Back to Action: A Full Circle

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story as it is mine. Maybe even more His, because it's his dream and I'm just putting it into words. So I hope all of you like the story and don't hate on me too much. Every kind of review it's welcome. I'm writing Fiction so I guess everything goes. Also please forgive my typos and grammar errors, Spanish is my first language so there's bound to be a few.

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Chapter 1

Planet of Aquitar. Underwater Dome (Lab). December, 2004

Eight years, he thought with melancholy as he watched from the view port of his lab. Eight years to the day since he left his home Planet in hopes of getting an antidote that would stop the accelerated aging process he'd suffered and could ultimately kill him. Eight years, and he was still there.

The blue planet of Aquitar was covered by water by 90 percent. He'd been living in the island of Wistria, since his arrival. The treatment he received with the water from the Eternal Falls had worked wonders, and soon he was back to his rightful age.

Young and in love, he made the decision of staying. He didn't regret one minute of the time he spent with Cestria. He didn't regret the time he'd spend helping the Aquitian Rangers, either. He worked underwater inside the Ranger's Dome and from his lab he could survey most of the Galaxy. But as Billy Cranston watched the busy world outside, he felt the walls closing in on him and the need to see those he left behind on Earth became even more intense. He wanted to go home.

The loud beeping brought him back to reality. Rubbing his eyes he turned back to the main computer just in time to see the scanner follow a slow but perceptible unknown force.

"So… you are back. I hope this isn't just a sporadic visit like all the others." Billy locked the latitudes and tried to move closer to the source of the disturbance. "Yeah I didn't think so. Let's see who you are and what you want with me."

Earth. Orlando, Florida. December, 2004

13 packed boxes, checked. Cancel utilities, checked. Plane ticket, checked.

She reviewed the check list on her mind twice before going to sleep for the last time on her cozy little bed in the dainty apartment for the last time.

After brushing her teeth and making sure that all the lights were off, she made her way to her bed. Sitting on the edge she looked around and a little tear prickled down her cheek. It was silly, she knew. But still she couldn't help it. She was saying good bye to everything she had worked so hard to obtain. She had gone to college here, she had fallen in love and had her heart broken here, she had gotten her first real job here and she had close friends here…

Her life had changed when she made the decision to move to Florida. But deep down she knew that she was doing the right thing.

She knew it now too. She had traveled the world, she had met new people, she had conquered her dreams and now it was time to pack up and leave. Looking around once more before settling back on the bed, she sighed. She wanted to go home.

Earth. San Diego, California. December 2004

The roar of the bike, the wind on his face and the feel of the blood rushing through his veins reminded him that he was alive and that was all that mattered. As he zoomed by, there were no demanding clients, there were no unfinished lawsuits, and there was no cheating wife or messy divorce.

He slowed down as the bike came closer to the clearing that over looked the bay. He killed the engine and sighed. Taking off his leather gloves he stood up from the bike. He took a couple of steps closer to edge and took off his black sunglasses so he could admire the scenery better.

Earlier that day his friend Marcus had brought him the news. His divorce was final. Just like that, as if having spent eight years with someone could be erased that easily. She seemed to think so. But for him it wasn't that easy.

They've been together through the good, the bad and the ugly. After three years of being together it was only natural that the next step for them was marriage. He wasn't so sure, but she was a rather persuasive woman.

He loved her. But to this day he still wasn't sure if she was his soul mate. The one he was supposed to be with forever… God he sounded like a stupid romantic!

She wasn't like that at all. She was realistic and sometimes manipulative. But he could see that now. He had been blinded by her beauty, but not anymore. It was done and he now knew there was nothing left for him there. He needed a clean slate, he needed to go home.

Planet of Aquitar. Underwater Dome (Lab). December, 2004

Delphine walked inside the lab. She observed the earthling that she'd come to care for as a brother with worry. After his breakup with Cestria, Billy had consumed himself with work. He hardly took time for himself anymore and his eyes lacked the shine they once had.

"Billy, what is so interesting about that beep?"

"Delphine, I didn't know you had a shift today." He hardly looked back to the woman standing behind him. His eyes only left the screen when he made his notes on the small notebook.

"I don't."

"Then what are you doing here?"

"I'm worried about you."

That definitely took his attention away from the screen. He looked up to the white aquitian ranger with eyes wide in surprise. "You are what?"

"Worried about your well being."

"I'm in good health. You don't have to worry about me."

"I'm not worried about your corporeal well being. I know you have a good health because after the treatment with the water of the Eternal Falls, you won't suffer of any disease."

A loud beep caught both of their attentions back to the screen. Delphine's eyes went wide and she walked closer to the machine. Billy typed a recognition signal and tried to retrieve the information he needed to successfully tap on the frequency of the disturbance and learn its source.

"What is that?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out."

Delphine closed her eyes and joined her hands as the beeping of the scanner got louder. Billy watched astonished as the aquitian went into a meditation-like state.

"Delphine, are you alright?"

Opening her eyes wide in surprise, the aquitian ranger spoke. "It's a distress signal."

"I figured as much. Do you get its origin?"

"It comes from the neighbor Galaxy of Kirak."

