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SUMMARY: Finding Mamoru in the arms of another, Usagi is saved from the Earth Prince's beating by a mysterious ninja and is brought into a world of mystical ancient tournaments….

CHAPTER SUMMARY: Usagi's perfect day ends horribly as she finds her fiancé in the arms of another and is beaten by him. But when a Mysterious ninja saves her, she finds she's in for the adventure of a lifetime!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Mortal Kombat or Sailor Moon. If you don't recognize it, odds are it's mine…

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Scorpious* is 19, the Inner Senshi and Usagi is 17, Mamoru is 23, the Outer Senshi (Neptune, Uranus) is 21, Pluto looks 24 but is over 5000, Hotaru is 15, Carmen* is 16, Scorpio* is over 100, although he looks around his late 20s early 30s. Normally I can't stand Rei/Sailor Mars, but for her fans, I'll be nice and change her character into something I can tolerate while trying to stay as true to her original character as I can. However, it's open season on Mamoru-baka. Kukukuku…

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("Speech in a foreign language")


-Sign language-


TIMELINE: Post-Chaos Arc for Sailor Moon, Post-Mortal Kombat 4. Major AU on both sides.



ARCHIVE: FF.N, Others ask me first.


Hai– Yes

Konoyaro – jerk, asshole, ect

Bakayaro – asshole, jerk, ect

Onna – woman

hime-sama– princess

Youma – monster, demon

Ore wa – I am. A rough way to introduce one's self.

Atashi wa – I am. Very feminine way of introducing oneself; can be considered flirty, often used by young women and flamboyantly homosexual men.


For a martial artist, the ability to leap from rooftop to rooftop as a mode of travel was a sign of intense skill, especially in the city districts, where the change between high roofs and low roofs alongside the variations between the width of alleyways and side streets was considered quite challenging. The sight of a shadow leaping from rooftop to rooftop over the Juuban district of Tokyo's Minato Ward would have caused great alarm to the resident Champions of Love and Justice; they were prone to use the rooftops as a way of escaping from their overeager fans, the nosy media, and tabloid reporters and the shadow was moving with an even greater ease then the more highly trained Outer Senshi. The shadow was a man, towering near seven foot in height, his body powerfully build; with one hand he looked capable of ripping a head from someone's shoulders. This shadow would have given great alarm to the Sailor Senshi who patrolled Juuban – the dark aura that shrouded him, along with his dark clothing and intense training would have lead him to believe his purpose in their home was one of hostility.

In truth he had no care for the Senshi nor knew they even existed. All he wanted was a chance to rest and recover after the grueling battles he had undergone recently in an ancient mystical tournament called Mortal Kombat. The man, garbed from head to toe in black, wore the traditional ninja uniform with the additions of dark gold lapels crisscrossed over his chest, matching trim on his forearm bracers, shin guards, and the front panel of his facemask. His every move was silent, with a purpose not even he was aware. Even as he sought to be alone to recover physically from the tournament, he also needed the time to evaluate his own life and to sort through the complex patterns of lies and deceits he had been raised to believe as truths.


His silent musings were cut short by a high-pitched, feminine scream of pain. Immediately he halted and leapt off the tall rooftop he was on, bouncing silently down the fire escape. He landed on the pavement below soundlessly and sprinted towards the source of the scream, seeming to morph from a passing shadow into a demonic avenger in less then the span of a heartbeat…

The evening had started so well – the weather had been wonderful and since they were on holiday from their respective schools, she and her girl-friends had gone shopping and had just hung out at their favorite arcade, a task they hadn't been able to do lately with the impending exams burdening them. She'd have invited her fiancé to join them, but he'd turned them down, having been swamped with homework, racing against a deadline set by his advanced biology professor. The day turned to dusk and the cheerful petite blonde made her way home, carrying her shopping bags; there was a slight spring in her step, the time with her friends cheering her greatly, lifting her from the gloom of recent conflicts – both with the Youma they battled as their alter-egos and with her fiancé concerning the alarming frequency he was drinking.

As she passed by an alleyway, a soft whimper caused her to pause in concern. Was someone hurt? Turning, she immediately blushed; concealed mostly by the shadows of the night was a couple, a tall dark-haired man embracing a tall, scantily clad woman with bleached blonde hair. His hand was up under her skirt and his lips fastened to hers, one of her legs wrapped around his hips. The green jacket he wore caused the petite blonde to frown – it was familiar. Intimately so.

"Mamoru…" the woman cooed when he lifted his head, placing the man's profile to the petite blonde.

