I got the idea for an all-dialogue fic from a couple others I've read. Please review.

"Ron, will you please tell me why exactly we're leaving the picnic to walk through the wind and cold to some remote place away from everyone?"


"Ron!...You're not going to kill me and hide my body in the woods, are you?"

"Very funny."

"I'm hungry…Wow, how the tables have turned. It's usually you saying that."

"Ha ha."

"Well, tell me why you're dragging me away."

"Hold on a second, will you?"



"My hands are freezing."

"We're almost there, Hermione."

"Couldn't this have waited? Better yet, why didn't you do it before when the sun wasn't going down and it wasn't so cold?"

"We're here."

"Umm…well, where is here exactly."

"You don't like it, do you?"

"Sure, I do."

"Hermione, you just asked where we are."

"Yes…because I don't know where we are."

"We're watching the sun set. Never mind. Let's go back."

"What? Why?"

"Just…let's go. This was stupid."

"What was stupid?"


"Ron, you brought me all the way out here. There has to be a reason. Sit down and tell me."

"Oof. It's nothing really."


"Quit looking at me like that."



"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I'm not good at this sort of thing."

"What sort of thing?"

"I was trying to be romantic and it went horribly wrong."



"Wh—What do you mean?"

"There's something I've wanted to say and I was trying to do it in a way that would be romantic."


"I…I wanted to tell you tonight that I…"


"That I…"



"Uh…didn't catch that."

"That I love you."



"You could at least look at me when you say that, Ron."


"You're not looking at me."

"I don't think I can."

"Why not?"

"Because it's you and now it's awkward."



"I love you, too."


"I love you, too."

"Geez, your hands are cold."



"We were having a moment."






"It didn't go horribly wrong."


"So…what now?"

"I don't know."

"Should we kiss? Or would that be too weird?"

"We've kissed before."

"Not on the lips."

"True. Now, this could be awkward."

"Not making it easier, Ron."

"Are you really that nervous? You're shaking."

"I'm freezing."

"Would it help if I put my arms around you?"

"Subtle, Ron."

"Well, does it help?"

"Yes, a little."

"So…should we kiss or not?"

"I'm not sure. Is this going to ruin our friendship?"

"I don't think it will."

"Well, then I guess…all there's left to do is kiss."





"That was…"

"Shut up and kiss me again."