Epilogue: Admittance


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Dean, something is starting to happen, I think it's serious. I need to try to figure out what's going on. Be very careful Dean, we're all in danger.

The words replayed themselves over and over in Dean's head. What the hell could he have figured out that made him just run off like that? Dean thought to himself. His father was not exactly one to stay put for too long, but just running off like that with no prior warning…That was a little much.

He finally turned off the car ignition as he parked in front of an apartment building right outside of Stanford University. He checked the sheet of paper that had the address written down on it, and sure enough he was at the right place. He sat silently in his car for a couple of minutes before he went to pull the car door open. Before he could, though, a sick feeling entered his stomach, something he didn't feel often. Was it possibly that he was nervous about facing his little brother? The one who, up until a couple years ago, had been his confidant and closest thing he'd ever have to a best friend? But he tossed any thoughts of fear aside, chuckling to himself at the thought of any anxiety.

Yet ten minutes passed and he still hadn't made a move to get out of the car. He sank back into his seat. This is stupid. Just go and freaking talk to him! You don't have to get all buddy-buddy, just act like you would on any other trip…

But this wasn't any other trip. He needed to ask for help, something Dean never, never did. Not to mention who he was asking help from, but Sammy, who had established the kind of life Dean couldn't even dream about anymore. Dean wasn't sure if it was fear or jealousy that kept him from even getting out of the damn car.Dean wanted to think the latter, as he was the guy who could face the creepiest of demons, and not being able to face his baby brother? Yeah, that was just too big a blow to the ego.

After a few contemplations of just driving away, Dean's mind flashed to his father, which seemed to muster up enough strength in him to get out of the car. The streets were nearly deserted at the early morning hour, everyone deep in sleep. Dean couldn't remember the last time he had gotten the opportunity to be able to actually get a full night of sleep. When this is all over, I'm sleeping for an entire month, he thought to himself. But it was more of a far off dream than anything, as Dean knew as well as anyone that this whole thing would never be over. One part of Dean wanted to believe once they'd extracted revenge on his mother's killer, they could just give up fighting for good. But the rational part of him knew that they had gotten themselves in too deep, his father and him. Sam had been able to escape- something Dean hated and respected him for.

As Dean approached the door to Sam's apartment, he took a deep breath before looking at all the little places his brother could've hidden a spare key around the doorway. Over the doorway he felt the shape of what he was looking for and took it down. God, four years off the job and Sammy's already getting lazy and forgetful.

He got in the apartment quietly and all too easily, creeping into a small living room and making his way into a tiny kitchen. Seeing a door that he figured must belong to his brother's bedroom, he headed for it, but was stopped as someone attacked him from behind.

Before he could fight back, a wave of fear struck him- Am I too late? Has some demon gotten to Sammy! Anger spread through his body as he kicked back, trying to take out his attacker. But before long he recognized the features on his attacker's face, and took his fighting stance down a notch, only to be pinned to the floor soon after.

Dean laughed as realization dawned on Sam's face. "Whoa there, tiger," Dean said, wanting to make absolutely sure his brother didn't throw a few more sucker punches at him.

Dean chuckled again as confusion etched into his little brother's face, and Sam asked, "Dean?"

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