Chiba Mamoru. Tsukino Usagi's stomach felt like it had plummeted to her knees and her heart had taken residence in her slender throat. He was cheating on her! Not just showing an alarming tendency towards alcoholism, but infidelity as well? Where was their millennia-old love? Their future? Their destiny? Did he not think of what this could do to their future daughter? It must not have mattered to him, she thought as she sharply sucked in a pained breath, her delicate hands curling into tiny fists, after all the konoyaro was cheating on her with some barely dressed trollop! She glared at his back, clutching her shopping bags tightly, fighting the instinctive urge to cry from the pain lancing through her chest as her sapphire blue eyes welled up with tears of heartbreak.

"You bakayaro!" Usagi heard herself snarl, her voice thick with repressed emotion. "You cheating bastard!"

The couple jerked violently in surprise and Mamoru pulled away from the scantily clad woman in his arms. The woman's eyes were slightly glazed and she blinked at Mamoru and then at Usagi dazedly; the sudden stench of alcohol told the petite blonde all she needed to know – they were drunk. She hardened her resolve - she would not forgive and forget this, not when he'd gone out and gotten plastered when he'd told her he had an important paper due...when he had lied to her.

"Well, well, if it isn't Usako…" Mamoru began as he turned away from the other woman to face her fully; his shirt was pulled free of his pants and his overall appearance was sloppy.

Behind him, the woman blinked in drunken befuddlement, an uneasy feeling settling over her.

"Ya know what I think of you, Usako?" He sneered out as he staggered towards his now ex-fiancée, "I think you need a lesson about being a proper Queen!"

Despite his drunken state, his reflexes and speed were still incredibly sharp, a gift from his heritage as Prince Endymion. He lunged at Usagi and grabbed her roughly by the front of her blouse with one hand and yanked her close to backhand her across the face with his empty hand; the thin material of her blouse tore from the force he exerted, blood spraying as her teeth lacerated the inside of her cheek. Scornfully he shoved the battered young woman away.

Reeling, Usagi was seeing stars and there was a ringing in her ears; she didn't hear when the girl whom Mamoru had been kissing began to scream in terror as he delivered a sharp kick to Usagi's ribs. The petite blonde slammed into the rough brick wall of the alleyway, the air escaping her lungs.

"Shuddap, Bitch, or you're next." Mamoru growled at the tall blonde, his words slurred together from his extreme drunken state.

"I think not." A deep baritone growled from the shadows.

A tall, muscular figure stepped from the shadows. The tarnished gold of the trim of his armor seemed to glow dimly while his piercing yellow-gold eyes seemed to burn holes into Mamoru's head. The ninja began to approach Mamoru slowly; he glared at the Prince of Earth, his hands clenching into fists. From the corner of his eye he saw the girl who had screamed in the mouth of the alleyway.

"Run, Human."

The girl promptly scrambled to her feet and ran to call the police at the curt order from the vengeful wraith.

Mamoru leapt at the ninja, his face twisted in rage; the taller man calmly sidestepped the attack with swiftness his considerable size made it seem him incapable of. The ninja delivered a sharp kick to Mamoru's ribs as he stumbled past; the Earth Prince grunted as he felt several of his ribs snap under the ninja's heel. Stepping back, the ninja watched as the drunken Prince fell on his face. Finding him even less of threat then before, the black-clad man turned and walked over to the barely conscious Usagi. Holding his ribs, Mamoru stood shakily, breathing carefully as he looked at the intruder. With a savage growl, the Earth Prince rushed him from behind. The ninja spun around and delivered a backhanded punch across Mamoru's jaw, breaking it and sending several teeth flying. With almost contemptuous ease, he then kicked Mamoru in the sternum, causing it to shatter.

Mamoru fell back into a pulverized heap when several police cruisers pulled up at the entrance of the alleyway. The black-clad man made a spilt-second decision he hoped he wouldn't regret - he bent down and gently picked up the near comatose Usagi and the shopping bags she'd dropped in his arms. Several police cruiser doors opened and several guns were cocked as spotlights atop the cruisers suddenly focused on the ninja and the young woman he cradled in his powerful arms.

"Put the girl down and place your hands in the air, Scorpion, this is the Special Forces!" A female voice bellowed from behind the spotlights.

The ninja looked over his shoulder with a derisive laugh. "Scorpion is my Father, Onna!"

That tidbit of news surprised them for a split-second and gave the ninja enough time to securely clasp Usagi in his arms and leap up onto the fire escape. He swiftly made his way to the rooftop and began to leap across the rooftops swiftly, heading back to his hideaway in the warehouse district…

Gathered in the waiting room of the local Emergency Room, four young women and a young man worriedly looked at the clock, either fidgeting or pacing nervously as they waited for news on the condition of one Chiba Mamoru. Pacing with restless energy, a pale skinned beauty with long raven hair glared at the clock, then the nursing staff impatiently; her lithe form was garbed in a crimson tank top and black miniskirt, her clunky sandals clapping loudly against the linoleum. Sitting in near hysterics was a tanned blonde with long hair pulled back with a red bow in an orange tank top and white denim daisy dukes being comforted by a tall brunette with her hair pulled up in a tight tail garbed in a pink tank top and green button up work shirt tucked into a pair of blue jeans; on the other side of the blonde sat a concerned short-haired bluenette in a pale blue blouse and calf length navy blue skirt.

