What I Can't Say

AN: just a random impulse. . . let me know what you think! It's really choppy, but I think its still alright. The first part is Hatori thinking to himself, and the italics and bold are sort of the hidden meanings behindtheir seemingly ordinary conversation (italics for Hatori, bold for Kana). Hope ya like it!

Disclaimer: I WANT HATORI! … damnit, he's not mine. :P

He saw her as she left the store, bags in hand.

He hated to see her like this. He hated her to see him like this.

Should he just keep walking?

Not enough people to hide behind.

Turn his head?

Nothing in the windows to look at.

Grab a bench? Hide behind a paper?

No news stands. No change, either.

. . . Just say hello. For fricken humanity's sake, just do it.

. . . Hm. . .

"Um. . . Hey there. . ."

I've waited so long to say that.

"Oh my God! Hatori! How are you?"

Where have you been?

"Good, I guess. . . how are you?"

I miss you.

"Good. . . Wow, I haven't seen you in so long."

I still can't forget your face.

"I know. I see you around sometimes, but still."

Your picture still makes me cry.

"Why don't you say hi?"

Why did you leave me? How could you?

"Eh, I'm usually busy or something."

I'm ashamed of what I did; ashamed of myself.

"Me too, what with the wedding coming up and everything. . ."

We'd be married by now.

"Oh, right, the wedding; I forgot about that."

Did you really forget me that easily? Do you hate me that much?

"Yeah, it's soon. I can't believe it."

I don't want it to happen.

"How is he?"

Does he really make you happy?

"He's good; I think he's more worried about wedding plans than I am."

I don't love him.

Forced laughter.


"Congratulations, Kana. I'm really happy for you."

I hope you're happy. Dear God, I hope you're happy.

"Thank you."

How could you accept this? I thought you loved me.

"I should get going. . . I have a patient soon."

I can't take this anymore.

"Oh, alright then. . . Nice talking to you again."

Don't leave me. Don't do it again.

"You too. Say hi to that fiancé of yours for me."

I hope he loves you like I can't.

"I will. Bye!"

I don't want him. I want you.


Goodbye. Forever.

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