I was going to make this a oneshot, but I decided to divide it into two or three parts instead.

I don't own Kids Next Door.

Wally Beetles, aka Numbuh 4 of the Kids Next Door, sat on the floor of the treehouse, frowning in concentration. The blonde 11-year-old boy was holding a handful of cards, his eyes occasionally flitting between the cards in his hands and the chubby boy across from him.

"Come on already!"

Hoagie Gilligan, also known as Numbuh 2, slapped his face and groaned. What kind of kid takes over 5 minutes to ask for a card in Go Fish?

Numbuh 4 grinned triumphantly, and after what seemed like forever, took his turn. "Do yah have any… sixes?"

Hoagie made an annoyed face and fell backwards to lie on his back, closing his goggle-covered eyes. Numbuh 4 had asked him for sixes about 5 times already. No offense, but Wally wasn't the brightest child on the Earth. "On second thought Numbah 4, I don't think I'm in the mood to play go fish." There was only so much one pilot could take.

Wally, surprised, stood up and threw down his cards. "What the crud? You were the one who asked me ta play!" The orange-clad Aussie stalked off, leaving Numbuh 2 shaking his head on the floor. "Whatevah." He muttered. "He just quit 'cause he didn't wanna give up any of 'is sixes." Flopping down on the couch, Numbah 4 glanced up at the tv to see what was on. Great. Rainbow Monkeys. The only kid in the tree house who watched this crud was-

As if on cue, a buttery Japanese girl skipped into the room, holding a bowl of popcorn over head. Everytime she bounced up about half the popcorn fell out onto the floor; Wally wondered if she even noticed. Kuki Sanban- Numbah 3- smiled brightly as she took a seat on the couch.

"Hi Wally! Come to watch Rainbow Monkies with me? It's a special episode today- Sharetime Hugfest!"


Silence, then a slight gagging noise was the only response she got. Shrugging, Kuki leaned back into the couch and began to watch. Unfortunately for him, Wally was feeling especially lazy today and didn't feel like moving, which left him with two decisions: Watch Rainbow Monkeys with Numbuh 3 and die of girliness, or change the channel.

"Hey, Numbuh 3."

Kuki turned her head and smiled warmly at him. "Yes?"

"Can we change the channel? This is cruddy girly junk." Numbah 4 said nonchalantly. The girl's smile instantly faded.

"Of course we can't do that Numbah 4! The hugfest only comes once a year!"



"Ugh, fine," Wally grumbled, getting up to leave. He probably would've put up more of a fight if he wasn't feeling so unusually tired. He loved tv, but Rainbow Monkies were the one thing Numbah 4 couldn't stand the most. Actually, that wasn't true. But they were still pretty bad.

He was sliding moodily off the couch when suddenly Numbuh 3 lunged at him and tackled him to the floor, her arms hugging him tightly around his middle.

"Whot the… oomphagaf!" And suddenly he felt his air supply leave him. It didn't take long for the surprise to wear off and the young Aussie brashly pushed her away, rejecting her act of affection. "Get offa mey! Whot in the name o' crud d'ya think yeh doin'?" He cringed and pretended to wipe the 'girl germs' off his person.

Kuki gave him a sad look and spoke as if it was obvious. "I was giving you a rainbow monkey goodbye hug, silly!"

"Oi thought oi told yeh ta leave mey outta yo' stupid girly games!"

Numbuh 3 gave him a pleading look. "I know, but hugfest is today! I have to hug you!" She folded her arms. "It's rainbow monkey procedure."

"Oi don't care if it's rainbow dorky procedure! Quit givin' me rainbow monkey g'bye hugs!" Wally turned on his heel and began to stomp out of the room in him usual aggressive manner, leaving the small Japanese girl in the tv room with a quivering lip.


As he headed to his room, Wally began to lose the stomp and walk with his hands shoved in his pockets. He wondered what Numbuh 3 was thinking about now, silently praying that she didn't notice how red his ears had gotten when she tackled him.

Stupid girly…

Yes. Stupid girly. The same phrase he had used over and over again to convince himself that Numbuh 3 was just another girl. A pretty girl.


This was stupid. It was outrageous! It was taking over his mind! Ever since he had met the small asian girl, he had felt this weird attraction to her that wouldn't go away. And the short boy abosultely couldn't stand it. It didn't make any sense! Boys weren't supposed to like girls at this age! Especially not crazy rainbow monkey obsessed ones!

Ugh, why him? Why did he like her? What was it about her that made her different from the others? They were complete and total opposites, not to mention they disagreed and argued over like, everything. Nonetheless, he still became bright red when they got too close, or whenever someone teased him about liking her, or when he was thinking about her like he was thinking about her now…

Numbuh 4 could feel the heat radiating off of his cheeks.

Cruddy hugs!


"We're going out to get candy! What does everybody want!"

"Caramel critters!"

"Sweet n' sour pops!"

"Skittles!" Numbuh 3 was last to shout out her order, leaving Numbuhs 2 and 4 to their trek to the candy shop. Numbuh two rolled up his list and put it in his red backpack.

"Kay, we'll be back in like in hour guys." Wally pushed the down button on the elevator. Finally, candy time! The double doors opened and the boys were about to step in, when-

"Wait!" Numbuhs 1 and 5 watched Numbuh 3 get up from her seat on the couch, leaving her Rainbow Monkey marathon to approach Hoagie and Wally. She flashed them a broad smile and opened her arms. "You guys can't leave without your hugs!"

"Oh yeah… it's hugfest… something." Numbuh 2 gave a slight grin as Numbuh 3 threw her tiny oversleeved arms around him, unknowingly receiving a glare from a short blonde boy to his left. But when Kuki released her grip from Hoagie and spread out her welcoming arms for Wally, he crossed his arms and frowned at her.

"No way, Numbuh 3. Oi've had enough hugs feh one day." Kuki's smile instantly faltered, and the grin was replaced with the largest puppy dog eyes Wally had ever seen.

"But Numbuh 4-"

"No more hugs! Just leave me alone, will yeh?" With that, he pulled an anxious looking Numbuh 2 into the elevator and pushed the door close button. Numbuh Two gave him a look, but Wally avoided the pilot's frown. 'It's fo' moi own good,' he thought. If he avoided Kuki's hugs, that meant no more butterflies. No more butterfies was good, right?


He didn't know that he should appreciate them while they were still around.