Standing in the doorway of the waiting room was the male of the group, his sandy blond hair messy from continually raking his hands through it, his black tee-shirt and blue jeans disheveled.

"W-we shouldn't have l-left her!" the blonde wailed, sobbing in her hands. "W-we could have done something to help them!"

"We don't know that for certain, Minako-chan," soothed the bluenette, reaching out and taking the distraught girl's hands. "Even if we were there, the odds of us being hurt as well are high."

"Odds or not, we will always feel like we should've been there to protect her, Ami." The brunette stated, stroking the blonde's hair.

"I know, Makoto-chan," the bluenette said softly.

"Damnit, I knew something was coming! I could feel it!" The raven haired young woman snarled, her hands clenching into small fists.

"Blaming yourself won't help, Rei," the young man spoke up from the door. "I feel the same way. Mamoru-kun's behavior lately has been worrying me and now this..."

"What do you mean, Motoki-kun?" Minako hiccupped.

"Mamoru-kun's been drinking more, acting differently. I thought it was just stress…" Motoki began when the doctor suddenly entered the room.

"How is he?" Rei asked. If he could talk, then they could find out where their hime-sama was…

"Aside from being completely drunk and delirious when he was brought in? He has several bruised and broken ribs, a shattered sternum, and the left side of his jaw in broken into several fragments; he's missing quite a few teeth as well. We've had to wire his jaw shut to allow those a chance to heal properly and he won't be eating solid foods until it does. He'll need extensive rehab once he's strong enough for it." The doctor said, as he looked up from his charts at them.

'Drunk?' Rei almost asked, but kept her mouth shut.

"When can we see him?" Motoki asked.

"He still needs a few more tests run, so until then, he's not to have any visitors." The doctor informed them, rubbing his temple. "I'll have the nurse let you know when you can see him."

Turning, the doctor exited the waiting room as Minako rose to her feet shakily and walked towards the doorway of the waiting room, her eyes fixed on the back of the man's head. She watched as a policewoman in black SWAT type gear came up to the doctor and began to question him quietly. The doctor frowned as he answered her unheard questions. Her last question caused his scowl to deep and appeared about to shake his head until she flashed a strange looking badge at him.

With a reluctant sigh, the doctor and pointed back the way he came and muttered his reply loud enough for Minako to hear, "Go down that corridor, on the left, seven doors past the public restroom."

The policewoman walked down the hallway, ignoring the frowning doctor who turned away and headed for the nurse's station. Silently Minako followed the police officer, clinging to the shadows…

Waiting until the police woman was inside the hospital room, Minako silently slipped through the partially opened door behind her and stifled a gasp. Lying there in the hospital bed, the Prince of Earth, her best friend and cousin's Betrothed, was severally beaten. The left side of his face was almost black due to the bruising and there were stitches on the underside of his jaw where the surgeons had went in to wire together the fragments of his jaw. The part of his upper torso that was visible above the hospital sheets was heavily bandaged. His skin tone was ghastly pale.

"Mr. Chiba?" The policewoman began softly and when he stirred painfully, fixing his all but swollen shut blue eyes on her, she continued, "I am Lt. Sonya Blade, member of the US Special Forces, OutWorld division. Can you tell me anything at all about the…man that attacked you?"

Minako noticed the hesitation when Lt. Blade said 'man'; as though he might be something more than Human…perhaps, like a Youma… The blonde Senshi tensed reflexively at the prospect of their hime-sama kidnapped by a General or Youma under the orders of a mysterious new enemy.

"He wore some sort of ninja uniform, black and gold," Mamoru began, his words slurred together, "Tall, very tall almost seven feet tall… gold eyes like a lizard…I thought I saw them turn red for a second…" His voice died off as he was forced into the oblivion of unconsciousness due to the painkillers the doctor had place din his IV shortly before the policewoman had questioned him.

Lt. Blade jerked in surprise as Minako stepped from the shadows; the young woman moved with the silence of someone highly combat trained. The policewoman swiftly removed her gun from the holster on her thigh and aimed it at the Senshi of Love, growling quietly, "Who are you?"

"I am Aino Minako. Mamoru's missing girlfriend is my cousin," the Senshi of Venus said softly.

Lt. Blade lowered her gun slightly as she demanded, "Then what are you doing here?"

"I-I saw you coming to question Mamoru-san and I w-wanted to ask for your help in finding her. According to the police the man who hurt Mamoru-san kidnapped her." Minako sniffled softly, worry furrowing her smooth brow, concern in her wide cornflower blue eyes as she looked at the policewoman.