As Billy tried to zoom in on the source the beeping stopped suddenly. Any trace of the origin of the signal vanished. The computer system went back to its original state. The lab was once more quiet and there was no sign that anything out of the ordinary had happened.

Earth. Reefside, California. December, 2004

He walked inside the building with a bad feeling in the pit of the stomach. Something was definitely wrong.

The Dino gems had chosen correctly when they picked Conner, Kira, Ethan and Trent. They worked hard and managed to defeat evil. He'd help to save the world once again and everything had gone back to normal.

But things for Dr. Thomas Oliver were never easy. So when he received the call from the School Supervisor he knew something was up.

As he walked through the door he fixed his glasses and made sure his suit was presentable. Taking a deep cleansing breath, he walked inside the office. He was ready for anything.

An hour later he came out of the office with a blank look on his face. He had been prepared for anything, well almost anything. This was definitely not something he had planned.

For some strange reason life had thrown him a curve ball. And his sixth sense was telling him this was only the beginning of something bigger, because Thomas Oliver was going back to Angel Grove High School. He was going back home.

Earth. New York City. December, 2004

He received a standing ovation. Women were crying, men were stunned to silence and he was glad. He waved at the thousands of people standing and applauding at him and then he graciously vowed to them once again.

After talking to the media and signing some autographs, he made his way outside of the theater. He took the limo that was waiting for him to take him to the prestigious Four Season's Hotel. He was staying in one of the most expensive suites, but he was still alone.

Once inside the luxurious room he let his thousand dollar smile drop and his loneliness and sadness showed once again.

He had talent, charisma, fame, money and success. But he didn't have a family to enjoy it with. He didn't have his friends or someone to love.

Late at night, once he was settle in the king-size bed surrounded by the cold and empty material possessions he dared to admit he wasn't happy. All he wished for was being a teenager again, having his parents alive, and being surrounded by his friends. All he wanted was to go home.

Earth. Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. December, 2004

The flight was smooth. She rarely slept on airplanes, but today she was dozing of. It was either the long flight or the 72 hours she'd gone without as much as a 10 minute nap. But it was over. She'd made her deadline and now she was off to a nice and quiet vacation. It was long over due too. She'd been working none stop for five years.

But the hard work had paid off. She loved her job and she wouldn't change it for anything. Though living so far away from home had taken a toll on her. She was homesick.

If she had her way she was going to find her friends one by one if it was necessary. Her eyes were closing at their own accord and she smiled contently. She knew that if she wanted to see the old gang she would probably have to fly all over the States to find them. But she didn't care what it took, she missed them.

She turned her head to the side and found a comfortable position. She fell asleep thinking about her friends and the surprise she was going to give them by showing at their doorstep. She was coming home.

Planet of Aquitar. Underwater Dome (Lab). December, 2004. Three days later...

He moved his neck from side to side. He'd been sitting in front of the computer for hours and still there was no sign of the signal.

It had been three days since the last time the signal made contact and he was worried that something had carried the energy away from his receptors. Delphine and Cestro had done double duty trying to locate what the distress signal was for and where exactly from the Kirak Galaxy it was coming from.

"Billy, I think you should go back to the island and rest."

"I'm not going anywhere until we find something on this… whatever it his."

"It's not safe for you to be this long without any food or fresh air."

With a throaty and humorless laugh, Billy answered. "It's not like I'm desperately missing the algae pâté or the fungus salad. And as fresh air goes, the Co2 converter works the same here as it does on the Island."

"Are you annoyed about something?" Delphine asked genuinely concerned about his well being.

"It's nothing. I'm sorry about my emotional outburst. My emotional condition at this minute is not your fault."

"You've been acting rather strangely these past few weeks."

"Let's blame the time of year for that."

"What do you mean the time of year?"

"Back home it's Christmas time."

"What is Christmas time?"

"It's a Holiday. The people that believe celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Son of God. It's a time of the year when family reunites and spends time together."

"You miss your family don't you?"

"Very much."

"Why don't you make a communication with them as you do sometimes? It might help."

"I'll call later this week. I'll have to let them know that I can't make it to Christmas or New Years this year either."

"Do they know where you are?"

"No. They think I'm working with the Secret Service on some highly protected program."

"What is the Secret Service?"

"I'll explain it later Delphine."

Billy sighed and pulled his glasses on. He began typing some numbers on the computer when Cestro materialized in the middle of the room.

"I have important news."

"What's happening, Cestro?"

"I found something about the Kirak Galaxy you might want to know."

"We are listening, keep going." Billy turned to look at the concerned aquitian.

"Remember when the news came about Zordon's death."

Billy closed his eyes at the mention of his mentor's death. It was still hard for him to think that he wasn't looking out for them anymore. Now it wasn't the time to dwell on his sadness. Something was definitely happening.

"Keep going Cestro. What exactly did you find?"

"Andros found Zordon in the Kirak Galaxy, most precisely on the jungle Planet of Yotoba."

"What are you trying to say?"

"The distress signal starts in the planet of Yotoba."

"Are you saying what I think you are saying?"

"I'm trying to communicate to you that there's a chance that the signal you've been receiving could be some leftover energy from Zordon."