Title: Dancing With the Devil

Author: Neko Enchantment & Trio Spade

Beta: Kime

Summary: This is originally a Neko Enchantment story, and I really haven't read it yet but here's what I have so far. . . .

Harry suffers an agonizing time being beat and abused by his uncle back at Privet Drive, and trying to keep it from his friends and school life, but what is going to happen when he is called back early to school and the two people he hates the most find out his secret?

Paring(s): SS x DM, SS x DM x HP

Movies/Books: Harry Potter

Rating: R

AN:All characters and idea's of the Harry Potter world do not belong to me. Storyline and plot are mine, along with any original characters though, so do not use without my permission please.

It was a beautiful night. The moon glowed, casting its pale light over everything, but for one young boy it was too tiring to even notice the beauty. This boy was none other than Harry Potter, savoir of the wizarding world. Harry sat on his bed hugging his knees as silent sobs shook his small body. On one of his cheeks a giant bruise was barely noticable in the darkness.

The room that surrounded him was bare, holding only a dresser and the bed he was sitting on. On the dresser was an empty bird cage that would normally hold Harry's owl Hedwig. Harry had left her back at Hogwarts because his summers had become worse and worse, too bad he didn't have the same option. His whole body ached from the beatings his uncle had given him, and he was only two weeks into summer vacation.

Just then there was a tap on the window, which had bars running across to make sure he didn't try and run away. Harry hurriedly got up and opened the window silently reaching out he took the letter from the owl and watched it fly away. Opening the letter, Harry scanned it contents and paled. His hands started shaking and he bit his lip to stop it from trembling.

The letter was from Dumbledore and it said a situation had come up and Harry was to be brought back to Hogwarts early. The Howarts Express was leaving in two days and they expected him to be on it. Harry didn't no if he should be relieved that he was leaving the Dursley's. Or panicked because someone could find out about the abuse he was suffering. Harry lay down and fell into flitful sleep looking forward to leaving but dreading it as well.

Two days later, Harry was dropped off by his giant uncle who glared at him and pratically threw him out of the car.

Sitting quietly by himself in one of the compartments on the Hogwart Express, was young Harry Potter. Due to certain prediciments, Harry was being sent back to Hogwarts only a few weeks after summer vacation actually started.

Dumbledore had sent a letter by owl post stating he was no longer safe at his aunt and uncle's, and was to be brought back to Hogwarts. Not that he was really safe in his aunt and uncle's home, and he had the bruises and welts to prove it.

Of course they were covered by concealment charms as soon as he had gotten to platform nine-and-three quarters. His uncle and aunt had only brought him to London out of fear of what Dumbledore would do if Harry didn't show up.

His uncle of course gave him " The Warning Speech " about what would happen to him if he tattled about the abuse, and of course the beating that accompanied the speech.

Harry personally thought his uncle used the warning speech as another reason to beat Harry before he left. He knew Harry wouldn't tattle, the beatings had been going on for as long as he could remember, and even though he was almost sixteen and had five years of wizard training under his belt, he was utterly terrified of his uncle.

He could imagine Snape and Malfoy laughing at the fact that he could face off the most powerful evil wizard, but couldn't even defend himself against a overweight muggle.

As soon as he left for Hogwarts every year he felt a great relief of having survived another year with his " family ", and then getting a break for the whole school year. But only a week or two into school, Harry would always start to worry about what his uncle would do to him when he was back at Privet Drive.

Which caused him to not pay as much attention to his classes, and to try to have as much fun as possible in case it was his last time with his friends.

As a matter of fact, if Harry actually payed attention to his classes he would probably be giving Hermoine some competition, if not doing better.

Noone had figured out he was being abused throughout his five years at Hogwarts. He had carfully hid all signs of being beaten. Though in his second year Hermione and Ron had gotten supiscious, but he had quickly convinced them even though he hated to lie to them.

But even for the brief time he had been at Privet Drive, he had plenty of bruises and cuts. His uncle had been more intense with his beatings as soon as he had Harry back, then with the notice that he was being removed early he had intensified ten fold.

Throughout his whole life at Privet Drive he had never been beaten so badly or so close together. Harry didn't know if he could hide the fact of his abuse any more. It seemed he had finally broken somwhat on his resolve, because no matter how hard he tried every time someone reached out with there hands or just raised them suddenly while he was near them he would flinch.

At least there would barely be any people at Hogwarts since it was summer holiday, no students, basically no teachers, and those who were there were going to be to busy to pay attention to Harry. It would give him time to try and overcome his problem.

Resting his head agianst the window Harry shifted to the most comfortable postion he could find with his hidden injuries and closed his eyes letting the blackness of sleep claim him till he got to Hogwarts.

Severus Snape stood impatiently at the platform waiting for the train to pull up. The Headmaster had some how managed to talk him into waiting at the platform for Potter. How he had no clue, the Headmaster was good at doing that.

Standing to his right was young Draco Malfoy, his most favored student and lover though many people didn't know that fact. Most thought he favored Draco because he was one of the smartest Slytherin students and had potental in potions. When the real fact was he was Severus's life-mate, though Draco hadn't found out till he turned fifteen.

Turning his gaze to his lover, Severus met his ice blue eyes and gave a soft smile that most would think he wasn't capable of, which was returned. They were both troubled with their relationship. It wasn't that they were unhappy with each other, it was more like a piece was missing to there puzzle but they couldn't find it.

Slender arms wrapping around his waist brought him out of his thoughts and he turned to meet Draco's eyes which held a bit of concern. Smiling reassuringly. Severus tilted Draco's head up with his finger and brushed his lips with his own before pulling back to gaze contently into his eyes.

Draco, with his recent growth spurt, was only a few inches smaller that Severus' own 6'1 frame. The whistle of the train drew them apart.

"Finally" Severus muttered.

Draco chuckled and stood calmly with his customary sneer on his face, which faded a little as he watch Potter get off the train, knowing somthing was off with him but not knowing what.

Severus was having simuliar thoughts, and like Draco, couldn't quite put his finger on the problem but he silently vowed to find out.

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