Lt. Blade's face seemed to soften as she holstered her weapon and said, "Don't worry Aino-san, we will find Tsukino-san for you and bring her back safely from the grip of that madman."










It was annoying enough to cause the small figure under the worn flannel blankets and cotton sheets to stir from a deep healing sleep. To Usagi's ears came the sound of dripping water and a faint thudding. She painfully opened her sapphire eyes into narrow slits, a dim light partially illuminating the area around her. Other things came to her; a cold weight where Mamoru had struck her, a tightness around her ribs where he had kicked her, the soft pillow and firm bedding beneath her, the sound of fists striking something solid. Usagi opened her eyes completely, looking about her in cautious curiosity.

Lying flat on her back, she could see the high ceiling and bare rafters; she was in what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse, the dim light streaming in from several boarded up windows to wash over the broken and empty crates forming the furniture of the loft she was occupying. The dripping water came from a leaking pipe on the other side of the room, the water collecting in a large pot, the source of the soft splashing noise. She was on a makeshift cot composed of an old mattress with a bedroll spread over it atop several crates near an open doorway. The size of the cot made her wonder about the build of the person who had slept on it previously since the crates were strong and sturdy. The sound of fists striking something came from the room beyond the open doorway.

Usagi winced as she pulled herself up into a sitting position. Beside her 'cot' was a crate that served as a night table of sorts. On it was an unlighted candle, a black leather-bound journal, a couple of writing pens, a map of Tokyo, a comb, and a ninja mask. That mask ensnared Usagi's attention. The mask consisted of two parts, a hood and a facemask; the hood was detachable, and made from black cloth while the facemask was designed to cover the wearer's mouth and nose. The facemask was made of a type of hardened leather, dyed a dark golden yellow, almost ochre color, and had small holes for ventilation.

Usagi pushed the soft, worn cotton sheets and flannel blankets off of her and cautiously stood up. She swallowed against a wave of nausea, and staggered to the open doorway on wobbly knees. Leaning against the doorframe, the petite blonde all but gasped at what she saw.

Before her was a man, near seven feet in height, with an incredibly muscular build, practicing in a style of martial arts she had never seen before. From his clothing, it was obvious he was the owner of the ninja mask; the burnished gold trim of the black armor her wore over ninjistu garb was proof. Usagi stayed quiet and watched the ninja train…

'Just what am I?' Striking with a sharp side kick, the ninja evaluated the damage done to the homemade punching bag he'd put together as he circled warily, visualizing his enemy. 'Am I Good or Evil?' Ruthlessly he sent a powerful backhanded punch across the bag, dust rising from the canvas. 'Why do I feel like I have to protect that weak onna?' Spinning suddenly he lashed out with a kick and followed it with a low punch. 'I feelodd around hermy chest is tight and breathing is difficult...' With a soft snarl, he snapped out a high kick, causing the sand filled canvas back to bounce on the thick chain suspending it from the rafter.

Leaping back from his makeshift punching bag and landing in a low crouch, he could sense the girl staring at him and sighed silently as he wiped the sweat from his face with a towel he had lying on a crate near his punching bag before turning to face her. He'd heard her stirring but hadn't bothered ceasing his workout, hoping she'd fall back asleep. Apparently, luck was once more not favoring him…

Usagi's heart skipped a beat as the man turned to face her. She was quite surprised by his youth - he must have been nineteen or twenty, only a few years older than her seventeen. He had short, spiky black hair, sharp golden eyes, and darkly tanned skin; his cheekbones were high and blade-like in appearance, giving him a look that was masculine and handsome, rather then pretty boy handsome as Mamoru was. His black eyelashes were long and thick as he looked at her from behind them in an angry scowl.

The petite blonde gulped and wondered if he was planning on killing her, due to the look he was giving her. The way his thick arched brows were bunched from his glower made him seem even more angry.

"You shouldn't be up," he berated her, his deep baritone voice sending a slight chill down her spine.

"Who are you?" Usagi whispered, clutching the door-frame tightly for support as her shaky knees weakened further.

"Ore wa Scorpious. You?"

Usagi blinked at his blunt phrasing before replying, "Atashi wa Tsukino Usagi."

"Return to the bed before I put you there," Scorpious said, his deep baritone implying the threat that if Usagi didn't move it, he'd put her to bed and she wouldn't like the results. Usagi nodded and all but ran back and dove into the bed. The towering ninja followed to make certain she'd followed his orders

She pulled the covers up around her and asked him, "Why did you bring me here?"

"Because the Human would have killed you," the ninja replied and seemed surprised at himself for it.

Usagi blinked when she heard him call Mamoru 'Human'. The tiny hime-sama could sense something about Scorpious…something Powerful… But if the Power he contained was Good or Evil was something she could not determine just yet…