and it's gonna be right now."


"Tails, it's either now or never."

After a moment of silence…

"Okay. Well, here it goes…"

He puckered his lips and closed in. although it was already dark, he closed his eyes. He was moving slow, but Cream wanted to get over it faster. She got there first and surprised Tails. He opened his eyes widely as Cream connected.

They kissed.

Resuming to Tails and Cream, the ones right now.

"I was totally nervous," Tails said, smiling at the memory.

"You wanted to stall for time until the seven minutes were up," Cream said, also smiling at that memory.

"You know what sucked about that day?" Tails said.


"When the seven minutes weren't even close to being up, they opened the door as soon as we kissed. They even took a photograph of it."

"They did? Must've been quite a day," she said.

There was more silence between them. They avoided eye contact with each other as they stared out into nothingness. But then, Cream silently said.

"You mean a lot more than a friend to me than you were then."

Tails heard her and blushed. It was 4 years ago, yet, he felt like it was just yesterday. They hadn't kissed again in years.

"And you…are a lot prettier now," he mumbled.

"What was that?"

"Nothing," he quickly said.

She heard him alright, she only asked just to make sure. He said she was pretty, and she acknowledged the compliment. Although she had been told that before, it meant a lot coming from him.

"You…are everything to me," she said silently.

"And…so are you," he said just as silently.

"You mean everything to me because," they said at the same time as they turned to look at each other, "I love you."

It took no more than two seconds until the space between their faces disappeared. Like a cosmic radiance, a flow of powerful energy surged as they adored the space they occupied four years ago.

They kissed.


"And now to announce our winners," he announcer said through the microphone.

Charmy was worried. Tails and Cream did not return since they left, and the winners were about to be announced. Quickly, he left the arena in search of the two teens. After 10 seconds of searching, why the announcer was taking so long to declare the winners was anyone's guess, he found them at their most private moment. A little overwhelmed by the scene, he silently walked forward and coughed to himself.


They separated and looked at Charmy with faces red.

"Charmy! Uh, hi! How long were you standing there?" Tails asked.

"Long enough. But you're lucky I don't have time to tease you about it. They're about to declare the winners!"

They rushed back to the stage to find that the announcer was walking away from a snail.

"Sorry about that folks. Minor problems with snail co-workers. And now, the crowning of the winners."

He opened the letter and read aloud.

"And the winners are…the Sky High Valliant's!"

Cream screamed as he announced the winners. She hugged Tails and Charmy and walked on stage. They waved to the audience as they cheered for them.

They won.

After getting their trophies, they spoke to the audience for a winner's speech. Charmy said he couldn't be happier, Tails said it was just luck, and Cream said 'Well, we won. And I have many people to thank. I'd like to thank my parents, all my friends,' she looked at Tails, 'and my friend here, Tails. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here standing right now,' she grabbed his hand and held it, "Is there anything you'd like to say?"

"Well, we won. And you did say you wanted to be a big singer. I couldn't turn down a friend, and you got your chance. You were our winning edge, most of the credit goes to you."

"But you were my winning edge," she said to him through the microphone.

"Say wha?" he said dumbfounded.

"I had you with me on stage. You are my singing inspiration," she said as she returned the microphone onto its stand.

Charmy grabbed it and said, "Don't worry folks, this is gonna get good," as he held the microphone near their mouths.

"But, I don't get it. You said you just wanted to sing."

"But with you standing there. I own everything to you because," she looked down, "you mean everything to me."

"Cream," he said, "you mean everything to me too."

Charmy thought it was enough and spoke into the microphone.

"Well, what d'ya say folks, should we have a kiss?"

Tails and Cream looked at Charmy in surprise. The crowd then cheered as they yelled.

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

Charmy ranted along with the audience shooting his fist in the air as Tails and Cream looked at each other. They looked down at first, then at each other; they closed in slowly. With each inch disappearing, the crowd sped up the rant. When they finally connected, the crowd screamed as they shared their moment. Even though the audience's cheer could break the sound barrier, it didn't matter. They were alone to themselves, free to express themselves to each other. The night was perfect, perfect in every way possible.

When the crowd left, Tails and Cream were having a talk on stage as the janitor swept the stands. Charmy came in and told them it was time for them to leave. Cream got up and Tails followed, but stopped and looked at the sky.

"I know you're watching me out there. And the future is as it is. Don't do anything to mess it up, and be sure to stay far away from the punch bowl at Cream's 12th birthday party. Okay Tails?"

Tails smiled as he walked away to Cream and Charmy. He turned off the machine and grabbed a photo of him and Cream having a good time at Emerald hill. He smiled as he looked back to the machine.

"Don't worry, I will," he said.

Tails knew he got the message from then as he walked towards the car. It was a limousine, to be exact. They attracted the attention of a Hollywood producer and he was on his phone talking to someone. Cream and Charmy were already talking about the possibilities that the future had in store for them. Tails sat next to Cream as he closed the door. The producer ordered the driver to start driving as he continued talking. Tails looked at Cream and knew only one thing at the moment.

He loves her more than he did ten years ago……

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